Hello everyone, and welcome to the much anticipated story "R". This story of mine has been in the thought process for quite some time, and I only recently began to put it into writing. But for this one, I knew that I alone could not do it. As you know, this kind of theme has been used often in the Pokemon fan-fiction world. I want to make mine memorable. But to do this, I needed help, and alot of it. So I asked around to my closest fan-fic friends and authors for their support. And as such, I have been lucky enough to have the following authors help me by giving me a OC of their own creation for use in "R"...

(in no particular order, please feel free to read their stories and/or become friends with them!)

-lulu halulu
-Kefka VI
-Twinkie TUTUS

I have also been lucky enough to have AshK help with an OC (who is still currently working on his), and the younger brother of prettygirl17, a non fan-fic writer who asked to help as well. Thank you all. I too will have my own personal OC in this story, along with many minor OCs of my own creation. Depending on how the story plays out, I may need more OCs for later on. When this time comes, I will ask for your help as well. When I believe I could use a OC, I will ask for one of my friends on this very site to create their own OC for me to use. I would be forever grateful!

Now as for the story, well, it's pretty obvious. Team Rocket has taken over the Pokemon world. Ash and his friends are the head of a rebel force that was created to help bring down Giovanni and his army. Mostly Pokemon trainers from around the world, they fight united to stop the tyranny. I won't give away too much, but hopefully it will be a cliffhanging story that will leave you on the edge of your seats!

Now as a warning to some of the younger viewers, this story will be rated M for Mature. Now I know often this rating system is over-rated depending on the story; but due to the death and violence that this story will follow, I had no choice but to rate it extreme. Now some of you authors may have a strict "No M" reading rule. I understand entirely. Rest assured, I do my best to make sure that even the most extreme of scenes is cut down. Although the violence and death will be pretty evident, other themes will not be as prominent. I personally do NOT swear for instance, so I find it odd to write it as well. So although people will swear, it will not be shown as much as it could be. I also will not have anything pornographic in the story, so no worries there. However, there will be the use of guns and knives in this story as weapons. I will try to level it down for the younger viewers, but I cannot make promises. If there are other concerns, feel free to ask, or simply ready another story. I highly recommend my other stories and the stories of the authors presented in "R".

This will definitely be my longest story ever written and hopefully my greatest. I wanted to write this after the success of "Eternal Darkness" because readers felt that, although romantic comedies are my thing, I did a good job at showing the dark side as well. But after reading "Eternal Darkness" for myself, I felt that there was alot more I could of done with it. The same could be said for all of my stories. So I wanted to write another dark story, but one more relatable. That's where Team Rocket comes into mind. I have always been a fan of this evil corporation, but felt that they never did enough in the t.v. series, especially after the Johto season, where other groups like Magma, Aqua, and Galactic came about. So in this one, I have made them a much more powerful group. This will be easier to think of since the previous groups mentioned are disbanded in the series.

Now I can't give away TOO much, but if you have any questions over ANYTHING AT ALL, please, feel free to send me a message or review. I have no problem answering them. But please, no hate mail. I have received some since my return and it was not appreciated. I will answer this one now however...I will place the first chapter of "R" hopefully sometime this week, depending on how college and my real life affect me. And YES, this DOES count as the first chapter of "R", I did NOT create this just for telling you what I will post. So DON'T flag! The chapters WILL be posted onto this story.

Thank you, and hope you will enjoy!

evan, a fan of aaml -EVAN AAML