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Sibling Rivalry

Len's POV

"My booty shawts, booty shawts, bouncing in my booty shawts, booty shawts, popping in my booty shawts!" I begrudgingly listened to Rin singing her anthem, giving the fact that her usual trademark shorts are really, really short.

We were casually walking down the street that would soon lead us to SeeU's. My lovely, but irritating twin sister and girlfriend decided to take Piko's place in caroling inappropriate songs. It was entertaining the first few hours, but now I found myself slowly losing my mind. It was obvious to me that Rin was nervous about being back in our hometown that would surely scorn us, and apparently inherited Piko's habit of calming one's self with vulgarity.

"Up in the club popping bottles with my models. Shorty zoomed up, yeah he going full throttle. Fiending for this dude like an addict ought to be, last time we fucked we didn't stop 'til three." Rin happily bobbed her head to the invisible music.

"Rin, don't you think it's odd to sing a song about a girl with booty shorts that has a wonderful sex life?" I questioned and she just smiled innocently at me.

She may look pure, but what came out of her mouth was fucking filthy.

"Three in the morning, boning and boning. Get on the horse, had to show him that own it. Arching my back, yeah it's time to react, this dude aint leaving 'til there's scratches on his back."

Those lyrics were making me blush redder than a tomato. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Rin was trying to seduce me into having a quickie or embarrassing me with the stares random strangers gave her. I was all too overjoyed when I spotted SeeU's address and finally shushed Rin. We ran up to the front door and hurriedly rang the doorbell.

"Oh, my, you here! SeeU was waiting forever! Sorry, still not mastered Japanese language yet." SeeU brightly beamed, turning on her heel to invite us in, and accidentally smacked Rin in the face with her obnoxiously long hair that rivaled Miku's.

We entered the house, and to our utter dismay, discovered that SeeU was a true fan girl. The house was littered with posters of either Rin or me, probably from Piko or Iroha. That damn maid and butler ran the Kagamine Fan Club at school. SeeU showed us to the guest room and told us to make ourselves at home. Relaxing onto a chair, I sighed and stretched my arms. Rin crashed on the bed. For a while it was silent, giving my mind and body temporary relief from stress.

"So, where do we go from here?" Rin asked and my attention turns to her.

"Mom and Dad will probably want an explanation pronto. Iroha and Piko will probably want to kill us." I answered.

"I feel like we should call them, just to let them know that we're alive and alright." Rin suggested, but I shook my head.

"If we do that Piko will definitely find a way to trace the call and our sanctuary shall be ruined."

Again the silence falls upon the room we're in, but this time it's more looming than relieving. Lots of people are angry with Rin and me. After all we were the biggest school bullies of all time. I can only imagine what sort of retributions our family, friends, enemies, and the principal will come up with. It most certainly won't be pleasant.

"Hey, wanna go outside and visit some people?" Rin asked and I quirked an eyebrow.

"You mean, like, to make amends." I replied and she shook her head.

"Nah, nothing like that. Just to see how everyone turned out before we face the public and consequences." She said and I thought about it for a minute.

"Fuck it, why not?"

Rin's POV

Len and I wear our disguises well. I was concealed behind sunglasses while he wore a large hat. We walked the streets, hiding in plain sight, and pointing out everybody we knew. Neru and Akaito were still together, sucking each others faces with no hint of shame. Kaito and Meiko finally got together, holding hands shyly like newlyweds. Kaiko was talking with Len's former conquests and sluts. It seems the Shion girl was still pining for Iroha. The Hatsune siblings moved on to new crushes.

The one who made the most change was Tei. The psychotic girl was with her brother Teiru and they were chatting away with the Kagene twins, who happened to pass by. Tei had severely mellowed out and even declared that she would find someone better than Len Kagamine. If you asked me, I assumed that everyone wasn't so mentally damaged by Len and mine's schemes as much as I thought.

We were about to head back to SeeU's when we spotted three people; Luka, Gakupo, and Lily.

The troublesome trio was in a store, browsing the aisles of clothes, and discussing the high school gossip. Stealthily, Len and I pretended to be potential customers in order to eavesdrop on the conversation.

"I don't believe the Kagamine twins will ever return." Gakupo said, eying a pair of blue jeans.

"Good riddance. I hate them with all my heart. Who needs those little bitches?" Lily's smoldering eyes burned brighter at the mention of our names.

Luka was internally debating on whether she should go with the dress or miniskirt as Lily and Gakupo spoke. It was the first time I had seen her since her sex video was posted all over the internet. She was still as graceful and beautiful as ever, but something in her marine eyes had changed. That prideful maturity had wavered into undeniable fear. Guess, Len and I scarred her bad.

"You know what bugs me though?" Lily began as she picked up a shirt, "I want to figure out who the person is for exploiting those vile twins' incest secret so I can personally thank them."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I talked to Luki, but he had no part in it." Gakupo said with a curious look.

Shit, they weren't the ones who ratted Len and me out, so who could it be? Before they could notice us, Len grabbed my hand and pulled me out the store with him. The culprit was still at large. Back at SeeU's house we ate dinner and watched T.V. Old reruns of shows constantly played as the night slowly changed to morning. SeeU made the meals and then left for school. Len and I would usually find something to do, like get frisky or wander the town wondering if anyone would see us and spread the word to our classmates.

We grew tired of the daily routine after five days and summoned the courage to head home, leaving a tearful SeeU. We couldn't run away forever. When we opened the door to our house and announced our arrival, the whole family went into hysterics. Mom and Dad were crying tears of joy, Leon and Lola jumping up and down with excitement, Yuki was running around, and Piko and Iroha giving stern looks of disapproval. It felt nice to be back.

Len's POV

"You do know that while we promote sex and are OK with whatever your sexuality is, we cannot condone incest." Mom said, twiddling her fingers. This talk comes directly after Rin and I settled in and rested for a week at home.

"Your mom's right, you guys can't date each other. It's morally wrong." Dad said, looking at Rin and me.

I had to refrain myself from laughing on the spot. Our parents, the so called horniest people on the planet who barely had time to raise Rin and me for their own selfish reasons, had the nerve to act like adult figures for once in their worthless lives. Leon and Lola were no better. The two cousins who had no qualms with teaching Rin and me all the tricks in sex, now recommended that my twin and I should be separate for a while. What hypocrites! Yuki was the only one who didn't fully understand, but was for us, mainly because she has a twincest fetish anyways.

"Len. Rin. From now on you two are going to boarding school. One will be an all-boys and the other an all-girls." Mom hesitantly ordered. I gasp and Rin's eyes water.

"We'll fix this mistake you two have caused. There's no way you can go back to your old school, you've been expelled for tormenting students." Dad said with a deep frown.

"We think it's because you two both had confusing feelings for each other and decided to take out your frustrations on your peers." Mom said with concern.

Man, this is just crappy. It'll take some time before our parents' trust can be restored if Rin and I wanted to continue our relationship. At least they weren't sending us to therapy or some bullshit like that. In the end, Rin and I would be fucking far apart from each other. My boarding school was in Tokyo and Rin's was out in Osaka. Piko and Iroha, our personal servants, would be with us to make sure we made no attempts to escape.

It wasn't the loss of friends, the gain of adversaries, the accumulating rebuffed admirers, or the fallen popular Kagamine Empire that was the worst consequence. No, the worst consequence was not seeing Rin until high school was over, we had two years of school left. The only source of communication would be through texting, calls, and email with the possibility of web chats. Our parents did one thing nice for Rin and me before we had to endure hell. They let us have some alone time, before we'd be forced to cut off all ties as lovers and just remain as siblings.

We took the time to write a long apology letter to Miki and then shared the last intimate moment together.

"I promise I'll always love you Rin, and until high school is over, I will only think of you." I professed and she nodded.

"No one can replace you Len. When we're older, we'll definitely be a couple." Rin said and we kissed with longing. We're interrupted by our servants.

"Have no fear Len. I'll protect Rin – sama with my life." Iroha stated boldly.

"And I will also follow you forever, Len – sama." Piko assured.

Yes, Piko and Iroha were the only ones to be trusted or so I thought.

The all-boys school was pitiful. Either the guys were gay or wishing to touch a female. Piko had a look in his eyes like he wanted to say something important, but was too afraid to hurt me with whatever he was thinking. Whatever, I was in massive depression mode, but I kept chanting in my head hourly, the countdown of when I could see Rin face to face again, without the watchful gaze of judging eyes. No matter what, I would love Rin, and I would find her, and we'd be complete as the flawless set of twins again. Rin just needed to have faith in me.

Rin's POV

An all-girls boarding school is terrible and boring. Half the population is lesbians, so now not only do I have to avoid the advances of Iroha, but others too. Fuck my life, at least Len texts me every day. I remember how this all started. If only I hadn't convinced Len to compete with me. If only I didn't ask to play chess. Yes, that's the code name I gave for the cruel pranks Len and I committed. I was chilling in my dorm room with Iroha came out of the bathroom from her shower.

"It seems my plan worked out well." She said while toweling herself off and I give her a puzzled look.

"What plan Iroha? You doing a hush-hush project in ole Osaka?" I asked halfheartedly and she smirked evilly at me.

"No, I mean my plan into splitting you and Len up." She said offhandedly and my heart stopped beating.

"W-what?" I didn't understand.

"Yes, Rin – sama, your acting skills of deceit taught me well. Neither Len or you suspected a thing." She giggled and went to the mirror to brush out her damp hair.

I'm shocked. What is Iroha talking about? She's my servant, my maid, my slave. She does everything I say with no question. How could she have split me and Len up? Then it hits me. Did she…? Could she…? That picture that the school received was from HER!

"You did it, Iroha." I whispered. "You set me up."

She glanced at me from the corner of her eye, a full grin on her lips, and she turned to face me.

"It was I who warned the faculty and student council about you and Len's influence having greater power than the authority figures." She started, my head was spinning, and I felt ill.

"It was I who told Gakupo that you and Len were attracted to each other." She languidly took steps towards my frozen body.

"It was I who secretly hacked the school's computers to hire Luki – sensei." I was hyperventilating at her confession. No how could this happen? I trusted her! She was the last person to turn to!

"It was I who told SeeU to tell Len that you could stay or visit at her place so she'd be my private spy." She was in my face now, her breath tickling my skin.

"But Iroha… I…. I… you said you'd be my… my servant." I feel dread creep up in my spine and Iroha laughs like a villain, like a madwoman.

"Poor Rin – sama, don't you get it? I want you for myself. Since I first laid eyes on you, I've been concocting on how to steal you away from Len." She gently kissed my lips and I jerked away.

She pouts, but then shrugs her shoulders, and heads back to the mirror. I crouch down into a ball and rock back and forth on my heels. If Iroha, my last resort, was also dishonest, then I had… then I had no one in the world to rely on. Iroha ignored my silent tears and hummed as if everything was perfectly normal.

"L-Len!" I yelled in a strangled voice, my eyes stinging. "Please, come save me Len! Help me Len! Brother, I need you!"

I was pleading for the only person who would be on my side, but he was in Tokyo, miles and miles away. This whole time I was focusing on Miki, Gakupo, Luka, Lily, Luki, and Len that I didn't see the worst opponent of all. My own partner in crime. The maid.

"Do stop that incessant shrieking Rin – sama. You have no one, but me, and like I told Len, I will protect you. I love you."

My crying doesn't stop. Is this my punishment for being a bitch, a manipulator, a sinner?

"I'll tell you something Rin, it sure was hard persuading Piko to become an accomplice. He doesn't want to hurt that pathetic manwhore brother of yours, but once I said that he could have Len to himself, he proved a great ally."

I wished she stopped telling me this. I was being tortured. It was enough.

"Ironic, isn't it Rin – sama. You and Len never did win that game on having everyone's love. Instead you obtained everyone's hate." She turned to me again, a lustful look in her eyes.

"I'm starting to think that, rather you and Len being the players, it was instead Piko and I."

My body and my mind become numb. I can feel the life being sucked out of my soul and the color from my eyes.

"What's a good saying for this marvelous occasion, Rin – sama?" She taunted, blowing a kiss at me as I shivered.

"Alls fair in love and war." Iroha tested, but scowled as that's not the right saying she wants.

"How about, 'keep your friends close, but enemies closer'?" I can only think about how Len is finding out the news of getting played by Piko at this moment while he's in Tokyo.

"There's always, 'the student surpassed the teacher'." I decide to accept this cruel fate. It's what I deserve anyways.

"This one should do the trick, 'don't trust that bitch'!" Iroha pointed to herself as she was the current 'bitch'.

I gave a grave smile. Guess, Len and I can't keep our promise to be a couple, not when Piko and Iroha betrayed us from the beginning, before anything incestuous began. Something's are too good to be true.

"You know, Iroha, when Len and I competed, we called it chess, 'cause we had to use strategy to win." I told her, losing that faith Len asked me to keep, and she gave a thoughtful look.

"Checkmate." Iroha sneered before continuing, "By the way, sibling rivalries are stupid."

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