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Hi. Minna san! This is my first Nurarihyon no Mago fanfic. So please review and tell me. This is a Rikuo and Yuki-onna fanfic. It's Tsurara's point of view (most of the time).

Trial for treason


I cursed myself for the fact that I couldn't protect him. Here I was now, standing in trial in front of the supreme commander and his parade of yokai. My heart rate soared as the supreme commander silenced the court, for he was about to speak, "We all gather here with heavy hearts; for one of our own has betrayed us. It is her, Yuuki-onna!"

"But, I swear, Supreme commander! I have not done anything!" I protested.

"You impudent brat, how dare you raise your voice in presence of the Supreme commander?" Lord Gyuki spat.

The court was taken over by low whispers and sudden gasps of shock.

"You were sworn to protect the Third heir, Nura Rikuo, have you not?"

"H-h-hai, Supreme commander."

"You accompanied him to countless missions, including this recent one, yes?"

"Yes, I have."

"Then how dare you try and abandon your master at his time of need?"

"Sir, I was ordered to do so! He told me to take all his allies to safety!"

"You're a filthy liar! You will be punished for this! Today at daybreak, you shall be hanged for your act of treason. There is no other way to-"

"No! Stop!" His voice cut him off as he walked into the court, in a white and black kimono, a bloody bandage wrapped around his head.

I couldn't help but whisper, "Master, you're in no condition to-"

He raised his right hand, "Fellow subjects, I give you an order. I wish to take all responsibility for Yuuki-onna's deeds, for I had ordered her to carry those actions out. So if there is any punishment, it should be placed upon me."

One of them dared to speak back, "Master, she had abandoned you in your plight."

"I have an objection." Gyuki said.

He gazed in Gyuki's direction, "Tell me what you will."

Gyuki said, "Supreme commander, it shall be wise to banish Yuuki-onna to that place for a reasonable amount of time so that she can repent for her mistakes."

The supreme commander agreed, "Yes, Gyuki, I understand."

He protested, "Grandfather! How could you do such a-"

"Silence, Rikuo! I have decided. Yuuki-onna shall be banished for the next 7 years."

He exclaimed, "7 years? Are you in the right state of mind, Grandfather?"

Gyuki dared to talk back at him, since he was in his human form, "Master. Right now, I suggest you listen to the Supreme commander."

He gazed in my direction; we looked deeply into each other's eyes for half a moment and then he reluctantly agreed, "Yes. I agree… but it must be taken down to 5!"

Supreme commander said, "Okay, you win. 5 years."


I felt like crying my eyes out. But the court wasn't really a place to actually do that. I waited till I retired to my room, where I let all my tears finally fall. There was a knock on my door. I opened the door to see him. Master Rikuo, in his yokai form, was standing right before me.

"Master! What are y-"

He put a hand over my mouth and quickly got inside my room, "Ssh, keep quiet. I sneaked in here."

"But, what are you doing here?" I couldn't be grateful enough to the darkness of the night, for he held my hand in his, and used his other hand to caress my cheek.

"5 years…. It will be 5 years before I see my dear love once more." He held my face closed to his, I could feel his breath on my face, and "Grandfather will definitely force me to love someone else by then. I can't…I can't let you go."

"M-master, what are you talking about?"

A grin formed on his flawless face. "Now, now; listen to your heart, Tsurara." He said, sliding his fingers through my hair, "You should seriously call me by my name, my dear Tsurara."


"Say it, Yuuki-chan." Yuuki-chan…. that was what he called me whenever he was particularly affectionate to me.


"That's much better, I like it." He slowly brought his lips towards mine and finally…after such a long time of waiting, our lips met.

It was a kiss like no other. It started out as a hungry, desperate kiss, where he kept pleading me to kiss him back. I finally gave in, kissing him back. His hand kept my face fixed to his and his other hand was on my back, crushing me towards his chest. We sank to the limits of desire, spent but virgin. I had no intention to do so and nor did he.

The dawn was very near, only one more hour.

He broke the kiss hesitantly, "I must go. You should pack up."

"You have no idea of how much I'll miss you. 5 years is far too long, Rikuo-kun."

"It is, sweetheart…and it's all my fault. But I'll visit you, no one will ever know."


"Of course. I'd go to the ends of the earth to be with you."

He handed me a small package. "It's a gift from my part. I hope it'll be a memory of me to you."

"Thank you, Rikuo-kun."

"I love you."

"Aishteru." He planted a short kiss on my lips and left. The feel of his lips was something I would have to hold on to for 5 years.