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A Brand New Day

Now it seems that today was just a brand new day and for good reason: the memories of nobody were left behind in the dust bowls of the past; of course, it was theoretically the same like every other day. Nevertheless, the golden sun had started shining bright as of now, free from the clouds that threatened to deliver upon a downpour while liberating the city and perhaps by extension half the world in general from the darkness of night. A few vehicles of all sizes, makes, and even models were seen driving throughout (and around) every street, road, turnpike, avenue, even bridge, tunnel, highway, freeway, and even off road in smaller densities. Somehow, the weekend was almost over but there were at least many surmountable yet ethereally countless hours left to go on since the day had just began; after all, tomorrow would begin another week's worth of drudgery. Everyone hated that simple fact of life alone but they all knew their place not to try and change anything about it lest the risk of a sudden cataclysm would overcome the reality; besides, that was just the way it was: the circle of life itself ––– nothing more, nothing less.

Yin slept on the sleigh bed that was inside the bedroom no more than mere hours ago and still snored quietly to the point that it had never existed; abruptly, she'd suddenly gasped herself awake, sitting up in the bed in heavy panting as she looked around in the barren room where he'd dwelled; still, Yang was nowhere in her sights. The pink rabbit only found out to see that she was already in her noteworthy attire right now as the bare feet touched the dark green carpentry floor slowly. She looked at the alarm clock to find that it was 7:11 AM in bright colors with a tired look in her eyes, a sign that her slumber was anything but completely sound. With rays of sunshine peering through the blinds and windowpane, Yin slowly mustered up the strength to focus upon the real and started to leave her bedroom, speaking incoherently as she headed towards the bathroom nearby as the weary sapphire's eyes were still partially glued to the floor in front of them below.

In next to no time at all, the pink bunny had finally reached the lavatory, shutting the door behind her as went towards the sink and picked out a beige toothbrush; conjointly, she opened up cap from a tube of toothpaste, separated the crown by itself, picked up the tube, constricted out some on the bristles, sat the toothpaste back down whereas the toothbrush raised upward in its place, brought the bristles to her teeth, and started brushing them. Going to the back teeth, she started to work in a clockwise direction the moment her toothbrush pointed the bristles toward the gum line, in an acute angle of a circular motion; quickly, the bristles rolled away from the gum line as it swept the surface of the tooth, removing whatever was left of the food and plaque on them. Yin continued working in a clockwise direction as she ended with the lower molars on one side, repeating what she did earlier as it was now for the inside surface of the upper and lower molars. The pink hare then started to brush the back surface of her upper-front teeth as the tip of the toothbrush head was the only section that was in her mouth, directing the bristles toward the gum line with a flicking motion down the surface of the tooth going on for at least three times. The tip of the toothbrush's bristles faced toward the gum line again as it flicked away upwardly in a sweeping motion twice, brushing the biting surface of her upper and lower premolars and molars respectively and circularly. Yin brushed her tongue around spherically for thirty seconds with another following along as her taupe toothbrush clean the insides of her cheeks, bringing a rough approximate time of merely one minute. Soon, the pink rabbit finished brushing her teeth by rinsing them all out with mouthwash as she spat the disgusting contents out into the sink; a somewhat fake smile was flexed in the mirror as it assured that she got the job done well. She then turned on the sink, washing the toothbrush free of fluoride, and sat it down in a nearby cup; sequentially, she had also turned the water off, brought the cap and the tube of toothpaste together, closed them tightly together, sat the toothpaste back down on the edge of the sink, picked out some floss from the cabinet and left the lavatory.

Flossing some teeth on the way there, Yin had returned to her bedroom in little time in all now a bit ready to take on the day; however, she had to tidy up her bed first. Looking at one of those matching sheets, the pink bunny first started to match up one of its corner to another corner of the mattress as she tucked them both in between until they were securely pulled around the bed, free of any remaining loose bits whatsoever. Next, she had decorated her divan with a warm comforter, spreading it out evenly over the bed as her own two hands had ran through the middle of it all to remove any potential wrinkles or creases that had existed. Lastly, Yin had remembered the pillows and picked them up, fluffing the two at once instantly before putting them back at the top of the bed afterwards.

Now, the pink hare started to exit the home she had slept in and slide the doors back to their original position before stepping onto the brilliant green at once right past her at once, still bathed in happiness and sadness. The happiness was stemmed from the fact that today was now Sunday, another twenty four hour period's worth of fun that was also favored by schoolchildren like herself since education was far from the question anyways; even she was lucky to be visited by a kind visage such as Lena. Unfortunately, Yin was still depressed however to begin with because her brother was in the hospital all because of the cruelty and indifference from the still churlish ogres, irregardless of any amounting reasonable sense that spurned them into this act; the fact that remains alone had made the girl very upset enough to confront them yesterday. But, it was a time to cherish the last of the remaining weekend for soon the pink rabbit would have to be forced to face the next batch worth of school days alone this time of the week. After all, neither tears nor prayers would ever wipe away the past since the initial phase was already over but it would only be up to her alone to triumph over that uncomfortable memory.

She, the Woo Foo Warrior supposedly skillful in magic that was named Yin, once walked down a lonely road now at last had brought herself over to the quickly growing phenomenal homestead free of stereo. To the pink bunny, it would have been beautiful to see that underneath those spacious skies there were amber waves of grain near the purple mountains' majesty that had looked down upon the fruited plain within the pallet. There was however a lavender wooden fence which had guarded the entire area nonetheless as it sat still on terra firma, planted neatly near the one road that stretched itself from side to side where she had come from. A tall dark silo had stood by the house alone as it guarded the residence with its own well being standing lonely like an island that shared a named with writing utensils but mocked as such constantly by many in essence. At this rate, that wooden house by itself was currently in Yin's line of sight as she approached with little to no caution whatsoever by mere seconds of time and distance.

Only then, the vermillion door stood up as the postern to such a picturesque residence where the pink hare was about to set foot in as she had knocked upon there at once, hoping for an answer; as her feet remained on the welcome mat the door had finally opened itself in front, certainly the work of a homeowner responding to the gentle sound from before. The homeowner in question that had answered her was another turquoise canine bear just like Lena but taller and masculine instead. He was wearing a light pink hat on top of his head that had giant bite mark at the peak, a color that was matching his shirt yet at least a shade tad bit lighter than the fur which was on Yin's body while being overshadowed by azure overalls. On his feet, the bear had himself wear a somewhat dirty pair of black tar boots so that the cold would not take the low route and strike him down with an illness, a fact that hadn't struck a single train of thought for the pink rabbit to do for herself.

Much like how it didn't take long for the visitor's actions to be met with an instant response, neither did it take any longer for the homeowner to remember the identity of said individual.

"Oh, good morning Yin, you're early…" the turquoise bear had greeted the young and restless Yin instantly upon answering the vermillion door earlier.

Standing off the mat aback from the homeowner by a scant few inches, the pink bunny responded to him quickly at once, "hello Mr. Trevor, I came here to see Lena today; is she around?"

"Ah, my daughter has just gotten out of the bathroom; she may be in her room getting herself dressed…" Mr. Trevor had answered Yin's question with little hesitance before continuing onward, "do you wish to see her?"

"Yes sir; I would like to see her…" the pink hare said as she entered the turquoise bear's residence quickly.

While searching for Lena inside the heart of the homestead itself she had dwelled in, Yin had come across a darkening brownish goldenrod door that was obviously unlocked and pushed it open to discover the former's position: a quaint little bedroom; although it wasn't actually the true concept of royalty, it still had things that were still considered based on the average bedchamber in an otherwise average home. The wondrous ceiling had an active spinner fan that was suspended ten feet from the ground while acting as the main source of light inside this very room like usual ceilings had. The background, better yet known as the walls that served as the foundation to the vast bedroom where the canine cub had dwelled in, was surrounded in a pale avocado while being five yards away from the epicenter and each other. The floorboards that the pink rabbit had stepped on were ligneous throughout the entire room, uncolored by any palette other than the various shades of blue. Two different windows were present even though they were both closed: one was a bay window covered up in one layered set of bleached white shutters underneath the closed cerise curtains facing in the northern direction of the occupant's viewpoint and the other, a casement window having only the same set of draperies that faced in the western direction. The small sleigh bed that was well rested against the southern wall, though fluffy like a cloud yet small as a crate, was donned in a soft sky blue comforter with nothing more than a set of thin forest green sheets accompanied by amethyst pillows which all three of them were aligned neatly; also, there were four posts on each corner of the bed that were round and soft like a foursome of croissants. About three coffee dressers were nearby the walls: one was at the northern direction with a television set standing above it but two of them however were next to each other sharing the southeast angle with only one of them half the size of the other. The matching nightstand had a fluorescent lamp that stood up to a half of a yard while wearing an orange lampshade over it to cover the light bulb inside it; however, the power was off for it was not in use.

Nevertheless, Yin had found her friend Lena in a scant few seconds anyways and they both left the bedroom afterwards, no longer finding any purpose whatsoever to stay in here any longer than ever.

After closing the door right behind them slowly, the canine cub then said to the pink bunny at once, "you seem ready to start the day, aren't you Yin?"

"Am I ever…!" Yin had exclaimed quietly to Lena, "want to go and visit my brother?"

"Sure, I bet that he must fine after a good night's rest," the canine cub replied as she and the pink hare set off into the outside world once again.

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