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So this was what it had come to? Cloud had fought Sephiroth and he had failed, he was alone laying limply before the one winged angel, his friends nowhere nearby. This he knew he should be thankful for. The blondes vision blurred and his surroundings were dancing before his eyes, get up. Get up and fight. Do not give in...Fight! Cloud's mind screamed out at him, desperately attempting to gather every ounce of strength left within him. Using all his energy he managed to partly prop himself up, though his achievement was short lived as a gloved hand was there to push the boy roughly against the hard cold floor.

After managing to catch his breath Cloud focused his eyes to see a cascade of silver falling over him...the one that caused everything. The one that seemingly never died, no matter how many times he defeated him. The one named Sephiroth. Cloud shuddered at the uncomfortable proximity between them, his distress growing as the silver haired being before him let a cold, chilling laughter escape, despite his vacant expression. "...And so it appears our hero has failed...Only now will he see just how futile his attempts have been?"

The one winged angel paused to admire the half conscious, beautiful boy below him. Barely an adult, barely more than a child on this planet. Bright blue eyes watched the man above him, staring with an unreadable intent back at the blonde below him. He brushed his gloved fingertips affectionately over the pale soft flesh of Cloud's cheek and down to his peach coloured plush lips. Cloud tensed, unsure of what the silver haired man above him was attempting, Why wasn't he killing him yet? Why prolong the inevitable?

"And to the victor goes the spoils." His voice echoed like velvet with the dead rubble surrounding them. Cloud could barely move, let alone reply or question the vague statement the former hero made. "My prize lies before me..." he continued, trailing his hand down to the blondes waistband, "ready to be unwrapped." Cloud's eyes widened. The blonde finally understood what his nemesis was after. Keeping his one hand hooked on the boys waistband, he reached the other behind himself and unsheathed masamune.

Cloud held his breath in anticipation, a flicker of hope flashing across his eyes...maybe...as usual, Sephiroth had meant something completely different to what the blonde had interpreted. Perhaps Sephiroth indeed intended to end his life right there, a fate much more dignified then what it appeared the silver haired man had been planning. The long blade pressed up against his chest, ready to pierce through, Cloud held his breath, waiting for the inevitable darkness of death that surely followed. Instead he felt a tickling brush of fabric falling and the cold wind that surrounded them caused his chest to tremble.

The blondes eyes were held tightly shut, afraid to open them and stare into the lifeless green eyes above him. A now gloveless hand pressed down firmly against his heart then laughed at the rapidly humming beat. Cloud let out a cry as his eyes flung open, seeing himself and Sephiroth both shirtless, the silver haired ones clothes lay neatly on the side, the blondes laid in pieces, shredded around him. The only article of clothing they both still wore was their pants, "wha-what are you...don't touch me...!" Cloud weakly choked out.

He flinched from the hand feeling his naked chest, attempting to move out from under the hand, to no prevail. "But Cloud, you are my prize. You are mine." The chilling inflection Sephiroth placed on the words my and mine was unmistakable. His first impression of the man's desires were right. Cloud weakly placed his hands on the chest above and with all the strength he could gather, pushed at the other, attempting to force Sephiroth off of him. Of course the silver haired man barely noticed, Cloud was so weak from their battle, injured extensively and bleeding through many cuts adorned on his chest. The fact was, Cloud really needed medical attention. The other fact was...Sephiroth didn't care.

The blonde slipped in and out of consciousness, his head turned to the side and he watched his underwear be tossed to the side through a cascade of long silver. He let an almost inaudible groan as he failed to stretch an arm out, not having enough strength. Sephiroth watched the blonde move his fingers minutely towards the far off undergarments, though far from reach. The silver haired man reached for the squirming arm and pushed it above Cloud's head before forcing his lips down on the others limp ones meeting no resistance.

With his free hand Sephiroth slid gently down Cloud's toned front and down to the creamy flowing hips below. Cloud barely felt anything, just a hand continuing past his nether region and down to his bare thigh. The hand stopped and squeezed tightly, digging fingernails into the pale thigh until small pools of blood emerged and a gentle gasp of pain escaped the blonde's lips. The one winged angel pushed the grasped thigh of the other to the point where his knee was only inches from pressing against his chest. Sephiroth continued to push down with his entire body until he heard the reassuring pained gasp he was slowly growing accustom to hearing.

"...no...p-please..." Cloud managed to choke out, his breathing now heavy and his pulse beating loudly in his ears. Sephiroth used his own chest as leverage pushing the leg below him down onto the begging boy until an unsettling cracking noise echoed through the silent surroundings followed by a scream of agony from the blonde. During Cloud's brief previous unconsciousness Sephiroth had managed to remove all of the armor and clothing from both of the men. The blonde's breathing became jagged as he felt the silver haired man's hard member press us against his tight virgin entrance. Excited green eyes exchanged one last glance with terrified blues. "My prize..." he spoke smoothly as he pressed his cold lips against the warm heaving chest and took his first forceful, unrelenting thrust.

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