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CH.46 Here Comes the Rain

Charlie's Pov

The waiting room was full. Renee and Phil had arrived an hour ago. Kay, and Linda were sitting next to Embry and Quil. Jared and Paul had taken the two mothers outside to explain what was going on. When they'd come back in they looked traumatized. I understood the feeling.

Jared and Paul took up posts on the other side of the room, sitting near Kim and Katie. When Katie arrived we had to keep her from attacking Embry. Linda's quick thinking got her to calm down. Linda explained it was a Tribal Issue and Embry never wanted to leave Bella and that he had never known about the baby. I wasn't positive she believed Linda, but she calmed down enough to stop trying to hit him.

The kid looked like death. As much as I wanted to hate him, I knew he had been just as much a victim as Bella. Looking at him, you could feel his pain. Quil didn't look much better; hell, none of them did. I found myself watching Embry, his head in his hands as his leg bounced. He looked nothing like the kid I'd met at graduation. The separation from Bella had changed him just as it had her. The life had been sucked from both of them and its place was emptiness.

"Come on man, you need to eat something." Quil told him again. Quil had been trying to get him to eat for the last hour. I could see both Jared and Paul throwing glances at Embry every few minutes.

"I'll go get him some food and bring it up here." Jared announced. "Anyone else need anything; coffee, sandwich?"

"Jared, I'll go with you." Linda offered, standing to help. It seemed like she needed something to do. I understood that feeling. I was used to making things happen, waiting helplessly the way we were was making me crazy.

Dr. Gerandy had come out to talk to us about an hour ago, but there wasn't any new news. He just told us they were watching. My daughter, my grandchild were somewhere behind the double doors, and all I could do was sit and wait.

Staring at the people sitting here, all waiting for news of Bella was a strange feeling. I'd known about Embry, I'd met him and knew she loved him; but seeing all the different people here, I realized for the first time Bella had had a life I knew nothing about. I felt guilty that I knew so little about my daughter's life. I'd seen glimpses at graduation and the bowling alley, but those few moments weren't enough to tell the whole story.

Jared and Linda returned with cups of coffee and doughnuts none of us wanted to eat, but we did for lack of anything else to do. I found myself once again watching Embry. He didn't touch his food and only took a few sips of coffee. Another half hour passed with no news when suddenly, as one, the boys jerked their heads toward the double doors.

"What?" I hissed to Jared, who was the closest to me.

"They just called a Code," he told me quietly so no one else would hear. I glanced at Embry who looked like he was about to be sick. Quil has his arms around his chest holding him in place. I swept my eyes back and forth between the boys to the double door, waiting for someone, anyone to come tell me what the hell was happening.

I turned my head and watched Jared look at Paul, then Quil, and close his eyes, and I knew…. The only question was whether I had lost my daughter or she had lost her child, or both.

Quil tightened his hold on Embry, with tears falling from his own eyes. I watched as the minutes ticked by on the clock on the wall. My heart beat faster with every movement the second hand made until Dr. Gerandy walked out.

He paused to look around the room. All the faces staring back at him. I could see in his eyes that this was hard for him. He had been the one to deliver Bella.

"Charlie," he called almost too quiet for me to hear. I stood and walked toward him. Renee and Phil stood beside me, and Kay beside them. From the corner of my eye, I could see Quil helping Embry to his feet. Once we were all gathered, Dr. Gerandy took a deep breath, "Bella began having spontaneous contractions. We administered a magnesium sulfate drip hoping to slow the contractions down or stop them altogether. It did neither. As the contractions sped up, Bella began to bleed heavily from the abruption at the same time the baby began showing signs of fetal distress. We exhausted every effort before Dr. Schultz had no other option, but to perform a cesarean. At 1:17 Bella delivered a son." Dr. Gerandy paused, "Charlie, I promise we did everything we could. The trauma of the accident coupled with the premature birth and the fetal blood loss, it was too much for survival. I am sorry, the child did not survive."

His words were echoes in my mind. I could hear the soft cries from those around me and felt my own tears gather in the corner of my eyes.

"Charlie, we did everything we could."


"She's sedated. We're working to stop the bleeding. Once we have her stabilized we'll move her to the third floor." he explained.

I turned just in time to see Embry fall to his knees taking Quil down with him. If I live a thousand years, I will never get the image of a 200-plus pound man on the floor, grief stricken, out of my head.

"I'll give you some privacy." Dr. Gerandy said, squeezing my shoulder. "Have the nurse's station page me when you're ready. I'm sorry, Charlie." He disappeared behind the double doors.

"Help me get him outside!" Quil yelled. I turned and noticed Embry shaking and I knew, having seen Paul earlier, he was about to turn into a wolf. Paul jumped up and grabbed Embry's arm, Quil had his other "Stay here in case the doctor comes back." Paul told Jared, as he and Quil dragged Embry out the doorway towards the exit.

I just stood in the middle of the waiting room taking in the sights around me; Phil had a sniffling Renee wrapped in his arms, Linda and Kay were clinging to each other, and Kim and Katie had their arms around each other with Jared trying to soothe both of them. I stumbled my way to my chair not knowing what to do. Linda grabbed my hand and just held it. How the hell does someone live through this?

Oh, God did Bella even know yet?

Quil's Pov

I didn't know what the fuck to do as my best friend fell to the floor. He just kept repeating 'son' over, and over again. I felt his body start to shake and knew he was going to phase. "Help me get him outside." I yelled as Paul jumped up grabbing Em's other arm and we hustled toward the exit. I'm not even sure he was aware we were moving him.

As soon as we got outside Em phased. "Fuck, phase with him. He can't see inside my head. I was at the accident." Paul directed, looking tortured.

"Okay, but I might need help." I could see Embry going crazy.

"Try, trust me, you don't want him to see this." Paul told me again. I ran into the trees, stripped, and phased. Every single memory of Bella was running through his mind, everything he couldn't think about under the Alpha Command. I was not sure why he was suddenly able to think about it all now, but I was witness to everything. He didn't even realize I was phased with him.

I sat still and silent, not wanting to intrude on his memories. I watched as he remembered seeing Bella the first time we walked into Jake's garage. He really had fallen in love in that moment. The months of loving her from a distance flew through his mind and into mine. Feeling his love for her growing stronger with each day. I watched as they shared private moments, in the cave, doing homework, watching movies and at the Tide Pools. All of it was pouring out.

I followed as he stood looking at her and told her that he loved her, and felt his breath leave him when she said she loved him back. I watched his memory of making love to her and then asking her to marry him. Most guys dreamed about fast cars and women. Embry had dreamed of marrying Bella and making a family.

Giant golf ball sized tears rolled down my fur. I felt guilty for witnessing his most private memories, but I was unable to prevent it. As the last memory of Bella faded, his mind turned to hearing that Bella was pregnant; his elation at learning that he and Bella had created life. A child. I could see the image of Embry holding a tiny bundle in his arms and then to watching as his child ran through the sands of First Beach. Image after image filled my mind of the family Embry envisioned for him and Bella, until finally the news of his son's death sounded through our shared mind.

In wolf form, we have perfect recall. Sight, sound, smells, and feelings. When the last memory faded, his wolf stilled. I felt like I was burning from the inside out.

Dear Spirits how the hell is this fair?

As soon as Embry came back to the present, his howls started. They were slowly building, until they were earsplitting and haunted. His mind started whipping through the memories so quickly it made me dizzy. I thought I might buckle under his grief.

Fuck! I yipped to get Paul's attention. There was no way I would be able to calm Embry on my own.

I tried to break through the barrage of Embry's mind, "Embry…man you have to calm down, let us help you. Em… come back to me, let me help you."

I felt Paul phase seconds before his silver wolf appeared. He was reciting the alphabet trying to keep his memories hidden.

"Why did this happen? Why did my son have to die? And Bella... she thinks that I ... she thinks I didn't want them." Embry cried.

"I'm so sorry Em." I offered, knowing nothing I could say would make him feel better.

"A son, I was going to have a son."

"Come on brother, I swear I will help you get through this. We all will." His grief bleed into our shared minds and it was everything I could do to not collapse under the weight.

Embry turned his body toward Paul's wolf, "what happened?"

"No, you don't need to see that. Let's get back so we can check on Bella." Paul gently tried to persuade.

Embry stood in front of Paul, "I need to know what happened."

"Embry, you don't need to see this." Paul insisted.

Paul was trying like hell to keep the memory hidden but it was no use. It was pouring out for Embry and I like a movie.

~His Girl~

Paul went on patrol after Jared told us about Bella. His mind filled with Jared's memory of Bella crying saying she didn't want her son to feel unloved, when he caught the scent of the redhead. He watched her dart toward the Highway. Paul chased her but before he could get near her, a car sailed through the forest and smashed into a tree.

Howling for help, he ran towards the crash, beating the red head by only a second. He recognized Bella's scent and stood in front of the caved in driver's side door growling at the leech.

"I will get her." The redhead said before fleeing.

Paul phased and tore the door off the side of Bella's car, seeing her slumped in the seat bleeding from the head.

"Bella?" Paul called her name as he freed her from the wreckage and carried her as gently as he could to get away from the vehicle that was leaking gas.

Laying her on the ground, he grabbed his cell, and dialed 911.


"Yeah, Bella it's me Paul, the ambulance in on its way." He told her, checking for injuries

"My baby?" She asked.

"I don't know."

Her eyes were glassy and her pupils were huge, the sound of her heartbeat and the baby's were slowing down as the seconds passed.

"I loved him." She said looking at Paul with hurt filled eyes.

"My baby…Alexander; little warrior, tell them."

"Em…" She said looking up at Paul, her eyes half shut her brown hair coated in blood.

"Everyone leaves me." She told him, touching his face with bloodied fingertips.

Bella's eyes closed and her body shuddered.

"Oh fuck no, wake the fuck up." Paul yelled blowing air into her mouth.

"Help Me." He yelled as he smelled Jared's scent approaching.

"Bella wake up!" Paul snarled blowing another breath into her mouth.

"I'll flag down the ambulance." Jared said hearing the sirens, the truck had flipped just out of sight of the highway.

"HURRY!" Paul yelled.

"Fuck Bella, come on stay with me." He yelled.


As Paul's memories faded Embry's wolf disappeared, leaving a human Embry naked and shivering on the ground. His sobs making his body convulse.

Paul and I phased and just stood, both lost in thought. Paul looked at me, his eyes were glassy, "I didn't want him to see that." Paul sounded distraught.

Gripping his shoulder, "I know."

Trying to shake away my own grief, I told Paul there were extra shorts in my granddad's turck. As he left to get Embry something to wear, I knelt down to... I had no idea what to do.

"Embry?" I whispered, reaching for his arm.

When he looked at me, it was like looking into a dead man's eyes. "My son is dead. Quil…I was going to be a father." He sobbed, tears falling down his face.

Nothing would ever make this go away. No actions, no words would ever be enough, I thought, hearing my best friend speak about his dead son.

"I loved her the second I saw her. She loved me back. Shy, stuttering, blushing me. She... she was… did you know I gave her my grandmother's commitment necklace? I was going to marry her. We made love once. One time and the next day Sam gave me the order to stay away from her. When I heard she was pregnant, I saw it. I saw everything. They couldn't keep her away from me, not with her having my baby. She was pregnant with my baby. It took less than a second for me to think of all the things I would do for my child that my father never did for me. I loved my baby instantly. I was going to have a son. I can picture it, Bella, and me with a little boy. He would look like Bella and have her eyes and my skin. He would have been perfect." Embry rambled.

"Do you think he felt it?"

"What do you mean? "I asked.

"Do you think he… do you think my son was in pain when he died?" Embry asked.

Dear Spirits...

"No, Em I think the spirits would have made it painless." I told him praying to any, and all higher beings that it was the truth.

Paul stood silent, shaking with tears he refused to let fall. I hadn't realized he'd come back. I took the shorts from him and handed them to Embry. Em stood up shakily and slipped the shorts on. I grabbed his shoulder and started walking us out of the woods, toward the hospital.

"I don't have a shirt or shoes," he mumbled as we neared the doors.

"I have a pair of boots in granddad's truck, might be a little small but they'll do. Might be a shirt too," I told him.

"I'll go look" Paul offered. I had a feeling he wanted to be by himself, if only for a minute or two. I didn't blame him.

We waited outside the entrance doors for Paul. He had a pair of my work boots in one hand and what looked like one of my granddad's flannel shirts in another. They would have to do. I doubted anyone would say anything.

Walking back into the waiting area, I could feel everyone's grief was so thick you could taste it on your tongue. I helped Embry into the chair next to Kay and slid into the one next to my mom. Everyone was silent, I didn't think any of us knew what to say or what to do.

Almost an hour had passed when the doctor walked through the door and came to stand in the middle of our group. "Bella is still sedated. We're going to keep her under sedation until the morning at the earliest. The best thing you can do to help her is to go home and get some rest so you will be able to be here when she wakes up."

No one moved. None of us wanted to leave her here, alone. "Charlie, I promise there is nothing you, or anyone, can do right now. Please go get some rest and I will call if anything changes." the doc repeated himself.

Charlie stood, "I think we should listen to Dr. Gerandy," he announced, though he didn't seem any more convinced than the rest of us.

Embry shook his head no, unwilling to leave. I imagined he was afraid if he left, he'd never see her again. That alone just added to everything that had already happened.

"Embry, I will bring you back here first thing in the morning. I promise," Kay urged him.

He still didn't budge.

"Son, if your mom can't, I'll come get you. I won't let anyone stop you from coming," Charlie told him, his face determined. I believed him.

Embry finally conceded, though he wasn't happy about it. He kept looking back over his shoulder as we walked away. I knew he'd be back before Kay or Charlie had a chance to bring him.

"Quil," Paul hissed to get my attention.

"I'll meet you at the truck," I told Jared as he walked with Embry to my granddad's truck.

"What's up?" I asked, seeing Paul's worried expression.

"That leech. I don't think it was an accident she pulled Bella's car off the road."

"How do you mean?" already my stomach was doing flips.

"She said she'd get her. Quil, we've been chasing her for months and she just keeps coming back. All over the border of our land, and in Forks, and now this. I think she's specifically after Bella. Hell, she told me as much."

"Fuck," I muttered.

"Someone has to stay and patrol the hospital," he strategized. He looked at me and then toward the rest of our group that had already made it to the parking lot. "Charlie is going to need to know, too."

I knew he was right, but I also knew I would need help with Embry. "You come back to the rez with me in case... well in case we need to contain Em. We'll get Jared to stay and patrol. We'll be able to hear him if he calls." I decided.

We made the treck to the parking lot and pulled Jared aside. I left Paul at Embry's side so that I could tell Jared what was going on without being overheard. After that, I walked to Charlie who was talking to Kay, quickly explaining that we needed him to follow us to La Push. Once everything was settled, I got in the truck and followed mom and Kay home while Charlie followed behind me.

Kay's Pov

I knew when I saw Quil pull Charlie aside that something more was going on. As we passed the Swan's house I glanced in my rearview mirror at Quil behind Linda and me, and at Charlie keeping pace behind Quil. My gut clenched, wondering what else could be happening. I wasn't sure what more I could take.

My heart ached. Ached for my son, for Bella, for all of us. I was exhausted; physically and mentally exhausted.

Pulling up to my house, I knew there would be no sleep tonight. Walking inside, I flipped on the lights and went straight to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I had a feeling we were going to need it. "Here, let me help you," Linda said walking up behind me and pulling the coffee from the cabinet.

Charlie, Embry, Quil and Paul walked in. "I'm going to take a shower," Embry announced slowly walking up the stairs. I watched my son disappear up the stairs and felt my heart break all over again.

Quil led Charlie and Paul to the kitchen table while Linda and I busied ourselves in the kitchen. Once the coffee was ready, I took the entire pot to the table while Linda carried a tray of mugs, sugar, creamer and spoons. I sat down, fixed my cup and waited.

Quil looked up and met everyone's eyes. I'd never seen him look so serious before. "The pack is a secret. It's the most guarded secret the Quileute have," Quil stated. "I'm not sure how we were able to break the order to tell you, but we did. But no one else can know. Not even Bella's mom."

"No, Renee wouldn't handle this well," Charlie confirmed.

"I didn't think so," Quil shook his head. "Bella talked a little about her mother and I just think she needs to be kept in the dark."

Seeing Quil become serious and take control was almost as unbelievable as our boys turning into wolves. He'd always been such a jokester.

"Ok, with that decided, there are things you need to know that we didn't have time to tell you earlier." He sighed, raking his hand through his hair. "We showed you how we can phase from our human selves to our wolves. But, you need to hear the rest of the legends."

I sat listening and not believing, except I'd seen it myself only hours earlier. I'd heard bits and pieces of the Quileute legends, but not being Quileute, I'd never heard them in completion before.

"Cold Ones?' Charlie asked.

"Vampires," Paul stated matter-of-factly.

Charlie looked at the boys in disbelief, "Vampires?" he repeated.

Paul stared at him, "Yes."

Quil and Paul looked at one another before Quil looked straight at Charlie. "The Cullens are the cold ones in the legend."

Sputtering his coffee, "The Cullens?" Charlie yelled.

"We don't know how much Bella knew or if she knew at all. It's unlikely she didn't know something," Quil tiredly explained.

"Jesus Christ!" Charlie jumped up pacing the length of my floor.

"They went to school." he shouted. "She dated one of them," he turned to look at us.

"And Billy and Harry know all this?" He knew the answer, but he was hoping either Quil or Paul would tell him different.

"Billy, Harry and my granddad are part of what we have to tell you next," Quil stated.

"There's more?" Linda asked.

"A lot more," Paul confirmed.

"Most of what happened was before I phased," Quil said, motioning for Paul to take over.

Paul seemed uncomfortable taking the role of story-teller, but however reluctant he was he looked us each in the eye, "Everything was normal... well as normal as it will ever be with all this shit." he said lowering his head. He took a deep breath and shook his head, before raising it again.

"Embry phased when he and Jake got into the fight at school. We hadn't been watching him because we didn't think he was Quileute. But, once the phase happens you have a mandatory two week training regime that needs to be completed before you can go home. It takes a while to learn to control the beast inside." Paul began to explain.

"The Spirit Walk?" I asked as the pieces of the puzzle slowly started fitting into each other.

"Yeah, the two weeks was explained with the Spirit Walk and the height and weight as a growth spurt." Paul confirmed.

"I knew the growth spurt was bullshit," I said aloud letting my thoughts leak into the conversation.

Paul chuckled not because anything was funny, "Em warned Sam you wouldn't buy his excuses."

I knew Linda was thinking of the two weeks her father-in-law had taken Quil to teach him the ways of the Shaman. I wondered how many lies we'd been fed over the last few months.

"Embry was pretty calm. Sam promised to let him see Bella if he could control his wolf." Paul told us.

I knew Sam had kept his word, otherwise Em wouldn't have seen Bella after he came home that first day after the 'spirit walk'.

"What the hell happened?" I shouted, frustrated.

Paul turned to look at me, "Like I said, things were fine. Choir Boy was calm and docile. He came home and picked right back up with Bella."

"Choir Boy?" I interrupted.

"Uh, just something I call Embry," Paul stuttered, almost blushing beneath his dark skin.

"So things were normal," Charlie butted in with air quotes. "When did it go to shit?"

"Jared imprinted on Kim..."

"Imprinted?" Linda questioned. My God there was so much we didn't know.

"It only happens to those of us who phase, and maybe not all of us. We don't really know, and if the counsel of Elders do, they're not saying," Paul said bitterly. "When a wolf looks into the eyes of a woman for the first time after phasing, it's supposed to be like gravity shifting. All the cables that hold you to earth and tie you to your family and friends sever and retie to that one person; your other half, your soulmate. It's more permanent than anything else in your life. You would never leave or cheat on them and would protect them with your life. It could be someone you've seen a thousand times before, or It could be a perfect stranger. One look and that's it."

"Did Embry imprint on Bella?" I wanted to know. I had seen my son after he'd met Bella Swan and I had known he was in love with her from the first time he saw her.

"No." Paul ground out.

I didn't understand. I knew what I'd seen. Hell, you could feel the love between Embry and Bella.

"We don't know if it's because Embry will never imprint and is free to chose, or if he loved Bella so much already that he didn't recognize the imprint when it took place, or if it's something entirely different." Paul said. "Like I told you, we don't know much about it."

"Anyway," Paul grumbled. "Jared imprinted on Kim and Sam and Emily decided to throw a barbecue to get to know her. Em got pissed. They'd never offered to even meet Bella before and all of a sudden they're going to throw a damn party in Kim's honor." Paul growled, his face taking on a look of rage. I had a feeling this was the part where it all went to hell.

"Sam told Embry he was sorry and hadn't meant anything by it and to invite Bella. We'd all just have to be careful not to say anything about the pack in front of her. That wasn't hard, hell, we'd been around her for months and kept the secret."

Paul continued. "As soon as we were all at Sam's, the redhead was spotted."

Charlie cut in, "Redhead?"

"Vamp bitch we've been chasing for months," Paul supplied with a meaningful look to Quil. Something passed between the two and I worried about what else was going to be explained. My head was already pounding.

Drawing a breath, Paul once again continued, "So the pack headed into the woods to chase the bitch down. The leech changed direction and headed toward the populated part of the rez, directly by Sam's house. Emily, Sam's imprint, Kim and Bella were all there. Sam ordered me to stay close to the house in case the bitch decided to attack. The pack mind transmitted everything going on at Sam's. Emily wasn't very kind toward Bella. She ignored her and pretty much acted as if she weren't there. Bella left. I asked Sam what he wanted me to do. Bella leaving meant she was unprotected." Paul stopped and glanced in Charlie's direction. I knew whatever had happened next wasn't good.

"Sam told me to stay with the imprints." Paul's words stunned me. Sam had ordered him to do nothing to ensure Bella's safety.

"Why? Why would he do that?" I asked. I still didn't understand.

"We don't know," Paul grit out through clenched teeth. "I phased human and talked Bella into coming back. I figured at least she'd be safe. The pack had the bloodsucker cornered, but Jake was pissed with Em's thoughts and slammed into him. The redhead got away."

"The day of the storm, they were supposed to go camping. They ended up getting caught in the rain and took cover in the Old Harman House." Paul told us sighing.

It took him several minutes before he was able to continue, "The next morning Jake and I were patrolling when we saw Embry and Bella walking toward the diner. Jake went ballistic and stalked into the diner after them." Paul told us. I saw Quil shake his head no, but had no idea what he was telling Paul. It was clear whatever it was, was meant for only Paul. WIth a confirming nod, Paul began speaking again.

"They argued, but I was able to get Jake out of the diner before a fight could break out. It was almost nightfall when two leeches were spotted. Sam sent Jared to get Embry and we as a pack went after the bloodsuckers. The redhead got away, but we managed to kill the other one. We met at Sam's afterward for a briefing. We were all leaving when Sam told Em he needed to speak to him. I guess that's when the order was given." Paul took a breath.

"The next thing Jared and I hear is howls, something we'd been avoiding so as not to alert the leech we were after her. We phased, but all we got through the pack mind was chaos. We knew it was Embry, but nothing in his mind made sense. Sam cut in and told Jared and me to meet him at the council hall. That's when we learned about the order."

"But why?" Linda voiced, just as confused as me.

"They gave us some bullshit answer. Sam said the pack was divided and since Bella wasn't his imprint, Embry was ordered to end the relationship. It never made sense though, all Sam would have had to do was order Jake to stop being an asshole." Paul finished.

My head hurt and my stomach felt like it was getting ready for battle. I sat still and silent, trying to process the enormous amount of information I'd learned in the last day. I wasn't sure what to think. No one spoke. What could any of us have said? I didn't know how much time had passed when both Paul and Quil looked toward the staircase. I followed their stare as did Linda and Charlie, but I didn't see anything. I was about to look away when Embry came into view. My God, he looked nothing like the son I'd raised. He looked smaller despite his huge body. His eyes were lifeless and sunken in. Even his skin was sallow.

He walked to the table and sat in the chair next to Quil. I thought we all might be holding our breath as we looked at him, or what had become of him.

Embry looked up and found Charlie staring at him. "What…what happens now? My son…what… where is my son?" Em asked barely getting the words out.

I had to bite my lip to keep from sobbing. Linda looked away, and the boys just looked down at their hands. It took Charlie several deep breaths before he was able to answer.

"Dr. Garandy called me as I drove here. He alerted The Forks Funeral Home." Charlie fumbled to get the words out.

Embry nodded letting Charlie know he'd heard then quietly stood and walked down the hall. I heard the back door open and close.

"There's more," Quil's voice broke through the silence in the room. "Bella's accident wasn't an accident." he announced.

Charlie jumped up, "What the hell do you mean it wasn't an accident?"

"I was chasing the leech through the woods when she darted onto the highway. She sent Bella's car sailing through the trees. I reached the crash seconds before the bitch. She was hissing and snarling and told me she'd get her." Paul told us.

"What, why?" Linda gasped.

"We have no idea," Quil railed.

"We have been hunting this vamp for months; she would leave but always come back. We didn't know what or who she was after 'til now. She's after Bella." Paul's voice took on an edge that had the hair on the back of my neck standing up. "We need to make sure Bella is guarded at all times. Jared is at the hospital running patrol now, but we'll need to figure out a schedule so that one of us is always on watch." Paul strategized.

Quil looked from Paul to Charlie. "If we haven't caught the leech by the time Bella is released... Chief Swan, it's going to be hard enough to patrol the hospital especially when Sam finds out what is going on, we only patrol La Push.

I'd never seen Quil look or sound so serious.

We'll need for Bella to be here on the res so we can protect her." That's what frightened me the most. It was also the moment I realized our sons were responsible for keeping us all safe.

For Vee and - you know who you are.