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Chapter Four:

Chloe hummed as she spun around, dancing to the light tones of Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade. She was in a fantastic mood and nothing could bring her down. The smallest things would make her break out into a large smile. Every time she looked down at her hands and saw the engagement ring Oliver bought her (despite the fact they were already married), she'd smile. Every time she saw her nails done in a beautiful French manicure/pedicure, she'd smile. And every time she turned to see her friends (who were also the women in her bridal party), she'd smile.

It was actually starting to creep Lois out.

"Okay, cuz. I love you, but this has got to stop. I feel like birds are going to come flying in to braid your hair and help you dress any second now," Lois demanded, reaching out to stop her increasingly whimsical cousin.

Chloe smiled, unaffected by Lois' harsh tone, "I'm just so…"

"Happy?" Zatanna offered from the couch where she was flipping through a magazine. Her wedding was just an hour away and they were all waiting in the large backroom, getting ready. The girls had just finished getting their hair and make up done. The bridesmaids all had pin straight hair whereas Chloe's was done up in curls. Of course. Oliver loved her in curls, though that might be due to the fact that the first time they made love (and really started their relationship) had been one of the few days where Chloe had curled her hair. She much preferred keeping her hair straight, but she was more than willing to keep her hair in curls to see the smile on her husband's face.

Lois, as maid of honor, was designated the Chloe keeper. Not that anyone thought that Chloe was going to be running off. Then there were her three bridesmaids: Tess, who showed up feeling extremely uncomfortable but had quickly relaxed into the easy atmosphere provided by the others.

Then there was Zatanna, who had been the reason Chloe and Oliver got together in the first place. It was her cursed comic book that got the pair together and it was her hexed champagne (which Chloe was still annoyed about) that had gotten the duo married.

The last bridesmaid was Mia, Oliver's young ward. Mia had been going to a private boarding school in Star City. Mia had taken care of herself for years on the street and Oliver had no intention of tramp;ing that or disrespecting it. He allowed Mia more freedom than most 17 year olds dreamed of, including unlimited access to his money and his apartment for anything she needed and Mia loved him for understanding her so well. Now that Chloe and Oliver had moved back to Star City, the young girl had all but moved in with them, opting to become a day student at her school instead of continuing to board with them full time.

Finally, Chloe's wedding assistant burst into the room, holding several garment bags. Chloe hadn't wanted to hire a wedding planner, but she hadn't been able to handle the load herself so she advertised that she was looking for a wedding assistant: someone who was interesting in the wedding industry or maybe even fashion who would be interested in helping her. Many wedding planners applied, but Chloe was looking for someone young and fresh. Like an intern. Enter Mary. Mary was an event planner whose dream was to become a fashion designer who made wedding dresses.

After distributing the bags to the bridesmaids first, Mary then helped Chloe into her wedding dress. Chloe's dress wasn't designer. In fact, it was vintage. It had a deep V-neck and showcased a lot of back. The bust was a vintage lace that continued in the straps and went down her back, stopping at her butt. The rest of the dress was a light, delicate silk that flowed into a train.

Smiling as she finished getting into her dress, she turned to face the others. All four bridesmaids were dressed in a grey-blue, single strapped Alberta Ferretti dress with silver sequined designs. Originally the dress was floor length, but they had been modified to go to mid thigh. Chloe had wanted her bridesmaids to contrast her. She wore her hair curly, they wore theirs straight. She wore a floor length dress, so theirs were short.

"Wow, cuz," Lois murmured, taking in the sight, "You look really amazing."

Chloe broke into a broken smile as her eyes started to tear up a little.

"What's wrong?" Lois asked, slightly panicked. She'd never had to calm a bride down before. Soldiers, yes, but brides? "The make up artist already left and its twenty minutes until you walk down the isle. You don't have time for a freak out!"

The blonde let out a laugh, "No, I'm just… I wish our moms could have been here. That's all."

Lois started in surprise. She hadn't really thought about that. When she had planned her wedding, everything that a mom was supposed to do, Mrs. Kent had done. It wasn't that she didn't miss her mom, it was just that she hadn't yet thought about the fact that Elle Lane and Moira Sullivan wouldn't be there on either of their wedding days. Blinking back a few tears of her own, she wrapped her arms around her petite cousin as her own heart broke. Neither of them would have their mothers crying for them in the front pew.

Chloe let out a sigh as she took comfort from her cousin before visibly forcing herself to calm down, "So, we just need the bouquets and then we do this thing."

Tess let out a light laugh, "I'll get them," she offered, already moving into the other room.

"I'll help," Mia offered, knowing the red head wouldn't be able to carry five bouquets on her own.

"The ring?" Chloe asked Lois. Lois smiled and silently held out the box that she had been holding. The blonde nodded as the other two women came back in and they all took their flowers.

Mary opened the door, "Show time," She smiled as they filed out the door. They met the boys at the entrance to the church, Oliver's groomsmen consisting of the original "Justice Bros". Mary signaled the band and the music began to play. Zatanna grasped onto AC's arm and they made their way down the aisle, followed by Tess and Victor, then Mia and Bart.

"You look really great," Clark smiled at Chloe, giving her a hug before taking Lois' arm and walking down the aisle.

Stealing herself, Chloe tried to force her body to calm down. She was already married, so why was she nervous! When the wedding march began, she heard everyone stand up to face her. For a moment, she wished her dad was there to walk her down the aisle, but they had become so estranged that every interaction seemed awkward. He was in the crowd, but she hadn't asked him to walk her down the aisle and he hadn't offered.

Letting out a breath, she put on a shaky smile as she made her way down the aisle. About half way through, she was finally able to see Oliver's face clearly and her smile widened exponentially.

When she reached her husband, everybody sat down. Seeing Oliver's bright grin made her smile all the harder. She didn't really pay attention, answering on automatic, preferring to watch Oliver instead. Finally, it was time to exchange rings.

Chloe's ring was white gold with the words "I love you" written over and over in script on the outside. Oliver's ring had the roman numerals on them like a clock and on the inside were the words "For Eternity".

Oliver grinned as they got to his favorite part of the wedding. Not even letting the minister finish his sentence, Oliver was already kissing Chloe. Releasing her, they both let out a laugh, turning to face the crowd and heading back down the isle.

They got into the limo heading for the wedding reception. While in the backseat, Chloe got Oliver to help her out of her dress and began shimmying into a more comfortable reception dress: a floor length white gown with gold detailing at the top of the strapless bust. She put on a matching gold cuff and grabbed a small gold clutch with all of her important documents inside. After the reception, they were heading straight to the airport for their honeymoon.