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Quick update: Sookie is on a date with Bill, but Hadley comes to tell Millie and Jason that its not Eric who is after Sookie but in fact her dinner date, Bill Compton. Millie, Hadley and Jason set up a plan to save her.


Cineplex foyer

Very late at night

Eric's fangs clicked out. Bill Compton was a fool, sure he was cunning, but a fool nonetheless. He was also a disgrace to the vampire community. No wonder humans got such misguided ideas about the nature of vampires. Eric wished that he could just simply dispose of this Bill. That way he would be able to take Sookie and ensure that Bill couldn't get in the way. It would be clean, so much simpler than what he would be doing. What was Pam always saying? Oh yes...it would be like killing two birds with the same stone. Eric almost groaned in frustration as the couple walked slowly into the cinema hall...at least all the films on at this time were not about stupid talking animals and idiotic fairy tales. Gods, how the new world culture irritated him!

"Will you excuse me a minute, I just need to visit the lady's room." Sookie said to the pitiful excuse of a vampire next to her. Now was my chance to act. With speed rivaling only the pythoness herself, I quickly dragged Bill to a corner. He put up a fight, but it was over before it had even begun to get fun. A quick phone call to make sure that my men left him outside the queen's palace later. The queen needed to know that I would have been a much better choice to look after Sookie, and who better than Bill to relay the information? I'd even lead Bill on a wild goose chase, looking for the telepath, pretending that I don't have her. Giving one last look at the unconscious body of Bill Compton, I walked at a leisurely pace to the foyer and proceeded to wait for Sookie Stackhouse to come out. A smirk played at my lips. I couldn't help the feeling of excitement wash over me.


Driving to Cineplex

Around the same time

"Drive faster, Jason!" Amelia snapped. Hadley smirked despite the situation.

"If I drive any faster we will get a ticket!" Jason snapped back, nevertheless speeding up.


"Don't you dare shout at me, you hypocrite! If you cared about Sookie, you won't have sent her on a date with that vampire!" Jason yelled, swinging his head round.

Amelia scooted up her seat so that she was practically up in the front with Jason and was about to begin a rant when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You need to calm the hell down. You are two have been constantly at each other's throats. If we need to get to Sookie we need to work together. Millie, just shut up and Jason…just drive the bleeding car, will you?"

Jason turned back towards the wheel and Millie scooted back dejectedly. Hadley sighed and looked out of the window.

"Well the cinema is just up there. What now?" Jason said as he drove his car up to the movie plex's parking lot.

"Now…we wait," Hadley said.

"Who wants to volunteer to talk to Bill?" Jason said turning around in his seat.

"I'll have to. He know Hadley and Jason, you're not supposed to know that Sookie is on a date. I'll take the fake medicines as planned and give Sookie it. Once she's taken them she will inevitably pass out. You are sure they are the correct tablets, yes?" Millie looked at Hadley as the latter nodded her head. " Great. Then I'll call you Jason and you come rushing and we collect Sookie and take her home and as she starts to wake up we'll explain it all to her and take her to the airport." Amelia finished, a grim expression on her face.

"So now, be on a lookout everybody,"

"THERE!" Hadley cried, pointing towards the main entrance. "I see her!"

Both Jason and Millie turned to where Hadley was pointing. Jason was the first to notice the scene playing out in front of them. "Why is he carrying her? Where the hell is her hand-bag?" he asked frantically. Millie screeched as she clapped a hand to her mouth. "That's not Bill! That's the sheriff!"

"Why is he carrying Sookie?" Hadley asked horrified. "Oh Fairies…I think she's unconscious."

Hadley had to just say that and both Amelia and Jason banged open their car doors and were sprinting in the direction of the doors.

"No…" Hadley moaned fearfully but the other two didn't hear or most probably chose not to listen.

Jason was running, closely followed by Amelia. Eric's head turned towards them and he smiled. It sent shivers up and down the humans' spine but they both continued to move towards the vampire, who had purposely stopped a little short of the footpath leading to the car park.

"Ah the witch and the fairy's brother," Eric said amusedly, hitching Sookie up onto a shoulder.

"Sh-sherriff, let go of Sookie, please." Amelia stuttered trying her level best to sound fierce.

"And why would I do that? I finally have her in my grasp, I don't think she will be escaping any time soon."

"What the hell? I'm not your toy, Geez Louise!" Sookie snapped, clearly not realizing the precarious situation she was in. Everyone was startled as Sookie came back to consciousness. Eric was the first to recover. His fangs clicked out and Millie gave a small squeal. He gave Sookie a particularly feral look and whispered in her ear, "feisty. How…refreshing,"

"Sir listen, my sister is not your type of girl at all. Trust me. Just leave her be. She's…she's in danger…please just let her go!" Jason managed to speak out. Eric's patience finally snapped and as he let Sookie onto the floor, his hand clasped around her waist both possessively and seductively and at the same time he grabbed Jason's shirt.

"Enough. I know exactly what danger Miss Stackhouse is in. I know more than you can ever imagine. Here is the plan, and feel lucky that I am even bothering to inform you." He practically growled. "I will take Miss Stackhouse with me. I will lead Bill Compton on a false trail. I will then reveal to the Queen that I have what she's after and thus ensuring your precious Sookie's survival." Millie, suddenly feeling a lot braver, stepped right up to Eric and gave her own fiercest glare. "And why should we believe that you won't just take Sookie straight to the Queen?" Eric actually hissed in her face and Jason pulled her behind him.

"You absolute dick!" Sookie snapped and Eric turned around and backhanded her, there and then. Sookie, although enraged and sporting a throbbing cheek and desperately wanting to hit Eric, kept her mouth shut.

"Enough. I am taking her with me. Do not attempt to follow or I will not be so lenient with your lives."

"We have tickets abroad. You can take them to distract Bill Compton with," Jason said quietly. Eric turned around again, his blonde hair making a beautiful arc as his head swiveled towards the other. He raised an eyebrow expectantly and Jason indicated at Amelia to fish the tickets from her purse.

"Can I at least say bye?" Sookie snapped. Eric smirked and pushed her towards her brother and friend. "Take care, Sook, no matter what he says, we will visit you," Millie said with full intention of letting Eric hear. Jason pulled her into a huge hug and kissed her head. "You're smart one, but don't get too involved in this vampire business."

"Bit late," Sookie said giggling and sniffling at the same time. Eric strode forward and grabbed her wrist. "We need to go. Now."

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