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"I'm not getting anywhere doing this".

Caitlin once again found herself walking down yet another silent and empty hallway, continuing the ruse of being a Rocket grunt on patrol. She took pride in her skills as an actress; despite the Rocket takeover, her parents taught her everything in the theater and musical arts. However, regardless of her skills, the urgency she showed was apparent to someone with a skilled eye. Since Ash had tasked her and the rest of Gary's squad with rescuing the rebel POWs, she had done all she could to try and get information. They had yet to run into any other Rockets, which resulted in mixed emotions for the young rebel. While she was glad she didn't have to keep up her front every second, it also meant that there was no one to ask for the information. Most rooms were locked, and she couldn't break with and risk getting noticed by a Rocket, so searching for information that way was out of the question.

And all of this monotony was beginning to make her get lost in thought.

She knew that this was all riding on her, and it was pressure she would rather not have. Gary trusted her to get the information, and while she appreciated the bode of confidence, she was concerned that it was all misplaced. Gary had shown trust in her, and helped her relax when they were on the way to Veridian. Caitlin however still felt scared. Not just in her own life, but now that she was in charge of getting information, she felt that all of the PTA prisoner's lives were hers to bare.

Maybe she should have kept her Pichu earrings after all.

This was nothing like her previous mission. There wasn't nearly as much pressure, no one's life on the line, other than her own. All she had to do before was enter various businesses in a small town to see if they had Rocket influence. An easy undercover job; one she accomplished with flying colors. Now she found herself in a position where she could easily get herself, and everyone around her, killed.

Emily and Gary's boosts of confidence helped, but the only way she'd be able to get over her fear was to save the others and get out of this alive. And every second she failed to find out where her friends were being held, Caitlin lost what little confidence she had.

The lack of confidence must have affected her attention, for when she looked up, she found that she had made it further into the base. Her heart-rate plummeted as she quickly looked around, trying to get a hold of her surroundings. The halls didn't look much different than the one she was in before she spaced out, but it was the lack of rooms that made her nervous. Unlike the other hall, this one only had a couple of doors here and there, and they were heavily secured at that. Caitlin turned around and sighed in relief when she spotted Gary peeking out from around a corner. At least they had followed her. She hoped that they weren't wondering what it was she was thinking spacing out the way she did.

Caitlin quickly gathered herself and turned back around, putting on her Rocket face and moving on. She looked at the doors, analyzing them. The doors were not wooden like the ones she saw before, but rather more like iron or steel. They weren't that thick, but they appeared to be bolted. She could tell just from looking at them that they were locked, and these would be a lot harder to get into than the other doors. However, the fact that they were so fortified made her hopeful. Maybe the rebels were kept in here?

She suddenly was filled with a feeling of ease. This had to be it! They were levels beneath the base, and these doors wouldn't be so fortified for nothing. They had been searching forever, they must have found it by now. All she had to do was get inside and see if the rebels were there. If they were, then she would be safe. She could stop the charade, and she'd be surrounded by people who could protect her. She was in the clear.

All she had to do was get in.

Caitlin debated about using one of her Pokémon, but soon disregarded that thought. Using one would be too loud, and draw attention to the area; not something she wanted to do. Besides, she would run the risk of injuring her allies inside. She looked down to the door handle. It was a typical door handle, with a skeleton keyhole under it. Maybe she could try picking it? Lock-picking wasn't her strong suit, but she knew how to do it. And skeleton keyholes were relatively easy to get through, though she never had to do one this large before.

Caitlin looked to the others down the hall. Gary and a few other rebels continued to watch her, while others looked down the other halls, making sure the coast remained clear. She motioned to the door, to which Gary nodded in response. Caitlin nodded back, and reached into her pocket. She pulled out a metal pick and hook and then looked through the keyhole. She couldn't make out much, the room was relatively dark. She could see what looked like screens, though they were all off. Other than that, nothing. Caitlin then began trying to work on the lock. She twisted the pick around as she tried to grasp the hook onto the latches on the inside of the keyhole, doing her best to keep quiet. But the size of the door threw her off more than she wanted, and she continued to make loud scratching noises again and again. She cursed at herself as she stopped to listen every time she screwed up.

No response.

She sighed and worked on it again. She could feel the latch, it was just a matter of getting the hook onto it. Just a couple more seconds she figured. Her heart raced more and she began to get fidgety. Sitting still was not something she liked doing, especially when it involved so much concentration. Acting was easy, there was concentration, but at least there was movement, action. Here it was just silence.

A silence that soon broke, when the door handle turned.

She gasped as the door swung open, letting out a slight squeal. She tried to hide the pick and hook as she stood up straight, looking straight into the eyes of a Rocket. Her eyes grew wide in shock and fear, there was no way he opened the door coincidentally, he must have heard her. What would he do? She refused to glance to the other rebels, fearing that the Rocket would turn that way as well and notice them. She only hoped that they would intervene soon enough.

Gary watched on nervously. He began to sweat as he thought about their next move. He noticed one of the rebels beside him reach for his sub-machine gun, but he slowly and quietly put his hand over it to push it down. They could easily just charge in for an attack, but if they weren't careful, the Rocket could grab Caitlin as a hostage, and more Rockets would be alerted of their presence. His only hope was to hold on and hope that Caitlin could act her way out of this issue.

The Rocket looked at Caitlin in a mix of curiosity and annoyance. He was a good foot taller than her, and roughly three years older too. He didn't have a large build, but was well-fit, (not shocking considering Team Rocket's strenuous training). He had dark brown eyes that seemed to be almost emotionless, which was something Caitlin never got used to seeing in the Rockets. He wore a light grey attire, which meant he was ranked, making matters worse for her.

"...What were you doing?", the Rocket asked, slowly and casually putting his hand towards his Uzi on his belt. Caitlin knew that if she panicked now, he would surely shoot her. She had to keep her cool. She pushed down her nerves and regained her Rocket-like nature. The Rocket's seemingly laid-back attitude meant she didn't have to act uptight, which helped. She sighed in an annoyed way, throwing her arms up in the air and looking up at the Rocket.

"Finally! The damn door was locked, and I was forced to pick the damn thing to get it open!", Caitlin stated. The Rocket raised an eyebrow.

"And you were picking the lock becaaauuuse...?", the Rocket asked.

"Because I wanted to get in, obviously", Caitlin responded. The Rocket looked skeptical.

"If you wanted to get in, why didn't you just knock?", the Rocket asked, his hand now on the Uzi, but not yet ready to pull it out. It was hard to tell how paranoid Rockets were of people in their own attire, though the fighting going on right now would warrant such a reaction. Caitlin quickly tried to think of a good response. She glanced behind the Rocket to see multiple televisions, all of which were black due to the EMP. That was her excuse.

"Because...I didn't know if you managed to get the security back up and running, didn't want to interrupt you", Caitlin responded. The Rocket nodded as he looked Caitlin up and down, as if taking in her appearance.

"Uh huh...", the Rocket said, clicking his tongue. Caitlin grew more nervous, the Rocket clearly wasn't buying it. But why then was he not alerting the other Rockets? Maybe he knew he couldn't, maybe he was all alone down here. But then why was he not attempting to shoot her? She had to try to instill her innocence.

"Listen, I came down here because Boss Giovanni gave me orders to patrol the halls. The PTA has breached the lower levels, and I'm alerting everyone down here. I wanted to know if the security cameras were back on-line so that we could spot them", Caitlin explained, trying to put in as much urgency and even concern in her voice as possible. There was a moment of silence between the two, the tension was so thick that Caitlin thought she might suffocate in it if the Rocket didn't kill her first. Why hadn't Gary and the others stepped in yet? The Rocket looked on, still not showing signs of true belief. Caitlin knew that if she showed even the slightest sign of nervousness her cover would be blown. She looked for an excuse to get out of there. She sighed and turned around.

"Fine! Don't believe me, see what I care, I'm sure Boss Giovanni will give you some punishment if the PTA doesn't kill us first", Caitlin said. She was about to walk away when she suddenly felt a hand grab her arm. Her eyes widened in shock. She couldn't help but shudder at the touch, a move that might just have cost her her life. She couldn't bare to turn around and reveal her fear, and just stood there, expecting to hear the sound of a gun clicking soon enough. Instead however, she felt herself being turned around by force. She looked up to see the Rocket, staring her down.

"You're saying these instructions...came from the Boss?", the Rocket said. Caitlin could only nod in response. There was that silence again. That very silence that Caitlin detested. Her heart felt like it would explode any second now. She tried her best to hold back her urge to gulp, tried her best to not sweat. The Rocket merely stared at her for a moment or two before finally nodding.

"Alright, the radios are still broken, but I'll see if I can find a way to let the other Rockets know about the PTA, maybe a Pokémon messenger or something", the Rocket said, relaxing and moving his hand away from the Uzi. Caitlin felt a heavy height lifted from her shoulders. It had worked. Down the hall, (and now hiding more), Gary sighed in relief as well. Though he could only just make out their conversation, he could tell that the Rocket had bought it. Hopefully he would enter the room and close the door behind him. Then they could decide from there whether they should try to take him down, or let him be and slip by. Caitlin nodded to the Rocket.

"Sounds good, you should get on that", Caitlin said. The Rocket stepped forward.

"Yeah, I will...after, that is...when you tell me who you really are", the Rocket said, putting his hand once again on his gun. Caitlin's eyes widened in shock and her heart rate skyrocketed. She felt the air in her lungs leave her, and she was short on breath.

"You know, I'll admit, you had me going there for a second...using Boss Giovanni as a way to get me to believe you, that was clever. Would have worked too...for any other Rocket. I'm sure you used it effectively on some of the other Rockets down here. But you see, the thing about me is, I'm in charge of the files for Rockets stationed at this base. I recognize every single face, even the new ones sent here recently for the fighting...and I definitely don't recognize yours", the Rocket explained. Caitlin could only stare at the Rocket in shock, words failing her. She was too scared to even reply. "So then...are you one of the PTA?".

Hearing this, Gary panicked. Caitlin's cover had been blown. He had to hurry up and get her out of there before it was too late. They couldn't risk a Pokémon attack with Caitlin so close to the Rocket. Maybe if they attacked quickly, the Rocket would be surprised enough to give Caitlin time to run away. It was their only shot. Gary turned to the others.

"Caitlin's in trouble! Emily, you and half the rebels stay back here and come in if things get hairy, the rest of you come with me! Go! Go! Go!", Gary yelled before bolting out from cover and down the hall. Several of the rebels followed suit while Emily and the others stayed back apprehensively. The Rocket and Caitlin turned to see the oncoming group.

"Guess that answers my question!", the Rocket said. Without hesitation, he quickly grabbed Caitlin around the neck by his arm and pulled off his Uzi, aiming it at her head. "COME ANY CLOSER AND I SHOOT!", the Rocket yelled forcefully. Gary and the other rebels skidded across the floor, halting as quickly as they could. Caitlin tried to pull herself free, but the Rocket's grip was tight, and her fear made her feel weak. The gun was pressed hard against her skull, the only "comfort" coming from her hat between her head and the barrel. The Rocket looked only slightly nervous, realizing he had the upper hand. He wasn't a grunt, he knew how to control himself better.

"If you were smart, Rocket, you'd let her go", Gary said, keeping his cool. The Rocket smirked and chuckled lightly.

"So what? You can go ahead and shoot me when she's away? No, no. I won't let her go until I am certain that I can get out", the Rocket said.

"So that you can alert the other Rockets?", Gary said. The Rocket gave a half-smile.

"Well no plan's perfect", the Rocket replied.

"You know we can't let you warn the other Rockets", Gary said.

"Well sorry if I'm not compliant, I don't exactly feel like dying today", the Rocket said. Gary tried to take a step forward, but the Rocket pressed his gun harder against Caitlin's skull. From the end of the hall, Emily watched in concern. She couldn't get a good view of the Rocket because everyone was standing in the way. She tried to maneuver around so that she could get a better look without giving away her position. Eventually, she managed to find a suitable spot and looked at the Rocket. However, something about him seemed...familiar.

Caitlin struggled to get air into her lungs. The Rocket was clearly strong, just barely giving her enough comfort to breath and nothing more. If she let go of his arms, there was a chance she could black out. She had to act fast. Gary and the others wouldn't try to shoot until she was out of the way, and the Rocket had no intention of letting go of her anytime soon. She tried to reach for her gun on her belt, but she didn't have enough leverage to slide the holster strap off of it in her position. She was beginning to feel light-headed, she had to concentrate. She then used her other arm and tried to reach for her Pokéballs. She could just touch them! As quietly as she could, she pressed one.

The Rocket glanced in shock when a white light suddenly appeared from Caitlin's belt, (hurting his eyes for just a moment or two), and flew just behind him. Knowing that if he turned around to see it, he'd be a target for the rebels behind him, all he could do was manage to turn his head to see the white light taking form. Eventually, a Ninetales appeared. It saw it's master being choked, and growled. It opened its mouth, flames appearing. Gary smirked.

"Well Rocket, looks like you're surrounded. What are you going to do now?", Gary asked. The Rocket glanced at the Ninetales, and then to the rebels. If he turned around to shoot the Ninetales, then he'd be shot in the back, and if he didn't, he'd be burned alive. He didn't know what to do. He held onto Caitlin tightly, knowing that she was his one ticket out of this mess.

Emily meanwhile continued to stare at the Rocket. The constant block of her view made it hard to get a definitive look at him. Eventually, she decided to pick up Shinx, (who had been by her feet thus far), and hold it up high to get a better view. Shinx looked at the assailant, and seemed to identify him. It looked down to Emily.

"SHINX! SHINX!", Shinx said. Emily looked back to the Rocket. Shinx wouldn't get so excited unless it recognized the person. His uniform and the distance made it hard to tell, but that voice...it sounded like...!

"I guess then...I'll just have to GO DOWN SWINGING!", the Rocket yelled, aiming his Uzi at Gary. Before either the Rocket or rebels could open fire, Emily rushed out, her hands waving in the air.

"NO! STOP! DON'T SHOOT!", Emily yelled. She pushed her way through the rebels and to the front, holding Gary's weapon down. The Rocket and the rebels looked on in shock, both of which too dumbfounded by this sudden action to do anything.

"Emily! What are you doing!?", Gary asked. Emily held her grip on the weapon.

"Wait!", Emily said. She looked at Gary for a couple more seconds, making sure he understood. She then slowly turned half-way to face the Rocket. "...It's been awhile...hasn't it?". The Rocket, once finally getting a good look at the woman in front of him, gasped.

"...Emily?", the Rocket asked. Emily nodded. There was a moment of silence between the two of them. None of the rebels understood how Emily knew who this Rocket was, nor why she would risk Caitlin's life. Gary watched on, curious, but also weary. He was prepared to step in at the slightest sign of danger. Eventually, the Rocket spoke next. "I suspected that you might have joined the PTA...after what happened", the Rocket said, less afraid of his situation, but none the less holding onto Caitlin and his gun tightly.

"I wanted to do some good...they were my best chance at doing that", Emily said. Another brief moment of silence.

"...That was pretty brave of you...running out in-between us like that. The old you wouldn't have made such a move", the Rocket said. Emily turned fully around, now facing the Rocket directly. She couldn't help but give a small smile at those words.

"I've changed a bit since you last saw me...I'm not so self-conscious now", Emily said. She then motioned to Caitlin. "Do you mind...letting go of my friend?". The Rocket looked to the other rebels suspiciously.

"How do I know your friends won't just shoot me when I do?", the Rocket asked. Emily looked reassuringly to him.

"You have my word...I won't let them...please", Emily said. With the rebels all watching in anticipation, the Rocket looked to Caitlin, then to Emily, and slowly against his better judgement let her go. Caitlin dropped to her knees, gasping for breath as she reached for her neck. Her Ninetales approached her and nudged her with its nose, wondering if she was alright. The Rocket then took a couple steps forward, which caused the rebels to raise their weapons in defense. Emily turned around and faced them.

"No, it's ok...", Emily said. Gary looked at Emily. He could see that she was serious over this. This Rocket meant something to her, though what he did not know. But he had trust in Emily, so he turned to the others and had them lower their weapons; (which they did apprehensively). The Rocket looked relieved.

"Emily...who is this?", Gary asked. Emily turned to look at the Rocket. He couldn't help but smile.

"This...this is Adam. He...was my boyfriend, before I joined the PTA", Emily explained. The group of rebels looked at Emily in shock. Most of them did not know her all that well, only knowing her position in the PTA at the base. Only some knew her at a more personal level, or so they thought. Caitlin, who was still holding her neck but by this time had caught up to her breathing, was stunned at the revelation. Gary raised an eyebrow, but did not react as openly as the others did. Perhaps it was his character that prevented him from showing such extremes in emotion, but it made Emily nervous regardless. Gary was a region leader, one of the people Emily was most hesitant about opening up about her past to. On top of that, his scientific mindset would analyze the pros and cons of this sudden revelation. But the situation called for it, and now all she could do was wait and see what judgement would be passed onto her.

The hall was silent for quite some time, only a few murmured whispers among the rebels could be heard. Emily could barely stand the tension, but stood her ground. There was no escaping this now. She had hidden from it for a long time, and managed to keep it under wraps until she admitted the truth to Angel and Dawn the other day. But now it was out in the open. Finally, Gary spoke up.

"So then...all this time...", Gary said. Emily nodded, knowing what he was going to say.

"Y-yes. I grew up as a Rocket baby. I fled from them and then joined the PTA", Emily said. Gary nodded, putting the information together like a scientist would. Some of the rebels looked annoyed, angered even, for her keeping such a secret from them. Caitlin was more stunned than anything. However, Gary, (who seemed to be lost in deep thought), was the one Emily was most worried about. One snap of his fingers and she could end up dead with Adam. But, for whatever reason, Gary decided to merely nod.

"...Alright then. You know as well as I do what we might have done if we had known, so I can see why you'd keep this a secret. It might make the others nervous. However, you have more than proved yourself over the years, and if you were in fact a spy, I think we would have found out by now", Gary said. Adam sighed at the news. Emily couldn't begin to describe the amount of relief and joy she felt with that burden off of her shoulders. The truth was out, and Gary still trusted her. She wasn't sure how the others would feel about her, but as long as she had their commanding officer on her side, it didn't matter. She would just have to win over their trust by helping win this war.

By this time, Caitlin had stood up, recovering from her near chock-out. Adam turned to the young woman.

"Sorry about that...but I think you understand why I did that...", Adam said. It was obvious that he wasn't used to apologizing, but to be fair, how would one apologize for almost killing you? Caitlin looked annoyed, but she was alive and safe, so she just nodded, petting Ninetales and thanking it for its help.

"So then, what do we do about you?", Gary asked. Emily looked nervous, stepping over a foot or so to get in-between Gary and Adam.

"He can help us!", Emily blurted out. Gary, the rebels, and even Adam himself, looked at Emily with confusion.

"Emily! You KNOW I can't just do that!", Adam said in a loud whisper.

"How so?", Gary asked, ignoring his comment.

"Adam worked communications with me when I was in training, he has all the skills I have, except he actually KNOWS this base", Emily said. She then turned to Adam with pleading eyes. "Adam...please. We need your help bringing down Team Rocket", Emily said. Adam looked conflicted. He put his hand behind his head, getting frustrated over having to make a decision.

"Emily, you're killing me! You KNOW what'll happen if they find out I helped you!", Adam said.

"I know Adam, but if we stop them, then you'll be safe. This war will be over!", Emily explained.

"It's not that simple Emily. You and your people have NO IDEA what you're getting yourselves into by fighting us here. I wouldn't be surprised if your teams were already dead", Adam said. He then looked over to the now scared and angry rebels. "...Sorry".

"They're not dead, and we have a shot at this Adam. But we need your help! Your teammates have captured a lot of our friends, and we need to find out where they are. Please Adam...", Emily said, not stepping closer to him. He looked into her eyes. He could easily see the pleading, but there was more than that. He remembered way back when, when those blue-green eyes were too often filled with fear, worry, and regret. He had done all he could to cheer her up back then, though it was a lost cause. But now, there were no signs of those emotions. Instead, it was replaced by something else...confidence. And it was something he couldn't ignore. He growled in frustration, but nodded.

"Alright! Alright!", Adam said. Emily smiled, something even Gary had to admit was a rare sight. Adam made his way back into the room he came out from, with the others following close behind. The room was small, most of the rebels stayed outside so that it wouldn't be crowded. The front wall was covered in several television screens, all of which were dead. There were lit oil lamps scattered on tables and hanging up throughout the room, and a flashlight was on, resting on the controls for the cameras. Adam picked up the flashlight and walked over to a set of lockers against the left wall.

"I'll be honest Emily...I didn't know if I'd ever see you again", Adam said as he opened the locker and began rummaging through it. It appeared to be tons of rolled up papers, possibly maps or blueprints.

"Well I didn't think I'd ever be attacking Team Rocket. Sometimes I surprise even myself", Emily said. Adam couldn't help but chuckle.

"Still haven't lost that sarcasm I see", Adam said. He turned to Gary with a smirk. "Be honest, how much of a pain in the ass has she been?". A kick to the back of his leg ended the topic. Eventually, he brought out a couple rolled up papers.

"I wonder how your parents would have reacted to seeing you in the PTA Emily. They always knew you were rebellious, but I don't think they'd expect you to go THIS far", Adam said as he placed the papers on the controls.

"Adam...I have to ask...my parents, are they...?", Emily asked, her voice hinting at anxiety and nervousness. Adam smiled, calming her down.

"No, they're not dead. You knocking out your Rocket squad and fleeing definitely raised some suspicions, but your parents were loyal, and there was no solid proof of their involvement in you going AWOL. So after the investigation, your parents were transferred to the Johto base in Azalea Town. I last heard from them...hmm, what, two weeks ago?" Adam explained. Emily sighed in relief, at least her parents were safe. Hopefully after the fighting, the Rockets in Johto would surrender, and she could go visit them.

Adam unrolled one of the papers onto the control panel and looked over it with his flashlight. He pointed at different spots of what appeared to be a map of the building, trying to figure out something. He shook his head to himself and looked at another part of the prints. Gary approached him, looking at the paper as well.

"What are you looking for?", Gary asked.

"Trying to figure out which part of the base your friends are likely being held", Adam said. He sighed and threw the paper down, letting it partially roll back up as it fell to the ground. He then grabbed another paper and unrolled it. The ends of the paper wouldn't stay down, but Shinx jumped off of Emily's shoulder and hopped onto the panel, holding down one side with its body. Adam smiled and gave Shinx a pat on the head, which Shinx appreciated. He then looked over the paper. Eventually, he spotted something.

"Well...if your friends aren't already dead, there are a couple spots where they might be", Adam explained. Gary and Emily approached the paper, which was another map of the base, though an older one. "Here is a typical holding room, one of our newer ones. It's near the back-side of the base, but lower down".

"Brian and the others came through the base at the back-end to detonate the EMP, that might be where they're being held", Emily explained. Adam turned to her.

"So they were the ones that shut down the power. Well, it's close to where that bomb went off, so if they were anywheres, I'd imagine it's there, though I won't lie to you, the odds of us keeping them alive after that are less than likely", Adam explained.

"We can't assume that, we need to find out", Emily said. Adam shrugged, knowing that there was no changing her mind. He then pointed to another spot on the map.

"This here is another holding area. It was actually a dungeon we discovered buried when we expanded the base lower into the Earth. This is where we...", Adam said, before stopping.

"What?", Emily asked. Adam hesitated.

"I...don't know if I should tell you", Adam said. This of course led Emily and Gary to make up their own idea as to what Adam was referring to. Emily grew nervous and Gary leaned over to get a better look at the map.

"How do we get there from here?", Gary asked. Adam pointed to a path.

"You need to take this hall and go all the way down here, then take a right and continue on through. There shouldn't be much security in the way in terms of soldiers, but there are a lot of doors to go through, some possibly bolted up tight. It'll take you about, ten minutes or so to get there from here", Adam explained.

"We don't have a choice. This is where we'll go first. This is the most likely spot where Dawn and the others would be. We'll get to them, and then head over to the holding cell where Brian and the others might be", Gary explained. Emily nodded. But before they got moving, Gary kept looking at the map. Adam turned to him.

"Something else you're looking for?", Adam asked. There was a moment of silence before Gary finally spoke up.

"Adam...where are the prisoners being held? The ones you had before we arrived? And...further more...where's Giovanni?", Gary asked. Emily, having nearly forgotten about looking for that, turned to Adam, hopeful that he would answer them. He however looked nervous.

"Prisoners...I...don't know what you mean. And Giovanni is on the third floor, in his office", Adam said. Gary stared Adam down, as if reading him.

"Adam, please. We know the Rockets are holding people here, and we know some of them people being held.", Emily said.

"And we already found your little Giovanni stand-in. We mean the REAL Giovanni", Gary threw in. Adam continued to look nervous.

"I honestly don't know what you're talking about. We don't have any prisoners, and Giovanni is upstairs!", Adam replied. Gary began to grow annoyed. He reached for a Pokéball.

"You're driving my patience Adam! Where are they being held!? Where's your boss!?", Gary asked. Emily, seeing that this could escalate too quickly, stepped in. She grabbed Adam gently and looked into his eyes.

"Adam...please...where are they?", Emily asked. Adam looked nervous. It was bad enough that he was betraying his people, but to give away that valuable information...he could only WISH for death if the others found out. However, he was in a tight position, and had no other way out. Adam sighed.

"Alright...the prisoners WERE being held here, in the third holding cell. They were going to be...euthanized, before we caught wind of your attack. The others moved them to the basement...but I don't know where down there, or if they're still alive", Adam explained.

"That's good enough, we'll tell Ash to head down there", Emily stated.

"As for Boss Giovanni...he's...", Adam began, before stopping. It was clear that he was nervous. The mere image of his leader in his head made him shudder. Gary never got over how much of an influence in fear Giovanni had on his own people, let alone the civilian populace. Eventually, Adam caved in. "He's in his hidden office...it's a secure room that ONLY accessible by this path. You'll actually have to go through the basement to get to him anyway", he explained, pointing out the path. Gary nodded, then turned to Emily.

"Ok, contact Ash, tell him what we found out, and direct him to the prisoners and Giovanni. Then we'll head off to find Dawn and the others", Gary said. Emily nodded. Gary handed her the map and Shinx jumped up onto her shoulder. But before she left, she looked to Adam, leaned down, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you", Emily whispered, before turning on a heel and leaving the room. Gary ignored the kiss and turned to Adam.

"I suppose I should thank you too..Adam", Gary said, showing a slight sign of resentment, but none the less grateful. Adam nodded.

"So then...what happens now?", Adam asked, clearly suspicious and afraid. Gary could tell that he was ready to reach for his gun if it came down to it. So instead, he gave him an alternative.

"Well...you've already betrayed your boss and your comrades...might as well come with us and go the full mile", Gary said. Adam scoffed, finding it to be a joke, though he knew better. There was a moment of pause before he shrugged.

"Well...I'm gonna die anyway...might as well die with Emily", Adam said.

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