By Tenshi Noyo Ryu Taiga

Disclaimer- I don't own Smallville or any of its characters.

Summary- My interpretation of the end Chlollie scene in Fortune.

Chloe tried to strengthen her resolve with each step she took away from Watchtower. It was fun… while it lasted, but the truth of the matter was that this wasn't where she belonged anymore. She was sad to see Clark, Lois, even Tess and Emil go, but this was necessary. But who she would really miss was…

"Hey!" Oliver cried out from the steps of the building. With the one word, Chloe felt her heart stop, "Where are you running off to so quick?" He asked with a slight grin.

Chloe felt like the world was closing in on her. She wasn't ready for this. She thought she had time. Time to harden her resolve… to gather her courage… to harden her heart, "What are you doing? I thought we were rendezvousing at your place later," She tried to smile, but she knew it came off as a weak imitation.

Oliver almost looked disappointed at her words. He visibly faltered as he thought about what to say next, before he gently reached out to quickly caress her arm, "You're leaving again, right?" He asked as he looked at her expectantly… knowingly.

She was frozen in shock. She should have known. Oliver really did know her better than anyone else. Of course he would know what she was planning, "Oliver, I-"

"It's okay. I can… I can read between the lines," He spoke, his voice clearly fake as he tried not to make a big deal out of her leaving him again. It was a complicated situation. On one hand, she was running. On the other, the place that she was running to…, "Chloe, I never expected you to sit up in that ivory watchtower for the rest of your life. I know better than that."

Chloe nodded because yes, yes he did know her better than that. If there was one person who got everything that she was, it was Oliver.

Oliver hesitated, looking into her eyes. He reached into his pocket, "I have something, uh…" He reached out a folded piece of paper. This was it; the big moment. The ball was in Chloe's court. Oliver was trying, but this was his last shot. If she was running away from him, then this would be their last stand. But if she loved him; if she wasn't running away, but was instead running to him…

Chloe looked confused as she picked up the paper. As she unfolded it, her breath caught in her chest. When she had called the chapel earlier, she was told that she had gotten married. Not wanting to upset Clark, she told him a lie and secretly planned on doing a little cyber hacking later to get rid of the records. She had never thought that Oliver… Tears flooded her eyes as she looked up to lock gazes with the man she loved.

Oliver, who had been carefully watching her expressions, allowed his lips to twitch up slightly in a smile. It was clear that Chloe was happy about that little piece of paper; the paper that officially declared them man and wife. She wasn't running away from him, she was running toward 'them'. He watched as she reached into her jacket pocket to also retrieve a piece of folded paper. With one had she unfolded the small sheet and held it up to piece it next to it's other half, an uncontrollable smile crossing her lips. To think she had ever thought that, magic-ed drink or not, she would ever marry anyone other than the man standing in front of her.

In a much better mood now that he knew that they were in this together, he smiled, "Now, I don't know what you're thinking, but..." He looked up at her with a boyish grin, "I hope it's not that you're gonna run off without your husband." Chloe looked up at him with a look of pure affection on her face, "You didn't take a job in my hometown for nothin'," he finished with a grin on his face. His words forced a laugh out of Chloe.

Chloe had been prepping for days on how to tell him that she was moving to Star City and he had already known. That was just like Oliver. She was Watchtower- she was supposed to know everything about everybody. Oliver was the only one who ever knew everything about her. Of course he would know about her job before she even told him. God, how she loved this man. She smiled brightly as she leaned forward to meet him halfway with a kiss. Her hand reached up to grip the back of his neck as his own tangled in her curls briefly, before they broke apart.

Oliver looked at Chloe in satisfaction. If she could just see her own face right now… He had never been stared at with such adoration and love before in his life. Her hand trailed across from his neck to his cheek, where she gently stroked his cheek bone, "Let's get out of here," He grinned, her arms wrapping tightly around him even as they walked away. She would be leaving Metropolis soon and together they would make a home in Star City- as Green Arrow and Watchtower and as husband and wife.