Title: Tripping
Author: kyotoprincess
Series: Durarara
Characters/Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Rating: K – fluff / hurt&comfort
Summary: Sometimes, he wouldn't mind just tripping once in a while.
Notes: Just a little something I made after listening to River Flows in You by Yiruma. Hope you enjoy~! Sorry if it's a bit OOC or something; my second try in writing some DRRR-ness C:

When Izaya sees a tall, bloodied, bruised figure standing at the door of his apartment, he immediate stops typing (it was unimportant anyway; something about a new informant in town) and walks over to the person.

Heweijima Shiuzo, well known to both Shinjuku and Ikebukuro as the strongest man alive, maybe even in the world, is staring back at the brunette with a blank expression. Izaya knows that it doesn't hurt him, even if he is standing there with probably a broken leg. However, it hurts Izaya more.

He helps him limp his way to his couch, closing the door with a kick from his foot, not caring if it's locked or not. He puts him down carefully on the couch. Izaya knows that Shizuo can hear the silent stay where you are command even as he walks away to get the first aid in the kitchen. When he comes back, he helps maneuver him as he opens his vest and shirt.

Cuts, scratches, light bruises, the basics cover his either top-half of his body, with his left arm having the most blood and gashes on it. Izaya carefully dabs the wet towel on his arm, taking note of how long the gash was. It was from the dent of his arm, half way to his wrist and stops. He wondered if Shizuo knew how much it hurts him to see something like this.


A wince. So he knew? He thought bitterly as he prepared the gauze. Ignoring it all, he continued to wrap his left arm. He didn't even notice how quiet the room had gotten, even with rush hour happening right outside his apartment.

Shizuo apologizes again, but more softly and if Izaya didn't have great hearing, he wouldn't have heard it. But he nods his head in recognition.

When he was done, he felt an arm slink around his waist with a hand pushing his head against a broad space of chest. He blinks, a bit surprised and narrows his eyes slightly as he feels a touch of lips on his neck. The warm body against him beats with a slow and lull heartbeat. Izaya would've fallen asleep to it if he wasn't angry, scared, and guilty, even if he didn't do anything. He wraps his arms around him.

"Sorry… I just…"

Izaya nods against him, telling him that he didn't need to continue. His arms tighten around him. Sometimes, he thinks that they are both too strong to hurt so easily (Shizuo more so than Izaya) but sometimes, knowing that he can also hurt and be wounded, it makes Izaya happy knowing that he's also human.

"I forgot you were such a worrywart," A chuckle. Then a smile.

Sometime, he wouldn't mind tripping once in a while. If it'll show Shizuo that he was also human. That he could also hurt and be hurt.



"I love you."

"I know."