Vampire Diaries - Völva

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France, June 16 1714

Klaus's POV:

"Isn't it a lovely day today?" she asked, looking up towards the shining sun and enjoying the calm breeze, tingling on her beautiful skin.

"Yes, it is a very lovely day today, but we really should be going back to your home. Your parents will not be pleased if we miss dinner." I answered firmly, gazing intensely at the way she moved her hands and feet in the knee-high grass.

"Oh, rubbish I say! Let them eat their dinner. I want to play and enjoy the weather, and I surely hope that you will accompany me, Lord Blackbourne. Or are you not capable of having fun?"

I stopped walking and so did she, but she kept twirling her white umbrella playfully and was smiling brightly. There was something about her charm and wit, which made me feel so… excited and alive. I used to think that she was just like any other fine, young lady, but clearly I was wrong. She was a free-thinker and did what she felt like rather than just obeying her parents and do what they told her to do.

"So? Are you joining me, Lord Blackbourne?" she asked and giggled in a sweet tone that I couldn't resist.

I nodded, took her under my arm, and continued walking with her through the field of red and pink roses towards the old lake near her home. I noticed a swing, hanging from a branch of the big oak tree where I remembered gazing at her for the very first time. I was sitting in my carriage and on my way to her parents' home when she caught my eyes, walking around in a beige colored dress that really suited her long, blonde hair and plucking all the white flowers she could find.

But now I was back again at her parents' old chateau out in the country and had some business to attend with her father Jacques. Her parents were vampires as well, but she was not, because she was adopted. She did not know what her parents were or what I was, but she only knew that I was a very rich Englishman from London named Klaus Blackbourne.

"Your English has really improved since the last time I met you, Miss De Sauveterre," I complimented and saw the smile on her lips grow bigger. She even blushed a bit, but remained calm and thanked me in French. "Have you been taking more English lessons?"

"Yes, I have actually, but I have also been practicing a lot and listen very carefully to every word that comes out from your mouth," she admitted and I could tell by the way she explained it that she had grown fond of me the past few months I had been staying in France. "But… I reckon that I still have a lot to learn, am I right?"

I nodded, impressed by how easily and fast she had learned to speak in English when she was just 17 years old and had never actually been to England before. But I quite enjoyed listening to her beautiful voice – especially when she was singing to her family and me. Though, it was times like these where I wondered why her father hadn't married her off to a fine, young gentleman or even spoken about marriage with me. Maybe he was saving her to someone specific, whom was on his mind right now?

"Lord Blackbourne, may I ask you of something rather… personal?" Miss De Sauveterre asked worriedly, while taking a seat on the swing.

I stood behind her with each hand on the ropes that tied the swing to the branch and just began pushing her gently. I tried to reckon what she could possibly ask me before I had even answered her first question. And when I couldn't come up with a good enough theory to what she wanted to know I just sighed weakly.

"Of course." I said hesitantly and let my eyes trail down to her beautiful, long and curled pale, blonde hair completely dazed by the sight of her exposed neck even though I had promised not to bite her.

"Why haven't you married yet? I suppose you are a very attractive and fine man, but you still wander from one beautiful woman to another instead of settling with one woman…" she said.

"Wander?" I repeated with a lifted eyebrow and stopped pushing her swing.

She turned to me and looked worried as if she thought that she had just used the wrong word again more than that she was indicating that I was just another man, looking for a woman to satisfy my bodily needs. Of course I knew that she was just curious and hadn't experienced love before, but I had and sometimes it was beautiful, while other times it just wasn't meant to be.

"Well, I reckon I simply haven't found the right woman or girl yet," I teased and gently stroke her cheek, making her flush rapidly. I could hear her heart race and pump blood into her veins, making me hungrier and hungrier by the minute. If she had not been the adoptive daughter of a very good friend of mine, then I would never have let her to live another day. "Let us go back to your parents' home now, shall we?"

I offered her my arm and she gladly took it, then walked back home with me with her heart still racing and her cheeks still blushing. Of course I knew that she fallen for me and enjoyed spending time with me on sunny days like today, but I couldn't exploit this infatuation she had to me in any way as long as she was a human and Lord and Lady De Sauveterre's adoptive daughter.

Though, when we returned to the old chateau and found our way to the dining room where the couple were waiting patiently for us to arrive, I could hear that the young Fleurette had calmed down and see that she was acting like a proper lady, but it was only because she was in the presences of her parents.

"Fleurette, this is the last time you're delaying my meeting with Lord Blackbourne," Jacques said angrily as we took a seat at the dinner table. "As punishment you can go upstairs and stay in your bedroom, until I say you can come out. And if you behave I might let you have some dinner as well."

Fleurette's eyes widened. "But father–"

"No, but. Go upstairs. Now!" he interrupted, pointing towards the staircase.

She sighed heavily, but did as she was told and went upstairs to her bedroom without saying a word. I knew that Jacques held her in a very short leash and he would usually hit her if she didn't do as told, but I did not complain about his harsh way of raising a young girl like her. Children needed to be held with a firm hand and were supposed to respect their parents by obeying.

"She can be a handful at times, but without her people will know we're vampires," Jacques said and smirked devilishly. "But now we can talk in private about another 17-year-old girl. I have heard from my resources in Scandinavia that Katerina Petrova is hiding there in Denmark. She is planning on going to Germany for a while."

"Germany? In that case I think we need to get Elijah there," I said, while the maid poured up a glass of royal blood. It was like caviar to The Originals and was only to be drunk on special occasions like these. "Have you found the sunstone as well?"

Jacques's wife Giselle nodded and took out the stone from a hidden pocket in her beautiful blue and white gown that complemented her long, dark red hair and blue-grayish eyes.

The sunstone.

I was more focused on them getting the sunstone than getting my revenge on Katerina for running away and becoming a vampire, because I had to make sure that the werewolves weren't able to break the curse of the sun and the moon. Sadly, Katerina ran away with the moonstone and I needed that one as much as I needed this one. But my attention was turned to Fleurette when I heard the sound of her sneaking down the stairs, listening carefully to what we were talking about.

I simply smiled and asked rhetorically: "Fleurette, have you ever heard that curiosity killed the cat?"

Fleurette walked hesitantly towards just, looking frightened, but at the same time curious and wondering. I myself wondered how long she had been listening unnoticed to our conversations and how much she exactly had heard. It wasn't a problem that she heard the truth, because we could always just compel her, but if she had heard everything, then we might have to have a little talk with her.

"No, but how can curiosity kill a cat?" Fleurette asked curiously.

I smiled brighter and chuckled. She didn't know better and was still just a young girl after all. Calmly, I left the table and went to her, making her keep her eyes locked on mine. She wasn't afraid of me and I knew why. She had grown too fond of me to run away.

"How much do you know about your parents and me?" I asked her with her mind under my control.

"Only that you are all hiding something from me. Something about blood and the sunstone…" she answered automatically.

"Good. Forget what you heard and go back to your bedroom."

She did as she was told and I watched her as she went back upstairs, not looking back even once. I went back to her parents and sat down at the table, taking the sunstone in to my hands and feeling its power overwhelming me, but I was able to handle the power and just enjoyed the feeling of being in control of the situation.

Sadly, my joy was short, because this time I could hear that a group of vampire hunters were nearing the chateau, screaming and making a fool out of themselves. Jacques and Giselle quickly called their maids and told them to lock the doors so the crowd couldn't get in, but they were too late. The crowd kicked the door inside and staked the maids, because they thought they were vampires too.

Of course we could easily kill the crowd if we wanted to, but unfortunately they were prepared for this and used something that forced us down on our knees, making a painful sound in our ears. I managed to get up on my feet before they staked me and quickly ran upstairs in a blur, leaving my old friends behind.

They had told me to take Fleurette with me instead of saving them and that was exactly what I did. I owed them a favor now since they had gotten the sunstone to me and I didn't want Fleurette to die either, because she didn't deserve it. So I compelled her to follow me and fled with her in my arms, running as fast as I possibly could towards the nearest town.

It wasn't only us that had been attacked that night. Almost every vampire in Vienne was dead or being taken to a tomb to be burned 'till death. Though, I didn't care about them right now, because I had to focus on getting away with the sunstone.

"Klaus, what is happening? Where are my parents?" Fleurette asked, being no longer under my compulsion as we left Vienne in a carriage.

"They are dead, Fleurette!" I snapped, putting my rage accidentally towards the humans on her.

Fleurette broke down crying so I apologized and just held her close, trying my best to comfort her even though I couldn't care less about her feelings. I was furious and wanted to make every human alive suffer for killing my brothers and sisters. Humans were the true monsters here and as long as they were alive I would never stop trying to break the curse of the sun and the moon.

"Why, Klaus? Why did they have to die too?" Fleurette whispered with tears running down her cheeks and her body was shaking, reminding me that her biological parents were also dead.

"Because… because we are vampires, Fleurette," I said and it felt as if her heart just skipped a beat. She looked up at me, but I didn't compel her to forget the fear or pain she was feeling right now. She needed to remember this day if she was going to help me and become a vampire too. I did dry her tears away though and smiled by the thought of me being able to let her in to my world now that her parents were dead. "Sleep now. We are going on a long trip and if you stay with me I can show you everything you want to see, starting by going to England."

"England?" she repeated and looked so worried for a moment.

But she closed her eyes, rested her head on my shoulder and went to sleep, trusting that I wouldn't harm her in any way. After all… she couldn't just stop loving me the way she did.