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Sibling Rivalry

Len's POV

I love it.

The way I can make girls swoon over my looks, how boys admire and envy me, and the fact that I have the power to do whatever I want.

With my intelligence and wealth I could do anything.

My classmates, teachers, family, and acquaintances all thought I was an angel. How wrong they were.

I was selfish, malicious, and a downright lowdown dirty dog.

My girlfriend thought I was the faithful type, but behind her gullible back I was the notorious playboy who fooled around with every girl. They thought I enjoyed helping people when really I loathed it; it was such a foolish thing to do. They thought I was a caring brother, but my twin sister Rin is actually my worst enemy and I'd do everything to piss her off.

Why do I pretend to be Mr. Nice Guy? I want to keep up appearances. You see as a fourteen year old boy attending high school I want to be popular, therefore I am. Not many people will like someone whose real personality resembles an asshole, however if I act like the perfect boy then I'm adored by everyone. Of course some people found out about my true identity, and I quickly shut them up. They threatened to expose me as a fraud.

I blackmail, beat up, or target loved ones if someone dares to try to rat me out to the public. I've done it before and I'll do it again. No one believed the people who found out about me anyways if they managed to tell others because I was the innocent shota that could do no wrong.

Enough about me, let's talk about Rin. She's exactly like me although she thinks she's better because she was born first. Well, I'm not going to lie, Rin is cute.

I like her sunny blonde hair. She's one of the few girls that can rock short hair nowadays.

Her beautiful sapphire eyes show mystery with a hint of trickery.

Then there is her petite figure, she's like a fragile doll.

We look and act so much alike, yet we're so different. My sister is quite competitive, as am I. She likes to play all sorts of games, but her favorite was chess. Not the actual board game, but a code name for something else. Since we were young Rin and I ruined lives because we could and we were bored. The both of us were devils who used other's suffering as a form of entertainment. This was Rin's version of chess.

This is the reason she's my worst enemy.

She's the only one who can compete with me in popularity. Also, I might possibly like her a little more than a brother should. I didn't know when or how, but she captured my heart.

One day in my room I was sitting at my desk on the internet and texting multiple girls asking me for dates. I was bored out of my mind and wished something exciting could pop up. I constantly struggled to not be bored to death, and then like magic Rin picked my locked door and came inside.

I raised an eyebrow for the reason of this intrusion and she just smiled wickedly at me, it was so evil I shivered.

The look in her eyes, oh I knew what that meant.

She wanted to play chess.

Rin's POV

My name is Rin Kagamine. It amazes me how easily I can dupe people.

Girls look up to me as their hero and everyday some guy would always try to ask me out.

It took all of my willpower not to laugh in front of my fans' faces. If only, oh if only, they knew the truth about my immoral deeds.

Mom and Dad assumed I was the good girl, my peers assumed I was naïve, and my teachers assumed I was the ideal student to have. How is it no one but my brother Len knows what I'm truly about? Probably because he's just like me.

For some odd reason I find it hysterical to watch people in pain. As a child love stories and fairytales barely kept me awake. I was more of a horror, tragedy, and angst type of girl. The anguish on people's faces, tears streaming down their cheeks, and the cries emitting from their mouths.

It enlivened me. So I do bad things to let those negative emotions come out.

I like to call it my version of chess because Len and I have to use strategy like the game. It's an art to mess with other's lives and not be caught by anybody. The very people who respected Len and I have no idea that we are the cause for all their misfortune at school. My brother and I are like Iago who backstabs Othello from Shakespeare's play.

I bullied innocents who forgave me because they knew I could make their insignificant lives worse, and they desperately sought my approval or acceptance into the popular crowd.

I use the boys who like me as my pawns to do my dirty work giving their love stricken blinded eyes hope of unfulfilling promises of being their girlfriend someday in this lifetime, which meant never.

I broke up loving couples who everyone thought would always be together no matter what the circumstance was because it thrilled me seeing how I could pull apart strong bonds.

Of course some have had suspicions on how I have so many people willing to follow my orders without opposing.

These suspicions dispersed once I put on my 'cute' face. With fake kindness, false smiles, and giant childlike eyes I looked like the epitome of good.

I have a rival for all the attention I receive at Crypton High, its Len. His shotaness competes with my loliness. I'll admit that he's handsome, but only because we share the same face. It's only natural he is good-looking if he has the same DNA like me.

Maybe I might have a teensy, itsy, bitsy, crush on him but it'll pass. I just can't find a guy worthy of me right now unless it's Len. I mean my twin does have a vicious mind like mine and we complete each other. Argh, I'm such a pervert for being slightly into incest.

Well one day I happened to be bored and that's never a good sign. Then I came up with an idea, why not Len and I fight for the title of Ruler of Crypton High. Whoever loves which twin the most is the winner. I went to Len's room, anticipation coursing through my body.

A smile was on my face as I entered his room after picking the lock. He gave me a questioning look.

"Len, let's play chess."

Yeah, so Len and Rin are devious twins but I thought it'd be a nice story to continue. What d'ya think?