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Any Given Sunday

A prodigious ambivalence had now flooded the entirety of the very hospital for although that the golden sun was out and about in the big blue sky, this bright day had nonetheless just started for everyone a scant too early for those within the vast and magnificent conurbation to say the least. In fact, there were some who'd found themselves asleep in the comfort of their own beds: at best, recovery from the various injuries and illnesses given out from the cruel hands called Fate; at worst, those same hands were marking time waiting for death to claim its own all at once. Nevertheless, this was where the events are now taking place, not the dojo where Master Yo had trained, not the farm that Mr. Trevor had lived, not even the alley where Joe and friends had counterattacked.

Anyways, Yang was already in his room, still asleep because of what had happened with the bullies from long ago; luckily, it was all for the very best thanks to his inner strength he had possessed and the healing factor that he had also shared with his sister Yin. Sleeping in heavenly peace, there was absolutely nothing bothering the blue bunny with the taboo noise of outsiders even as the complaint had already taken form; after all, it was the least that the blue bunny could do for himself in order to be rid of this. However, he was starting to winced and struggle in weary as his eyes tightly loosened, grasping the faint strands of light that had emanated from the outside world that was called home. Starting to see the sunlight in the standard room that Yang had rested upon from before combined with the electricity from the ceiling, it was clearly obvious that this nightmare was over already for the most part. Then, the blue bunny saw the cuts and bruises that had been made from his head to his shoulders made by those ogres coagulating and crusting into scabs and scars, marks of shame and disgust that had brought the former anger. Next, he sees that the snow white training vest that made him and his twin noticeable was gone but in its place was a faint green hospital gown that even covered him all the way to his knees.

Now, Yang was starting to figure out what was happening, how he had ended up in the hospital, and what day it was.

"What the hell is going on here?" was all that the blue hare could muster up as he started to glance around, finding a door that was like the one on a different wall in the room but without a blurry rectangular glass pane.

The blue inlay which had said 'RESTROOM' was helpful to explain such a difference between the two, giving him enough motivation to exit the cot all at once without question or answer.

Soon, Yang went inside the lavatory, geometrically half the size of the room but just like the average restroom. The flooring was merely made up of light taupe thatches on the ground, the same shade of color as the walls that were painted in, representing the nothingness inside the very bathroom. The bathroom was accommodated with typical things including a toilet and a sinks, matching the ratio which had stood in balance between this room and the other.

Since this bathroom tended to most private, the blue rabbit had to made sure that the door was closed behind him completely, locking the stall afterwards to safeguard his now secure(d) privacy. Following this, he'd then started preparing to take a seat, sliding of his underwear as he positioned his haunches somewhat about at the right angle, and successfully planting them at once; now, he was ready to go do some business in the bathroom peacefully, pinching a loaf at every chance that was given to that very same manipulator right every now and then. It was very simple to be au fait with: either that everybody poops or nobody poops (but you); nevertheless, Yang was a naughty child and it was concentrated evil coming out the back of him each second it had passed him by as pieces of waste (or two) came out and slid right into the water. Despite the unpleasant scent and sight of it, the porcelain throne the blue bunny sat on was capable of handling whatever had been consumed and expelled, holding it all in 'til it was finished. He soon had reached for some toilet paper and rolled those sheets together before it ran up in between and slowly; before long, he was all clean and the soiled toilet paper sheets slid out into the water. Finished for so long, Yang had got up, slathering his underclothing back to its rightful place before flushing the waste down the drain.

In the meantime, the rest of those inside the infirmary were going about with their own lives with little concern about the morning that was here as always, coming and going without a care in this world or even the next one if at all. As a matter of fact, the troika of females, Doris, Lena, and Yin, out of many of its citizens had their own very certain reasons for considering it so: little boy blue was now in the sanatorium on the account of an afterschool assault from two days ago. Because of all this, it was as if this very incident had caused them all to seek common ground with one another by happenstance: the pink hare had wished for her twin brother to wake up, the canine cub wanted to help her friend recover, and the toucan just happens to be working here.

Anyways, these three females were about to start eating their breakfast at the blank table: Yin had a saucer of salad, Lena had a box of cereal, and Doris had a bowl of fruit; irregardless, they all would agree that would all see him soon already.

As the canine cub started to open that little box, the toucan had soon noticed and asked, "you're not going to have some milk to go with it, ma'am?"

"Not at all, I just had a large dinner last night so I'm not going to torture myself any further…" Lena answered immediately as small fragments of clustered oats were dumped into her left hand, "so what do you suppose will happen once Yang recovers?"

"Well at this rate, I would recommend that he stays home from that dreaded school until the dust settles immediately," Doris spoken quickly while scooping up some berries from within the bowl.

Scarcely stroking the shrubberies of the small salad, the pink rabbit soon sighed sadly as she said slowly, "somehow I'm not even surprised by this; still I just wish that it shouldn't have happened at all."

"Don't be too sure about it, Yin…" Lena had uttered to her friend after a calm crunching of cereal had conceded, "whoever those guys were anyway, I'd highly doubt that they would stop afterwards; besides, you didn't seem to get away from them that easily let alone win against them either."

"Come to think about it though, how did you managed to escape those people anyways, Yin?" the toucan then asked the youngest of the girls with a newfound sense of curiosity and concern.

Although initially hesitant to such a question, Yin pushed the salad away and started to open up, "I was reluctant to bring this up at all anyway: after when I had found those people who had hurt Yang, I had tried to avenge him by making them feel what he had felt when they beaten my brother, making them feel what I had felt when I had seen him in the hospital on that day before. I had been feeling so much sorrow and anger coursing inside of my own body I did not care that I was outnumbered nor that were they all armed with some weapons; unfortunately, one of them had struck me out cold and I had passed out from the immense pain dealt out by them at once. By the time I had woken up all at once, I had quickly found myself held tightly by one of these people and their leader had a knife held up to me so I had tried to slap it away from his hand; at that moment, I had felt that this was finally it, no more seeing my brother come back from the pain, no more seeking justice for Yang either, and no more studying Woo Foo from Master Yo. Then, something miraculous had happened for me: the knife had been burned red by Yuck, another Woo Foo knight just Lena and me; he had managed to save me from a certain cruel fate. However, to me, his very own presence had just reminded me of them, from the dirty attire that he had worn upon himself to the actions he had taken to save me; even after scaring them all away, we had a very hurtful shouting match before going about our separate ways very quickly. Afterwards, I had told my father about what these bastards had done to me but not of how I had escaped so quickly because of Yuck; he had assumed that I had won against them and ran off."

By the time that the pink bunny was finished answering that question, Doris had found that the fruit cocktail was halfway full, the cause linking itself to the latter who observed the former.

"Whoa, that is kind of a powerful story that you had just told us both, Yin…" the canine cub had cursorily conducted a comment with such a corroded complacency carelessly castaway at the complete cost of a controlled current chomp, "why is it that I haven't even heard of him at all?"

"It's a long story; maybe I'll tell you another time when I'm not too stressed out about things," Yin had shot back in a moment, coming to terms with yet another question posed by her friend.

After yet another brief period of silence emanated from the very conversation, the three of them had now finished their meals all at once: Lena was first to the punch, an empty box standing to memorialize the consumed oats; the toucan had been next, leaving but a small grape or two behind; the pink hare was automatically disqualified for that her salad had been left untouched. Doris dug into the pocket of her own lab coat and retrieved a diminutive ironstone clock from its own depths; opening it very slowly, she'd started looking at it to find something very surprising: it was almost visiting hours already, time for them to meet up with Yang once again with feeling. Currently, the younger ones were now watching to find out about such a discovery and observed the owner's rather subtle behavior being displayed front like some flashing neon lights at dusk.

Staying speechless, Yin slowly started to subtract the small sea green leafy saucer of salad off the spherical stand while the toucan shrunken into a simple smile with some semblance of sense.

All at once, Doris then spoke to the two, "it seems that this boy must be awake by now already; would you two like to see Yang now? He must be long due for some good company, you know."

Without question, the pink rabbit and the canine cub had both nodded their very heads in endorsement, a new hope now finally leading itself at a gateway to glimmer by the toucan. Momentarily, these three females will find little boy blue alive and kicking but far from well; all that Yin could anticipate would be the miracle they can all partake in witnessing such unfold. The least that can be done if at all was to take solace in the fact that without the others like Lena or even Doris on the poor youngest one's side, this sabbatical sunrise would become stained into a dark dawn of the dreadful kind.

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