Chapter Eighteen: Epilogue

Smoke wafted throughout Dave Rossi's backyard. For a moment, it seemed like Aaron knew what he was doing, in all actuality, the burgers he was attempting to cook were slowly burning on one side, and still not cooked properly on the other side.

No one understood if the burning of their food was intentional or not, but Hotch had said there was no chance he was going to give the children food poisoning.

Speaking of, they all seemed to be running amok around Dave's house and backyard.

Morgan smirked as he walked through the back door out onto the lovely summers day, a glass in hand, "You should see Jack and Henry in there! God, poor Reid doesn't stand a chance next to them either. "

"He has an eidetic memory and an IQ of 187, of course he can manage himself, it's only a game of Guitar Hero!" Dave laughed.

As Morgan sat on the chair next to Emily, he placed his drink on the table, "Well either he's losing on purpose, or Jack and Henry have learned some cheat against him."

"It's probably the latter. Him and Henry have been plotting against him for a week." Hotch laughed as he flipped over another burger.

Emily's eyes locked onto a little girl with two black pigtails, running helplessly away from her few months older cousin, "Addy! Eth! Stay away from the pool!" She called, watching them avoid it carefully and running back around in circles.

"They've been doing that for nearly an hour, when are they going to figure out that Ethan's never going to catch her?" JJ asked, laughing slightly at her son and Goddaughter.

Shrugging, Emily replied, "I have no idea. But I think there's more chance of them falling asleep on the spot before that right now."

"And these are done. Sort of, at least they're well done…" Hotch placed a plate of burgers on the table. Burgers that were practically almost black.

Knocking his hand on the top of one, Morgan looked up at him, "These are solid! If we even try to feed the kids them, their teeth will fall out."

"Pizza then?" Em asked, sliding her phone from her pants pocket.

Morgan nodded, "Adelaide's just got her teeth, let's not knock them out already." He complained.

Sitting down at the table, Hotch took a mouthful of his drink and smirked, "She's had teeth for almost two and a half years, Morgan. I remember the biting faze."

"We all do." JJ commented, laughing.

"Pizza will be twenty minutes." Emily informed them, popping her phone on the table and walking over to the two children still tirelessly running in circles.

"Hey mommy." Addy smiled, wrapping her in a hug.

"Hello beautiful." Em gave her a big kiss before looking to Ethan and opening her arms, "What, no love for your favourite Aunt?"

"Aunt Pen says that too!" Ethan giggled, but threw himself in her arms anyway.

Emily laughed and ruffled his hair, "I bet she does." She gave him a small kiss, "Uncle Aaron's managed to burn the burgers, like normal, and pizza will be a while. Why don't we go and get your swimming things on and you two can play in the pool until it comes?"

Both children nodded eagerly, and practically pulled her away towards the house.

Walking through the large house, Emily found Henry and Jack playing away on Guitar Hero, while Reid was trying his best on drums. She actually laughed at him, Reid feigned looking hurt.

"Seriously? You're a genius and you can't play some fake drums?" Her hands crossed over her chest as she leaned against the wall with an amused look.

"You think you can do better?" Spencer stood up, "Be my guest."

So she did.

Of course, she still lost, "That's because you'd already ruined the game anyway. I would have won had it not been from the start!" She glared at him before breaking out in a smile.

"Of course you would have Aunt Emily." Henry looked at her, both eyebrows raised, smirking. He turned around and high fived Jack.

Emily looked hurt, "I no longer like the pair of you." She rolled her eyes, "If you go and get your swimming stuff on, I'm putting Ad and Eth in the pool now."

"Kay!" Jack yelled, and both of them were off upstairs like lightning.

The two children came in with their little bags and Emily slipped their swimming costume and trunks on, "Last one outside loses!" She yelled, and then walked behind as the two three year olds tried their best to run to the porch.

A big splash of water met her face as she slipped the ring around Ethan and put Addy's water wings on. Emily looked up to see Jack and Henry bombing into the pool, "Boys." She grumbled and shook her head.

"I'm no boy!" Adelaide clapped happily.

"No, your Mommy's Little Princess." Emily kissed her on the nose and then helped her into the pool.

"She's doing well with the swimming." Morgan told her, sitting at the side of the pool where Emily sat, her feet dangling in the water.

"Yeah. She's like a little fish."

They both watched as Adelaide kicked her legs away to try and tag Henry. Ethan tried to do the same but just ended up splashing himself, which he seemed happy with and carried on doing so.

"Boys." She complained again, watching Henry and Jack now throw water furiously at each other, Adelaide just kept trying her best to swim from one end of the pool to the other.

Morgan laughed, "You won't be saying that when we have one of our own."

Her eyes looked up at him with a glare, "Not happening, Derek, sixteen hours in labour with one perfect little Princess was enough. I am not doing it again, just for me to have to clean mud off of the hallway floor for the rest of my life."

"You should be doing that already, but someone has got her freaking out about getting dirt on her." His eyes looked pointedly at her.

Emily shrugged, "Well at least I'm not having to mop the floor!"

Leaning in and giving her a soft kiss, they pulled apart at the sound of the doorbell, "Pizza's here." He whispered to her, "I'll get them out and in a towel, you get that."

She paid the delivery guy and carried the two boxes of pizza over to the back table, placing them by the plastic plates.

"So, Pen, when are you gracing us with another little baby? You're the last one!" JJ commented, starting to help Emily plate out some of the pizza.

Garcia stayed quiet, and then mumbled, "I'm saying in around seven to eight months."

"What?" Both girls exclaimed and gave her a big hug and congratulations.

"Not another baby." Dave grumbled. "God, you two being pregnant was enough. Hormones on women with guns is terrifying. I'd hate to think what hormones with a woman who could put you in debt or…. Just about screw your entire computer up, could do."

"God help us all." Morgan said, as the four children walked over, towels wrapped around their bodies.

"You were supposed to get them dressed!" Emily informed him.

"They still want to swim." He told them, "So I left them in their costumes." Morgan shrugged.

"Never send a man to do a woman's job, obviously." Emily mumbled to JJ and Garcia, loud enough for the men to hear.

"Speaking of jobs." Hotch announced, his phone in hand, "Olivia Hockney, seventeen, blunt object. They found a bloodied shovel next to her, but there's no prints on it." He informed them.

"Me and Will have got the kids, don't worry. Go all of you. And yes, Dave I'll lock up properly."

Emily raced inside the house and picked up her keys and bag, Adelaide walked in behind her and knocked on her pant leg. Bending down to her height, Emily smoothed over her dripping wet hair, "Hey baby. Me and Daddy need to go to work, so you'll be staying with Aunt JJ."

Adelaide gave her a nod, "I know. And then Aunt Pen's going to dress me all girly." She grumbled.

Emily laughed, knowing her daughter's avoidance to wearing dresses and anything pink, "I'll tell her to be nice to you." Leaning in she gave her a really big hug and kiss, "I'll call every night and break okay. I'll see you soon Princess."

"Bye, Mommy."

Tears slowly welled in her eyes, along with a growing smile on her face.

Her dream had actually came true, and she had a lovely family and someone that loved her equally enough.

And that was all she needed.

So we've came to an end, sort of.

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