Rin Kagamine walked the dark streets, bored out of her mind. She and her best friend went shopping earlier that day, but now it was the evening. She was calm until she heard something she hadn't expected.

"Nya!" The noise stopped Rin in her tracks, leaving her confused. What that...a cat?

She look to her left to find a cardboard and she bent down to examine it. Inside was the cutest kitten she had ever seen. It's fur was a sort of blond colour with black ears and tail. It had huge ocean coloured eyes that just screamed innocence and it made Rin want to squeal. She stroked the kitten with her hand and was a little surprised when it licked her hand, but she didn't mind.

"You're cute, aren't you?" Rin muttered, grinning at the tiny ball of fur, "Why are you out here?"

"Nya!" The kitten said again, before purring when Rin stroked it.

"You can come with me, I don't have parents, so I need a little kitty cat!" Rin said happily, picking up the little kitten in her arms and walking back to her house again. When she arrived at her house, she placed the cat down and put down her shopping bags too. She was lucky she hadn't gone to the grocery store yet, or she would've had to go back to buy some cat food.

Being only fourteen, many of Rin's friends found it hard to believe that she lived alone, but her parents lived in America and therefore didn't visit often. It was useful, because she could do whatever she wanted and her parents wouldn't know, but it did get lonely.

"Nyaan!" The cat said as it followed Rin upstairs, obviously happy. Rin smiled at it, knowing she needed to clean and feed it. Firstly, though, she had to name it.

"Hm, what could I call you?" Rin asked, frowning, "Not orange...or fluffy...y'know what? I'll just name you later."

Rin had cleaned the kitten and went out to the store to buy some cat food, when she got home, she saw the nameless kitten laying on her bed happily. It was licking it's fur but it stopped to peer over at Rin who was just grinning like an idiot.

"I got you some food, kitty." Rin said, pouring some of the cat food into the bowl she was holding. The kitten jumped up straight for the food and Rin laughed, placing the bowl on the floor.

Once the fluff-ball had finished it's food, Rin got changed into her orange nightdress and laid down in her king sized bed. The cat sat beside her and looked at her with it's big heart melting eyes. Rin stroked it again and it made that cute purring noise, it made Rin giggle.

"You're a lot nicer then Miku's cat," Rin giggled, "Her's just bites me."

She continued stroking it, amazed by how soft it's fur was. She started to think about cats when she remembered something - sleep.

"Nya!" Rin thought that she should go to sleep, so she closed her eyes and dreamed, but she could still feel the heat coming from her new pet.

As soon as the kitten could tell that it's new owner was asleep, it jumped straight off of the bed. As if by magic (and it probably was magic) a boy was standing in it's place, but he didn't look completely human. He had blond hair tied into a ponytail, creamy skin and the same heart melting eyes as he had done when he was a cat. Also, he kept the black cat ears and tail, which were definitely not human characteristics. He knew he had to be quiet, so he quickly located the girl's school bag and a piece of paper. With neat hand writing, he used one of her pens to write out the letters 'L', 'E' and 'N' on the paper and placed it on the table beside Rin's bed.

"I don't want to be nameless..." He muttered, "...I'd much rather she used my real name..."

It was hard to see in the darkness, but the cat-boy was grimacing. He looked over to the girl and sighed, changing back to his original form of a cat and climbing next to her once more - as if nothing completely out of the ordinary had just happened. (when, something obviously had)

Rin woke up in the middle of the night to find a sleeping kitten beside her and having completely forgotten about what had happened earlier, she pushed it off of the bed.

"Nya!" It said loudly, hitting the floor with a small thud. It seemed to glare at Rin, as you would if you had just been pushed off the bed.

"Ah, crap, sorry!" Rin said, immediately picking it up when she recognized who it was, "I was still dreaming there, haha..."

The cat growled at her for a few seconds before snugging into her chest happily. Rin could tell it had fallen asleep again.

"Good night, kitty~" She muttered, laying down again.


Hi thar, this is my new fanfic about cats and meowing... 8D *teehee* ~