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It was odd to say the least that Cloud didn't even react with more than a grunt, the blond turned his face to the side, his pink lips pursed. "How does that feel? Do you know your place now, Cloud?" The blond continued to shift back and forth under the pressure of the powerful thrusts going in and out of his body, though he remained almost completely silent. Sephiroth grabbed his face between his thumb and forefinger and forced the boy to stare up at him. "...Yes." He stated monotonously, his blue eyes widening and taking in the mans face as it contorted in strained feelings of pleasure.

"Exactly." He pulled Cloud's leg up to gain better access and a deeper angle for penetration. Sephiroth lowered his mouth to the blonds ear and licked below the lobe. When the Generals head was lowered, Cloud was able to see behind him and saw Genesis watching with a smile playing on his features. Cloud gasped as he noticed the red haired man. At first Sephiroth was pleased to hear such a strong reaction from his boy until he heard Genesis's low voice behind him. "Well I see you are enjoying the little package I delivered, old friend."

"Genesis! I thought you were in the main hall with my remnants! Get out!" he shouted, punctuating his angry temperament with a thrust. Genesis let out a chilling laugh as he strolled over to the bed, kneeling beside Cloud who jerked his neck to stare at the man, his cheeks reddening from being stared at so intently. "Please dear friend, don't stop on my account. I am merely an innocent observer." He tilted his head as his smile faded, and his lips parted, the redheads eyes alert with interest.

Genesis extended his hand to push some hair out of the blonds face, his wrist was caught by Sephiroth's hand before he made contact. "Don't." The Silver haired man growled up at the red head, "Oh I am sorry, you would rather be left alone while you take his virginity?" Sephiroth paused mid thrust and stared up at grinning mans face, "what? What did you just say? How would you..." Without further pause he withdrew and used his knee to push himself into a standing position, staring directly at Genesis. He was completely void of clothing and his member was standing upright with arousal, Even Cloud in his cowed state had to admit to himself that Sephiroth looked very intimidating.

"How do you know that?" Sephiroth approached him swiftly, his hand shooting out to clutch at the red head's neck, his thumb digging into his wind pipe menacingly. "How!" he shouted, "Do not tempt me Genesis! Tell me now if you value your life. Did you touch him?" Genesis choked out small incoherent noises as he brought his hand up to attempt prying at Sephiroth's fingers, Genesis had not remembered Sephiroth being the powerful in their previous encounters. Something had changed, though he didn't have much time to think on the matter as his head was beginning to feel light and he had always thought the room spinning was a ridiculous expression but the floors and ceiling seemed to be moving left and right, back and forth.

"I told him I was...a virgin." Cloud interjected, Sephiroth didn't even react to the words, his hand still wrapped tightly around the throat within it. "Cloud, my little prize, do you honestly think I am that gullible?" "It's true!" Cloud argued without pause, "I was scared he would try something, it's n-not that far fetched! I mean you're interested in me, is it so crazy for me to think someone else might be! I was trying to protect myself!" The second the words had come out, his determined expression faltered as he realised just what he had done.

Where had that confidence come from, and why had it suddenly disappeared? Sephiroth thrust his hand forward, causing Genesis to be thrown into the wall, his hand catching a lamp, causing it to shatter next to him. He then turned his attention to the small blond curled up in fear on the large bed. "Feeling brave are we?" He questioned wryly, "What choice did I have? You were going to kill him!" he snapped, a sliver of his confidence seeping through, "That is none of your concern!" "No it is! If you were going to kill a human being because of me I had to step in!" Cloud did back up despite his confident tone, noticing the man advancing on him.

"Why the fuck do you care, Cloud? You do not even know him, he isn't even one of your pathetic friends that are yet to even roughly triangulate your location." Clouds eyes lowered from the terrifying man to look at the other semi-conscious redhead laying on the floor, his arm bleeding and a bruise already forming around his neck from where Sephiroth had been holding him. "I care because a life is a life, he doesn't deserve to...to d-die." The blond visibly jumped as the silver haired man let out an unexpected laugh at the other. "The irony being, he is the man that cost you your freedom and yet you still defend his life. Actually while we are on the subject of freedom...how exactly did you gain yours? Albeit temporarily but I want the truth."

Cloud couldn't believe how blasé the man before him was being, changing the subject of Genesis who lay bleeding on the floor, he didn't even appear to be conscious anymore. Was he going to die? "I think he needs medical attention! He's bleeding too much!" Sephiroth's eyes tightened as they bore into the boy on the bed, Cloud seemed to be under the impression he could decide what was important. Instead of responding to Cloud he moved to Genesis's body and picked him up by the fabric of his clothing and swinging him onto the bed, knocking Cloud into a laying position as he did. The smell of the blood seeping onto his bare skin was almost as sickening as the feeling, the man was too heavy though, and Cloud was too weak to get out from under the unaware man.

He couldn't breathe, the smell was too strong, too intense. Sephiroth was all to amused by the choking gasps the blond made as he made futile attempts to escape the heavily bleeding man pinning him down. After what seemed like an hour Sephiroth flipped the man easily off of the small boy, blood had matted and run through his blond locks, giving off a pinkish hued set of highlights that contrasted with the yellow. Cloud made gagging noises as he attempted to wipe the red fluids from his chest, gathering particularly around his left nipple.

Sephiroth was not a man with a particular fetish in bloodlust but for some reason the red covering his skin and hair and the blush of his cheeks combined with the contrast of his white skin, yellow hair and bright blue eyes was very erotic, during the previous debate they had had, his erection had deflated slightly but now at the look of his sexy young prize, his cock had sprung back to life. Cloud was distracted looking up at Genesis in distress, so he didn't see Sephiroth approach him and only noticed when his arm was yanked backwards and pushed against the bed so he was looking straight up at Sephiroth.

He placed his hands on the pale thighs, moving them to open with slight resistance, but nothing Sephiroth couldn't handle, the blond had no chance. Cloud still hadn't healed up from their half of a session moments earlier so Sephiroth found it marginally easier to thrust himself into the boy. "Nnng- S-Sephiroth! He's bleeding to death!" Despite the way it twisted the others member painfully inside him, he began to struggle, hitting his fists against the other and raising his knees to kick at him. Sephiroth grabbed his arm roughly and manoeuvred him sharply over Genesis's body, holding him down against the eerily still man.

Cloud turned his head to look at Genesis, his face blank and pale. The blond took an audibly sharp intake of breath at the site and his struggles stopped from the shock he appeared to be in. The silver haired man began to resume his thrusting, looking down at Cloud who seemed to keep his eyes fixated on the unconscious redhead's face. "Do you have a little crush on him then, Cloud?" Sephiroth bit out, punctuated by one particularly forceful thrust that moved both Cloud and Genesis against the sheets. Cloud didn't respond, he only looked up at Sephiroth with wide eyes. So Sephiroth chose to continue, "Because it appears you care all to much for what happend to him."

Cloud furrowed his eyebrows, the pain of each thrust was starting to get to him but he had made a pact that he would no longer give Sephiroth the satisfaction of a reaction that he so dearly seemed to enjoy. "Hmm...in that case Cloud, I know how I can make this much more enjoyable..." he grinned darkly, the excited glint in his eyes shook Cloud to his core, the man inside him was so unpredictable, whatever he planned was not going to be enjoyable. Sephiroth wrapped his chilled fingers around his limp cock, lying flatly to the side, He moved his fingers gently up and down for a few minutes until finally it began to stiffen slightly.

The blond wanted desperately to fight the pleasurable feelings, scrunching up his face to try and repress any moans from escaping his lips. When he had managed to get his lovers flesh partly solid, he reached over and picked up a hand with traces of blood from the cut higher above his wrist. He manoeuvred the hand into his so he could curl the fingers around Cloud's member. The small boy immediately moved his hands down to try and stop Sephiroth but he simply used his free hand to grab both of Cloud's small wrists and force them above his head. "No! Stop it!" Cloud struggled fervently, arching his back of the bed in an attempt to distance the lifeless hand being manipulated on his length away from him.

Tears surfaced in his eyes, this wasn't happening, for all he knew Genesis was dead, and he was touching him there...if he had anything in his stomach he would have vomited at the thought, but instead painful bile rose in his throat. Every movement of the fingers sent shockwaves through his core, which combined with the rough thrusts Sephiroth was making, it was all too much, Cloud couldn't keep it in. To Sephiroth's delight, Cloud finally reacted in loud sobs, yelling out and twisting to no avail against the hand and large body that had him pinned down.

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