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Okay here goes, it starts off narrated by Sookie of course. Enjoy… Prologue SPOV

"Eric, you let me go!" His angel like face only contorted into a half smirk at my mini outburst, but I wasn't one to get distracted.

He had me chained in the stupid basement of his stupid bar named Fangtasia. How original, right? I wanted to believe that he had just made up a bunch of lies about 'protecting me', but through the little blood bond that had established due to his infernal manipulative self, I realised that he was in fact, sincere. A first timer perhaps for the 'Great Viking'. But that didn't cut it; I was raised a Stackhouse and as a result I just couldn't let it go. Call me stubborn if you want, but I wasn't giving in without a fight, and I started to struggle against the chains.

"Lover, calm down. You'll get a crick in that delicious neck of yours if you keep up with the thrashing about." I glared at him fiercely, convinced that I was looking absolutely ferocious. Clearly not, because Mr 'Big and Beautiful's face only looked more amused than before. By god that riled me up, and my voice quavered with irritation as I spat at him, "Look here Mr. High Handed..." My sentence simply died on my lips as look, he did. I might have actually swooned. My oh my, if only I was shackled to his bedpost instead of this 'oh-so-comfortable' basement… Whoa Sookie, get a grip on yourself girl! Focus. Remember, he is a vampire. Vampires are selfish and dangerous. My rational side agreed with my brain of course, but then why were my emotions so damn mixed up?

On one hand, I wanted to put about 10 countries between myself and Eric, but my heart was telling me something quite the reverse. I dismissed it immediately, horrified at myself for thinking like that. I was a true southern lady and certainly didn't intend on changing that for Eric-smouldering eyes- Northman. Not to mention I was still technically with Bill …err excuse me…why was I still with that complete lying cheating douche bag? Oh that's right; I was crazy ole' Sookie with a crazy ole' life. Being classified as crazy for as long as I could remember, didn't exactly bring a successful date history along with it. So when Bill put on his civil war veteran charm, I fell into his trap like a fly on a spider's web. Only later did I discover his two-faced nature and his complete incapability to say Sookie; rhymes with cookie, instead of "sook-eh" like he insisted on calling me. Like I said, douche bag.

The memory of Bill brought a grimace to my lips, which Eric mistook for amusement, for the next thing I knew, he said, "Sweet Sookie, tell me what is going on behind those lovely mass of gold of yours."

My head whipped up, and-as I understood the hint behind his words-my face twisted with an irritated frown. A-hole. Eric's face donned the world's most arrogant and vain look ever. Sweet Potatoes did he really think of that ALL the time? More to the point, why was I even giving his train of thought a hint of consideration?

A slight blush crept upon my cheeks, and his raised eyebrows told me that it hadn't gone unnoticed by him. Silly human trait! What was even the point of blushing? It just left you even more embarrassed and feeling hot and bothered most of the time. I lowered my eyes to conceal my heated cheeks, and thus began my biggest sulk since the day Jason had thrown out my favourite doll. I still haven't completely forgiven him for that.

After some time- a very long time, Eric sighed and said he had some business to attend to. Business my foot. It was probably some other slutty dancer that had gotten his attention. I steadily ignored him as his fingers lingered close to my face not directly touching my skin. I could feel his eyes scan my body for any physical evidence of my struggle, then there was a gust of wind and he was gone. Just like that. I was alone again, and as I pondered over my predicament, hot scorching tears escaped from my eyes.

Pretend as I might, my life was no longer in my control. Vampires all over the country knew of my abilities (thanks to that insanely weird family of mine) and my only hope was to become Eric's pet…his property. At that thought, more tears spilled. I knew he was my best hope of any sense of having my former life back, but this wasn't supposed to happen to me. Bill was supposed to shield and rescue me from the greedy hands of Vampire royalties and sheriffs. He was supposed to be my white knight in shining armour. Instead, he had turned out to be the snivelling toad that had betrayed my trust and then ran away. I would be an open target to all of them if I didn't have Eric's help.

Once again I had brought attention right bang centre onto myself, and now the there was no refuge in the supes' world. There was no going back and no one could help me now.

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