Hunt For The Mystical Medals

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Ran is worried as Kyuji is in danger, and as Ankh is about to choose the next Core Medal to compensate for the loss of the Pallas Core Medal, something unexpected took place as a Yummy appeared and unleash an ability to TIE UP Ankh, and the sudden attacker is a Bird-type Yummy, which resembled a humanoid-looking snowy owl. This attacker is revealed to be the Fukurou Yummy, and there the Yummy began to flew off taking Ankh prisoner.

Ran tried to get to Ankh but was unable to, while Kazari was perplexed at the turn of events, yet he is fine with it as he can now kill Kyuji without any interference as he can find Ankh later so he can claim the Tora Core Medal.

"Hmm…this is unexpected…it looks like the other Ankh is coincidentally here and doing his own thing…oh well, not my problem. Now then…"


"Everything still stands. Now be good and hand over my Core Medals…"


"Better do it immediately before I'm tempted to kill you in cold blood…"


"Or perhaps…I should kill you now…lest those purple Core Medals began acting on their own again…"


Kyuji finds himself in a pinch as Ankh was kidnapped by a Yummy, losing a Core Medal to Kazari, and he only has two Core Medals with him as he lacked a third one needed to transform, and now he is being cornered by Kazari as he is alone right now while Ran and Eisuke could only watch helplessly as they do not have any means to fight Kazari given how dangerous the Greed is.



"Huh? Hondou?"

"What's going on here? Was that blond-haired guy really Kudo?"

"Huh? You knew?"

"Please tell me! What's going on? And what's with those monsters?"

"Oh no! Kyuji!"


As the two were forced to watch Kyuji about to be attacked, Ran noticed that the Sai and Zou Core Medals are still inside the Medal Driver that Kyuji is wearing, and as Kyuji is evading Kazari and the Yamaneko Yummy's assaults, Eisuke felt compelled to do something and picked up a rock and threw it towards the Yamaneko Yummy, which attracted the attacker's attention, though Kazari only got amused and confronted Eisuke, asking if he has a DEATH WISH.

"So…are you really that desperate…?"


"Seems to me that you wanted to die quickly…"

"Actually, I..."

"Don't fret."


"I'll make this very quick…"


Ran was surprised at what Eisuke is doing, but then she noticed that the medal case holder is on the ground which she took it, which made her rattled as there were several Core Medals on display and she is unsure which one to give to Kyuji, as she is still undecided which one to pick, yet she glanced at what Core Medals are available as she had to make a decision immediately.

Set 1 (Red; Bird-type):

Taka + Kujaku + x

Misago + x + x

x + x + x

Set 2 (Yellow; Feline-type):

x + Tora + x

x + x + x

Oyamaneko + x + x

Set 3 (Green; Insect-type):

Kuwagata + Kamakiri + Batta

x + x + x

x + x + x

Set 4 (Gray; Heavy Animal-type):

Sai + Gorilla + Zou

Bison + x + Girin

x + Kuma + x

Set 5 (Violet; Marine-type):

Shaichi + Unagi + Tako

x + x + x

x + x + x

As Kazari and the Yamaneko Yummy are closing in on Kyuji, who came to Eisuke's aid, Ran was forced to make a spontaneous decision as she took out two Core Medals and shouted at Kyuji before throwing the two Core Medals at him, and he saw the Core Medals heading his way and he grabbed them, where he removed the Sai Core Medal before inserting two Core Medals, revealed to be the Oyamaneko and Unagi Core Medals, then scans them with the Medal Scanner to initiate his transformation.


Assuming another random combo, Kyuji, once again transformed into Kamen Rider Os, began to mount an offense and started to push the Yamaneko Yummy back, managing get the upper hand, but Kazari was able to make a sneak attack and uses a tornado blast at a point blank range, striking Os from behind, sending him careening towards the Yamaneko Yummy, who did a strong slash attack, knocking Os down, and in turn causing the Oyamaneko and the Unagi Core Medals to get ejected, which Kazari promptly picks up the Oyamaneko Core Medal, thus the feline Greed is now close to COMPLETING himself as he now has eight of his Core Medals and demanded to Kyuji to hand over the Tora Core Medal.

"Ah…now that feels good…"

"Oh no…"

"Now this leaves one more…"


"So…hand over the Tora Core Medal…"


"You don't have it…? Oh, fine…I'll just kill you before those purple Core Medals come up waking and take over your body…it'll make things easier for me…"


As Kyuji braces himself as the Yamaneko Yummy is prowling closer, Eisuke is thinking of a way to distract the two creatures, and there Ran glanced at the medal case holder again and had to guess which Core Medal would help Kyuji chase Kazari away, and realizing that Kyuji still has the Sai and Zou Core Medals, she made a difficult decision as she couldn't let the purple Core Medals act on their own again.

She took out the Gorilla Core Medal and threw it towards Kyuji and told him to put the Sai Core Medal along the way, which Kyuji realized that this would be a longshot yet there was no option at the moment, as he is unsure if he could rely on the purple Core Medals inside his body given that he is still unable to control them.



"Use those medals!"


"Hurry! There's no time!"


"Do it!"

"Damn…no choice…"

As he catches the Gorilla Core Medal, he inserts it, along with the Sai Core Medal, while the Zou Core Medal is already in place, and there he scans them with the Medal Scanner to initiate Sa-Go-Zo combo.


Kazari braces himself as Os beats his armored chest, roaring as he went after the Yamaneko Yummy beating him up using the Gorilla Gauntlets before butting him using the rhino horn on his helmet, sending the Yamaneko Yummy reeling, and though Kazari is toying with the idea of using the same sneak attack from earlier, he ultimately decided not to as he realized that Os might use the Scanning Charge of the Sa-Go-Zo Combo, and there he told the Yamaneko Yummy to retreat for now.

"Come on…"


"We'll deal with him later…!"


"We're slightly outmatched at the moment…so for now we should retreat…"




There Kazari and the Yamaneko Yummy fled, which Os chose not to go after them as he started to weaken due to his stamina declining which is due to using a full combo, and he removed the three Core Medals before reverting to normal as Ran and Eisuke came and check on Kyuji.


"Hey there…"


"Kyuji! Are you okay?"

"You're not hurt, are you…?"

"I'm okay…"


"You sure…?"


Not far, Doctor Maki was watching the whole scene, and he realized that the mysterious Bird Greed is somewhere within the vicinity and is curious to know what would happen next, while eyeing Kyuji as he noticed that Kyuji somehow managed to prevent the purple Core Medals from coming out from his body , though the renegade scientist is sure that Kyuji would eventually submit to the purple Core Medals'power and take control.

"It would be a matter of time before your body gives in…"

It Is then revealed that Maki sent a Misago Candroid to follow the Fukurou Yummy so that he can monitor and find out if the Bird Greed is acting on its own or if it is following orders from its human ally, and there he contacted Kazari as he was able to pinpoint the direction of where the Fukurou Yummy has taken Ankh, in which Kazari felt that this is better than tangling with Kyuji as the feline Greed is still wary towards the purple Core Medals that remained inside Kyuji's body.

Moreover Kazari felt curious about what Vermouth is planning given that she somewhat able to tame Ankh's counterpart, and there Maki said that once the Bird Greed's location is found, they would meet there and confront Vermouth, which Kazari said that he wouldn't mind it.

"So we are going to meet this Bird Greed's handler?"


"Oh, fine."

"We might learn something…especially when it involves Ankh..."

"Yeah…and see what would happen next."

"Good. We depart. And I'll let you know if I find them."



Anything Goes byMaki Oghuro
(Opening Song from Kamen Rider OOO)

You count the medals: 1, 2 and 3
Life goes on, Anything goes, Coming up OOO)

iranai motanai yume mo minai
FUREE na joutai... sore me ii kedo
(kokkara hajimaru The show we're waiting for
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

unmei wa kimi hottokanai
kekkyoku wa susumu shika nai
(michi naru tenkai Give me energy
Count the medals: 1, 2 and 3)

daijoubu. ashita wa itsudatte Blank
jibun no kachi wa jibun de kimeru mono sa


Come on! Anything Goes! sono kokoro ga atsuku naru mono
mitasareru mono wo sagashite
Life goes on! honki dashite tatakau no naru
makeru ki shinai hazu!

Ch. 171: Keiji, jikken, ribaibaru part 4

As Ran and Eisuke helped Kyuji up, Ran was asked by Eisuke what is going on here and also asked what she meant about Shinichi Kudo being possessed, which Ran and Kyuji glanced at each other, and after a minute of hesitation, Kyuji reluctantly explained to Eisuke the circumstances surrounding Shinichi, why Ankh is possessing the teen detective's body and about the Greed, right up to this point.

Eisuke was silent after hearing the details, and realized that things are more intense than he anticipated, especially after the Black Organization now as Conankh on their side, a scientist who worked for the Kougami Foundation went rogue, up to the point where purple Core Medals are now inside Kyuji's body. He nodded understandably and said that he has a feeling that Shinichi's body is in danger should Ankh gets killed, as he was told that if Ankh is separated from Shinichi's body for over 10 minutes Shinichi would die from his current injuries.

"No way…then Kudo..."

"Sorry…everything happened so fast…"

"And if this Ankh is killed…then Kudo…"

"Which is why we need to find Ankh…"

"I understand."

"Can we count on your help, Houdou?"

"Sure, anything."


By then Gotoh contacted Ran via smartphone and informed her and Kyuji that he and Toudou sighted Ankh being taken by a Bird-type Yummy and that they are following them which leads to a thick, forested park not far from Kyuji's current location, and there Kyuji said that he would follow the coordinates and requested to Gotoh to stop the Bird Greed and free Ankh.

Gotoh nodded and said that he and Toudou are on their way as they too are following the coordinates and reminded Kyuji to watch himself as there's a possibility that the purple Core Medals might act up on their own again, which Kyuji nodded in acknowledgement.

"Hino…just be alert."


"Those purple Core Medals might act up again…"

"I understand."

"For now you'll have to rely on the Core Medals you have right now…"

"I understand."

"Good. We need to get going."


After that, Ran saw a parked car and she went there and found a key which she uses it to start the car, and Eisuke asked Ran if she is sure about this, which she nodded and said that saving Ankh and Shinichi are their main priority, which Kyuji nodded in agreement, and the trio boarded the car and leave the area as they followed the coordinates as they head to where the signal is leading them.


Several minutes later, the scene shifts at the center of the thick forested park, where Ankh, still restrained, stared wide-eyed as Vermouth is standing there, and as she checked his pocket, she sees that the rest of the Core Medals are not there yet she appeared to be fine with it as she says that Conankh was ANXIOUS to get Ankh no matter what, which made Ankh wonder what she is trying to say, and there Vermouth said that she theorizes that Conankh wanted to be COMPLETE and hinted the possibility that Conankh would MERGE with Ankh, with Conankh becoming the DOMINANT and that Ankh would cease to exist, much to Ankh's disbelief.

"What was that?"

"You heard me."

"You got to be kidding!"

"Am I…?"

"You damn wench…!"

"Oh, you should be honored."

"Damn you!"


Suddenly, Doctor Maki and Kazari (in his human guise), along with the Yamaneko Yummy, showed up, having heard everything, and there Vermouth smirked even though she did not anticipate this kind of scenario, though Maki assured to her that they are not here to fight as they are curious to see if Conankh could really absorb Ankh and become the dominant Bird Greed.

Vermouth nodded and said that as long as they do not interfere she won't mind their presence and even welcomed them to witness such a spectacle, though she sarcastically apologized for what happened during their recent encounter, which Maki said that he didn't mind it.

"Oh, it's quite alright."

"Really, Mr. Scientist?"


"I see…how about this…"


"Lets call a truce…and you may witness a very spectacular scene…"

"I don't mind."

"Good to hear…"

Suddenly, Akako Koizumi and Mezeru (in her human guise), showed up, also having heard everything, and there Vermouth smirked even though she did not anticipate this kind of déjà vu, though Akako puts Vermouth at ease as she assured to her that they are not here to cause trouble as they are curious to see if Conankh could really pull off something that is unheard of amongst the Greed, such as Conankh attempting to absorb Ankh and become the dominant Bird Greed.

Vermouth nodded and said that as long as they do not interfere she won't mind their presence and even welcomed them to witness such a spectacle as the two sides (Maki and Akako) would become the first to witness HISTORY IN THE MAKING, which Ankh became apprehensive and attempted to break loose, just as Conankh, who assumed his Greed form, approached Ankh and is now beginning the process of absorbing Ankh.

At this point, Kamen Rider Birth and Kamen Rider Proto-Birth arrived, and having heard the conversation via the Candroid that they sent to locate Ankh's location, the two became concerned as this would mean that Shinichi Kudo's body might BREAK DOWN if Ankh gets absorbed, and there Birth tells Proto-Birth to rescue Ankh while he keeps the rest at bay.

"Gotoh…can I leave this to you? Get Ankh away from here…"

"Understood. Until Hino arrives, try to keep them preoccupied."

"Got it."

"Okay, I'm going off."

"Be careful."

"You too."

"Okay let's go."


Kazari smirked as he assumed his Greed form before he and the Yamaneko Yummy blocked the two Kamen Riders' paths, requesting them not to interfere, saying that he and Maki wanted to see a SPECTACULAR scene, which Toudou vehemently rejected the request, though Kazari didn't care about what he was told.

There Kazari and the Yummy began fighting off the two Kamen Riders while Vermouth smirked as she tells Conankh to start absorbing Ankh, and as the Bird Greed is starting the process, Kamen Rider Os arrived, which he assumed a Random Combo using the Bison, Kamakiri and Girin Core Medals (which he is armed with bison horns, blades resembling a mantis' scythes and boots vaguely resembling a giraffe's feet), and there he punched Conankh in the face, sending the Bird Greed careening against a tree.

There Os freed Ankh and tells him to run as he will take things from here, which Ankh grudgingly nodded, just as the Kazari and the Yamaneko Yummy sent Birth and Proto-Birth careening and there Os brought out the Medal Scanner and scans the Medal Driver which the Bison, Kamakiri and Girin Core Medals glowed as the Medal Scanner spoke to confirm the activation.

Medal Scanner: "SCANNING CHARGE!"

There the horns on Os' helmet glowed while the Kamakiri blades glowed as well before unleashing a powerful projectile blast which struck the Yamaneko Yummy, destroying it which several Cell Medals scattered around, which Akako is not pleased with what is going on, though Mezeru said that it is okay.

"How lame…"

"Patience. This is just the start."


"The battle is currently underway…"

"How so? Your fellow Greed's Yummy got killed…"

"Look what's in front of you…"


"Watch and observe."

Kazari is starting to get dismayed as the three Kamen Riders are standing before him, and with the Yamaneko Yummy destroyed, he finds himself in a disadvantage, though Vermouth wasn't fazed after Ankh is still there as Conankh confronted him, while Maki looks on as he expected that something surprising might take place, and tells Kazari to maintain his composure.



"Keep your cool."



"Oh, fine. What next?"

"Just keep still. Things would be fine."


To Be Continued...

Misty Mystery byGarnet Crow
(Opening Song from Magic Kaito)

Why mienu asu he to kitai kome aruiteru no
Mada kimi wo omou tochuu mitai ni zawameku

Wakare to namida hikikae ni nani wo sono te ni shita no
Inori dake kimi ni todoku to iu izayoi no tsuki ni deauAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene miseru dake
Kanashimi wa shizen na genshou yasuragi wa tada no inshou
Kokoro moyou tokiakasu keyword aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty MysteryAre wa tooi machi no zanzou meguri meguru amai tsuioku
Marude natsu arashi no you na scene aa sagashite
Sougen no hikari kaze ni kieru you Misty Mystery

Hope you liked this chapter of the current story arc, as things escalated rather quickly as Kazari's Yummy got destroyed, with Os, Birth and Proto-Birth looking ready to take Ankh back with them, though Vermouth is cool and calm, as the battle is still ongoing…


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