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Author's note: Just a sweet little post valentines day one-shot I thought of. Review!

Their relationship was a rather peculiar one.

They weren't like normal couples, they didn't hold hands, kiss in the hallways, nothing. The students at Ouran were rather confused- were Tamaki Souh and Kyoya Ootori going out or not? As far as they were concerned, the host club king and queen were more into themselves then the relationship. On Valentines Day, the most romantic day of the year, the two didn't exchange one kiss. They were an already public couple, so they weren't hiding. They, Kyoya mainly, valued their privacy. Tamaki on the other hand, found it hard not to hold Kyoya's hand when they walked through the halls, he was a rather affectionate one. Haruhi also, wondered if they ever actually kissed.

They really were a beautiful couple, perfect in every way, even though they were complete opposites. So, it just didn't make sense when Haruhi, for the life of her, found them making out all over the couch. Her usual calm exterior fell, her brown eyes bugged out, jaw a slanted. She gasped.

Kyoya, who glasses were askew, looked up at the intrusion. "What?" He had red bites all over his neck, his lips were swollen.

She shook her head, "…Sempai, it's just you two never show affection. It's just shocking." She twisted the fabric on her arm.

Tamaki who was on the bottom, holding Kyoya's hips looked up and rolled his eyes. "We get that a lot. You're not the only one."

"Well don't you think it's strange, I mean you are a couple. I know it's not my business but-."

"You're right it's not.", Kyoya interjected sharply. Making up for his rudeness, Tamaki smiled. His normal violet eyes, were darker then normal.

"Haruhi, I'm sorry but could you go now? We're in the middle of –SOMETHING!." The last part came in a shout, Kyoya, the little devil, seemed to had grinded his hips.

Haruhi's face instantly reddened. She nodded and ran out hurriedly. She wouldn't make that mistake again. She ran even faster when she heard pants unzipping and more moans. Once she stopped at a safe distance, she took a piece of paper and scrawled on top of it, Caution: This room is occupied. DO NOT step in. and posted it to the door. She wouldn't dare let anyone come in after witnessing that. Haruhi ran out the music room and down the hall. After all, she didn't like MUSIC that much. And music the couple was making, sweet, sweet music.