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The 'Final' Curtain of Cruelty

The weather outside was not frightful for the temperature was so delightful; it didn't matter where people go for there was no snow. The golden sun was still shining on the creations of civilizations, looking down on them all with a warm smile for it was free from the snow white clouds. Buildings stood up tall and proud while roads and streets bowed down before them. A few cars and a bicycle or two passed by signifying an urban jungle minus the hustle and bustle from midday crowds. Somehow, these innocent days were more relaxed in the modern days of right now and then but other than that, it was dead quiet that afternoon as a student strolled out in the open yet quiet road to somewhere (seemingly) important.

That very schoolchild in question was a carnation pink rabbit wearing only but a mere snow white training vest. A purple hair bow resting in between the ears, signifying the so-said bunny's femininity; as a matter of fact, its very owner was a girl. Secondly, she had true blue eyes that mirrored the clear skies and oceans like the color that knows of the joys of heaven and earth being one with another as if all the trouble was wiped away. More descriptively, the young hare had also a smile on her face without a care in the world, not even the pavement beneath the feet could stop her.

Feeling the outside air grow tense, she walked with great expectations as it was a Christmas carol that had just spoke of a tale of two cities written by a chaplain who would scare the Dickens out anyone 'til she saw a set of suburban building stood around an Asian domain as it stood up three stories high. A few trees were standing tall and proud even though the wall surrounded the house and blocked the trees. The sky was jaded by an emerald diffusion as so with the grass. The atmosphere was clean and lively like a cleaning solvent made from natural fruits and spices with herbal essences. There was also a gate with a diagram of ultimate power emblazoned in the epicenter with a fish-like feeling. In short, it was actually a large dojo.

Opening the sliding doors in front, the pink rabbit found herself in the living room where her father sat waiting with a newspaper in hand. He was but only an elderly panda who was inexplicably back home and inexplicably back in his old recliner, inexplicably. He had a gray short beard to prove his age while whiskers had surrounded his facial cheeks. The panda donned a light blue sash around his swollen torso.

"Master Yo, I'm home!" she called after entering through the front door of the dojo and closing them back behind.

A father named Yo glanced up from his newspaper, "oh hello, Yin; Yang's bus hasn't arrived, yet?"

"No, I'm afraid not," the bunny girl named Yin answered, "so, what's new?"

"Nothing much, check it out: Woo Foo Save Lives; who would've thought people would allow Woo Foo Warriors to heal victims of disease." the panda said as he held his newspaper to her in order to see the article.

Yin responded, "well, at least the town's deciding to trust us more. I mean, I know that me, Yang and our friends saved the town from Eradicus; but still, some citizens think we're menaces."

"Don't worry, Yin," Yo reassured, "everything ends out better than they begin."

"Maybe you're right," the girl has spoken as she went up to her room and came back down with a book or two.

After a mere while, everything was quiet: the pink hare read to herself along with her dear father happily like their surroundings were like a library, filled with bookshelves and serenity; just then, suddenly without warning as if it were on cue, the phone ranged out, causing the panda to reach over across the table and answered it with a simple, "hello? WHAT; w-we'll be right there!" After listening to the caller's voice, the smile had faded as Yo hung up and stared at his daughter desperately.

"Is something wrong?" Yin peeped as she turned to face him.

With precious little time, the panda thought of what to say to her, "Yin, we need to hurry to the hospital!"

"Huh?" the pink rabbit gasped as she was led out the living room by her father, "where's Yang?"

Starting up the family van, Yo took the driver's seat with Yin sitting next to him as they buckled up. The motor soon revved to life as jet black carbon monoxide flowed out of the tailpipe and entered into the fresh air. With only one foot on the brake pedal, he put the gear shift from park to reverse, slowly pulling out from the garage and onto the street; then, the brakes were stomped on again as the gear shift was now switched from reverse to drive. As a result, the wheels were in motion once again as the ancient panda drove his family to the hospital.

After a frantic frenzy lasting for fifteen minutes they reached their destination, rushed into the building with despiration filling their systems. With the paperwork in place and rational logic being used delicately, all they could do was bide their time in the waiting room; true to its term, there were many others that had a fair share of misfortunes prior to arrival. She just sat there impatiently in the waiting room biting her nails as her true blue eyes were filled with worry. Both father and daughter had the identical question brewing in their mind.

Within an hour later, an answer was just around the corner as the two of them had glanced up when the doctor came out and it was a green elephant. He was bald and had little sign of facial hair at all. The thin elephant also had blue eyes yet they were protected by teal shaded eyewear; however, he had also shared a tiresome stare that the two had as well. A white lab coat was draped over the torso along with a red tie and undershirt from beneath only buttoning the upper body as it revealed his dark brown khakis. His hands were wrapped in a rubbery cherry grip. The thin man wore footwear on his very own two feet.

"Where, where is my son?" Yo panted heavily.

The elephant responded with confusion, "he's yours?''

"Did you not hear me say WHERE'S MY BOY?" the panda raised with voice with anger, "his name is Yang; look it up!"

"I'll just explain what happened," the doctor had cringed with fear.

Yo seemed to lose control of the situation and responded, "good, 'cause I'd sure as heck WOULD LIKE TO KNOW!"

For a while, everyone looked at the three with shock and awe like this were but a movie they were all starring in, a drama to be precise that was unscripted and impromptu like life itself imitating art and vice versa; afterwards, it got quiet once again, allowing the elephant to show them both the room that this Yang was in.

"How is Yang?" the pink bunny asked as despair was filling into her system while walking, "Is... he... gone?"

"Do you wanna see him?" the doctor spoke after pausing for a second before stopping at the door and opening it.

Yin nodded, "more than anything; Yang?"

The door was opened, and the identity of the patient was revealed: a baby blue hare wearing only but a mere hospital gown. Instead of a purple hair bow resting in between the ears, there was nothing at all; as a matter of fact, it proved that it was just a boy. Secondly, Yang's eyes were closed as if he was unconscious; in fact, he even sported a black eye, blood on his face, several cuts and bruises on his arms, and scratches all over his legs pretty much everywhere. More descriptively, the young hare in a stretcher with devices attached to him, leaving the girl wanting to cry while seeing him like this.

"Now would be a good time to explain what happened," the panda place his hand on his daughter's shoulder, "is my boy alright?"

"Your son's alive... barely; but, still alive," the elephant squeamishly explained to the two.

Hearing this made Yo grabbed the poor man by his shirt, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BARELY?"

"W-well, allow me to explain," and the good doctor did, "some guy who claimed to be Yang's bus driver came in with your what I could tell from Yang was beaten, stomped on, punched, and kicked; other words, he was beaten unconscious.''

"W-what; just by riding the bus?'!' Yin'd yelped as her brain was racked.

The elephant continued, "actually, the bus driver explained when he turned around to see what the commotion was about, he noticed a group of male students ganging up and started beating the heck out of the poor kid.; so, the man told us to call you. Sure, I've seen kids injured from encounters with bullies; but, I've never seen a kid hurt this badly. I just don't understand what's up with children these days.''

However, there was a clear explanation for what had happened just today. After the defeat of Eradicus, the panda had wanted her and Yang to attend a school for their chances to socialize with more kids and become normal for a change; unfortunately, the panda's attempt was in vain. Though Yin always made friends, one day after another Yang on the other hand, barely talked to anyone! What else seemed awkward, was the fact that they didn't take the same transportation home. Her brother would always get beat up on the bus or during school since he was a student who practiced in Woo Foo.

Woo Foo was actually the form of martial arts that requires both might and magic, used by many warriors, male and female alike, to combat the forces of darkness that threatened to take over the world; however, it was also a fighting skill that was wiped off the face of the Earth countless times, mostly because the previous warriors put the "I" in teamwork one too many times and died in many battles as a end result based on a common denominator mathematicians used after dividing the Xs by two to find a slope. Even so, a tall and thin bat humanoid with no name attempted to take over the world only to be defeated by Master Yo; but, in a matter of seconds, the bat along with the proud history of Woo Foo became things of what went before (and the sins of the fatherly panda as well). Woo Foo, was now known as the art of stupidity and foolishness; but, backed by popular demand, it regained its great history and meaning despite the issues encountered today...that is, up till now, of course.

Because school was supposed to be a safe place, fighting wasn't much of an option. It was troublesome that Yang couldn't fight back; even worse, spilling out his issues was out of the question! If he told Master Yo he was getting abused by the students, he would assume his son was trying to ditch or at least that's what the blue rabbit thought.

"THEY'RE DEAD MEN!" the girl hollered with anger over what the people on the bus did to her brother.

Noticing the anger from his own daughter, the panda pleaded, "Yin, please calm down."

"Oh really," Yin sarcastically shouted, "SAYS THE MAN WHO THREATENED THE DOCTOR!"

"Well, at least he spilled his guts," Yo stared at his daughter with fear.

Each moment of sight and sound was like witnessing an act of barbarism and being unable to do anything else no matter what, causing her to say, "Who... whoever did this... WILL GO TO HELL!"

"Normally, I wouldn't think of the same thing, but," her father commented as he walked over towards the bed and examined his son all over, "my boy."

"Master Yo...I can't look at this anymore!" the pink bunny said with sorrow and pity.

The mentioned panda turned to his daughter noticing tears forming in her eyes, "You don't have to; but, I just hope he won't be put into a coma."

"Mr. Yo,'' the nurse, a toucan, spoke as she came into the room, "he'll be fine, you just need to pray and wait."

"Understood; just do everything you can," said Master Yo stared down sadly to meet Yin's tear filled gaze.

The toucan responded, "don't worry, your son's in our care, but I do suggest not sending him to school soon after he checks out; in fact, I think you should write a note to that dreadful school."

"I'll keep that in mind," the panda said, "let's go."

Afterwards, they reached the family van as Master Yo started it up and took the driver's seat once again. The pink hare sat next to her father and master while the motor revved back to life as jet black carbon monoxide flowed out of the tailpipe and entered into the fresh air once more. With only one foot on the brake pedal, the panda had put the gear shift from park to reverse, slowly pulling out from the parking space and onto the street; then, the brakes were stomped on again as the gear shift was now switched from reverse to drive. As a result, the wheels were in motion once again as Master Yo drove his family out of the hospital.

Once they got home, the girl felt ready to vomit when she headed to her room. Yin just couldn't understand why someone would cause that much damage to a kid for no reason; better yet, why would someone EVEN do such a thing like that? Before that question could be even answered, her father knocked on the door just to check on her.

"Come in," the pink rabbit said.

The panda went and opened the door, asking, "Yin, you alright?"

"I'm fine, Dad," Yin muttered angrily as she glared into the mirror, "I don't understand, I'm Woo Foo and no one is trying to kill me; is my brother damned or something?"

"Yin, may I say something, please?" Yo started as he started to stand alongside her daughter.

The pink bunny noticed and answered, "okay, then."

"If there is one thing I do know, then it should be just this and this alone," the panda started as if he was about to speak about something, "your brother wasn't put on this earth to suffer, especially not like this. Everyone including him deserves to have peace without being stepped on like glass. I know that what those people have done to Yang for no reason whatsoever was almost unforgivable and completely abhorrent but trying to get revenge on them won't solve anything. Even if your brother wanted you to do that for him, the Woo Foo scrolls say that 'one drop of evil will bring a crashing wave of trouble.' You understand?"

"Yes, Master Yo; I understand," Yin spoke.

Soon, he started to hold her in an embrace and kissed her on the forehead; even though it was somewhat tight to her, the girl started to understand what his father is saying. Afterwards, Master Yo let go of the pink hare and left the room leaving the latter to ponder on these words while laying across the bed and stared at the ceiling. Needless to say, Yin had become so fixated on the ceiling she'd now started to go to sleep.

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