It's Sunday. That means Nobita don't go to school today. But even in holiday he needs help.

Giant: if you don't score, Nobita, I'll kill you!

Nobita: b-b-but I cant

Giant: if you cant I'll kill you!

Nobita: o-ok

Judge: 3 strikes, your out!

Giant: GRRRR! NOBITA! YOU MAKE US LOSE! *chase nobita*

Nobita: AAH! *runs away*

At home

Doraemon: why your face is like that? Hmm let me guess… you play in Giant's team and you don't score any then Giant beat you?

Nobita: how di you know?

Doraemon: it's always like that.. So I think of this. Let's go to the future I know who can teach you to play baseball

Nobita: really? THANK YOU DORAEMON

At the future

Doraemon: Kuroemon!

Kuroemon: Hi! DORAEMON! Long time no see! *smiles*

Doraemon: Yeah. Can you teach him to play baseball? So that he don't get beaten by his friend again.

Kuroemon: Okay!

They practice for one week then go back to time to Monday. Now is the time for the match

Judge: 2 Strikes 0 ball 2 out!

Giant: don't lose or I'll kill you

Nobita: no I wont! Don't worry Giant!

Giant: tsch!

Nobita: ok here it comes . DAIKON SLICING FULLMOON SWING

Judge: It's a homerun! Team giant wins!


Suneo: Who cares? We WON!

And then Nobita never get bully again

The End

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