Author: Cheryl W.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or any rights to NCIS LA, nor am I making any profit from this story.

Summary: Tag to the 1st Season episode "Fame". Deeks and Sam come to an understanding.


Marty Deeks slipped out the door of the NCIS undercover operation center, his captain's words ringing in his ears. The man had complimented him, for like…the first time ever. And it should have felt good and it did, sort of. Funny thing was, it was overshadowed by someone else's words. Callen's. The NCIS agent's words weren't compliments; they were something more, something a thousand times better.

"I'm glad you did," Callen had said, acknowledged that, taking the shot, it was the right thing to do. But more than that, Callen gave him a look..of gratitude. For saving his life, for being there, for being on their team, temporarily or not.

Marty couldn't help but smile as he headed for his car, had just opened the door when Sam's voice called out his name from behind. Fighting down a sigh, he turned to face the black man, knew the "you might be assigned to our team for the time being but you aren't part of the team" speech was coming. It wasn't like the guy hadn't already been broadcasting that message loud and clear.

But when Sam stood before him, something had changed in the man's demeanor and Deek's couldn't decipher it. He remained silent, was going to let the agent say his piece.

"Just wanted to say sorry about riding you so hard," Sam Hanna said, his eyes meeting Deek's, his sincerity clear.

Deeks' next silence wasn't strategic. He was stunned into silence. Sam continued before he could recover.

"What you did? You did good," Sam announced as if it was totally clear what he was talking about. Then he turned around, headed back toward the operation center door. Deeks' question stopped him.

"Ah, just to clarify, what did I do that was so good? My liaisoning sucked, I hit the deck like a girl, again, in the house so Callen could take his shot. I.." Deeks recounted his less than shining performances. He wasn't prepared for Sam to return to him and to wrap his hands around his biceps and grace him with a smile.

"You saved Callen's life."

And for the second time that day, Marty received a look of gratitude. Though this one was more intense than the first, than from Callen himself.

"He's reckless," Sam bluntly stated, his dislike of that particular trait of his partner crystal clear. "Knowing that there's another person I can count on to have G's back, I'm Ok with that." Then Sam released him, was walking through the operation center door when he called over his shoulder, "See ya tomorrow , Deeks."

Then Deeks was alone in the parking area.

Suddenly the undercover sting for the PD wasn't so appealing.

Pulling out his cellphone, he dialed up his boss, was going to tell him to pick another lone wolf for the operation. He had people depending on him to have their backs and he couldn't do that if he wasn't there.

"Oh hey, sir. About that undercover case…."


The End


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