What's this? Four fan fics in one night? Dear Lord, strike me down with a flying pig, cause this is certainly an addiction! BTW this fic was inspired by a picture I found with Izaya and Shizuo out in the rain and Shizuo's holding anumbrella over a dog and a cat instead of Izaya and himself.:3


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It was raining, pouring to be more exact. The brunette shivered, wrapping his already soaked coat around himself tighter. He was looking for his beloved protozoan, but he had been searchingfor hours and had yet to see hide nor hair of him. He had to admit, this was one of the most stupid thing he has ever done. I mean, really, he was out in the pouring rain with a non rainproof jacket searching for some one he, for once, had no idea where they were, for no real reason at all. Merely for the fact that he wanted to see the blond man.

'Well, they have always said that love makes you do crazy things...'

A small sad smile spread across his face. The informant was so caught up within himself, he never noticed the person in front of him until it hit him. Literally.

"A-ah, sorry."

He couldn't help but to apologize, after all, it was his fault. The pedestrian turned, facing Izaya.


Quickly, the jacket clad man looked up and saw the man he had been looking for. Heiwajima Shizuo stood under a deep blue umbrella before him.

"Ah, Shizu-Chan! I've been looking for you!"

The blond stared for a moments hesitation, taking in the slightly younger man's appearance before talking once again.

"Looking for me? What for, Flea?"

Yep, there wasn't any vending machines flying through the air or blood being drawn, it was merely a conversation; words forming thoughts and emotions. A light blush dusted across the informant face.

"It's just kind of boring over in Shibuya and I...never mind, it's nothing."

The brunette made a move to leave, but was stopped as a hand grabbed his own.

"It's not nothing if you came all the way here. Tell me, Izaya, NOW."

Izaya looked back into the rare sight of honey colored eyes with out the obstruction of a familiar pair of sunglasses. He swallowed, suddenly nervous.

"I...I wanted to see you, Shizuo" The absence of the nick name he was so fond of made sure the blond knew he wasn't just joking nor taunting. The ex-bartender replied not a minute later, his tone a near monotone.

"I have nothing to give you, Izaya. Nothing at all." As if to prove his point, he moved the umbrella off of them, letting the rain plummet down upon themselves.

"I know." The crimson eyed man's face was in a downcast, expression blank. It was then he felt fingertips dance across his chin. Looking up, he came face to face with...a kiss. It lasted but a moment, but it was something he knows he'll never forget. There was a few moments of silence before it was abruptly broken by the smaller of the two males.

"Tell me, Shizu-Chan, if you said that you have nothing to give me, then what was that?" There was a light teasing tone, but true curiosity blended near flawlessly with it. The blond then chuckled at the other man's confusion. It fit perfectly in harmony with the rain, like a light roar of thunder.

"I already told you, Flea, I have nothing to give you. Nothing at all."

'Except for a kiss...'


...My arm hurts.D: