So this is the end of kitty fetish.

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They had it all planned out.

School, they knew, was a boring place that teens wasted too much of their life in. So they decided to change that.

"Fireworks?" Len asked as he quietly stepped through the open window of Rin's bedroom.

"Check." Mikuo replied, a devilish grin on his face. "See you tomorrow, Len, it's gonna be fun."

Len found himself grinning as he closed the window and looking at Rin. It seemed that she had torn the room apart in search for him and out of exhaustion, had passed out on the floor.

He sighed and picked her up in his arms, careful not to wake her, and carried her to her comfortable bed. After this, he decided that he would get hurt less painfully the next morning if he was a cat, so he changed into that form before passing out on the bed himself.

Sadly, Rin hadn't exactly... passed out...

"Oh Len," she hissed, "no matter how cute you look sleeping like that... you're still gonna get it..."

She rolled over and pushed his small form off of the bed out of anger, then fell asleep.

"I said I was sorry!" Len said, sniffing occasionally into his mixed up meal of cereal and cat food. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Rin sighed.

"Just shut up." his owner replied, "Whining like that won't get you anywhere."

Len stood up and trudged to Rin's room. "You're the worst owner ever!"

Rin still sat and continued to eat her breakfast calmly.


That made her stop.

"Wh-What?" she asked him slowly, standing up and throwing the rest of her food (including the bowl) in the bin.

"I HATE YOU!" Len shouted from upstairs. "NO ONE, ESPECIALLY ME, WILL EVER LOVE YOU!"

Her heart broke.

"O-Oh..." she muttered to herself. "R-Right..."

She stood up and grabbed her school bag, walking to the door.

"See you after school, L-Len..." she walked out, unaware of the tears falling from her own eyes.

Rin walked back through the front door of her house and sighed. She dumped her things on the floor and retreated to the comfort of her couch in the living room, along with the sleek, flat screen TV.

"About what I said earlier..." Rin gasped, she hadn't even noticed Len's presence beside herself. "I didn't mean it..."

She stayed silent and let herself listen to Len's words.

"I mean... I'm sure that plenty of people love you in the world, I'm sure that one day you'll get married to a nice guy and have kids and stuff... and at the wedding everyone will be smiling and everyone will be happy for you... so really, for that to happen, so many people will have to love you, so obviously people do love you right now..."

Rin was in awe by how sincere Len sounded.

"I bet loads of boys have crushes on you now... boys that would be perfect for you, the smart ones, the sporty ones... all of them. I just think that you spend more time worrying about if I've broken something or if I'll have broken someone, to even notice those boys... and that means that I'm the one at fault doesn't it?

"So I think that it would just be easier if I left... because then you can be happy and less stressed without me..." Len finished.

He stood up, "So I guess I'll be going now."

Rin also stood up... and hugged him. "I love you too~!"

Len couldn't help but grin. "Damn, you caught that vibe in there?"

"Of course, no one wouldn't be able to catch that vibe!" she replied to his question with the same grin on her face.

Len hugged her back. "I'm glad..."

"By the way," Rin said, "why was Miku's cat found setting off fireworks and throwing pies at people in the maths block?"

"No clue~" Len sang, "It's not like I helped him plan that~"

"When we're older," Rin muttered to her cat, while stroking it's silky fur, "We'll get married and be happy together, right?"

She sighed. As much as she loved Len, she did wish that he was completely human.

Her pet turned to her and she couldn't help but quickly peck him on his tiny kitty lips.

"Yeah, we'll get married..." Len replied, "and we'll definitely be happy together..."

Rin was staring.

She couldn't see his ears, or his tail... all she could see was a boy.

"It's like a fairytale," Len whispered to his treasure, Rin. "The princess kisses the toad, but she doesn't become a toad herself... in fact, she gets what she wants...

"Her equal,

"Her true other half,

"Her prince."

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