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"Hmm…yep. I'm gay. 100% gay. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Hey, could you hold my place in line? I have to use the bathroom," and with that, Blaine walked off.

Kurt couldn't move out of complete shock. Something had gone right. For him. Blaine didn't turn out to be straight and run off with Rachel, leaving Kurt, once again, totally heart broken. Other than being slightly ticked at Kurt about something idiotic, they were once again, okay. Kurt blinked. Something. Had. Gone. Right. For. Him. What?

Kurt just couldn't understand, he shook his head to clear his mind but he couldn't. Obviously what he had seen was some sort of a dream and he needed to pinch himself and wake up before he got any more depressed. He pinched himself.

He didn't wake up. Here he was. Kurt Hummel. Standing in a small coffee bar area. And something had gone…right. He blinked again and shook his head again. He realized, dream or not, he should totally rub this in Rachel's face.

"That was hard, wasn't it?" Kurt asked, putting his hand consolingly on Rachel's shoulder.

"Are you kidding?" Rachel asked and then went on to babble something about a song that Kurt didn't take the time to listen to, then walked off.

Kurt guessed it was now his job to keep Blaine's spot in line, but he kind of wanted to see how Blaine was feeling. He decided the spot could wait and walked over the bathroom intent on seeing how Blaine was feeling.

He opened the door which creaked slightly, alerting Blaine of his presence. Blaine looked up from the sink where he was washing out his mouth. Kurt giggled slightly. "Having fun Blaine?" he asked, aware that he had used the same line just a little while ago, while he was still blissfully unaware of how awful the picture of Blaine sucking face with Rachel Berry could be.

Blaine looked slightly amused, like he remembered too, but grumbled, "If you've come to brag, I suggest you just get it over with."

Kurt sighed. He couldn't believe that Blaine thought that he was that kind of a person. He would never do that to somebody, least of all his crush that he had spent the last few days defending and fighting with Rachel over. This shouldn't be. "Blaine, I'm not here to brag. I'm just here to see if you were okay, but if you want me to leave," he looked down. "I guess I will. But…I guess I wanted to say I'm sorry for contradicting you yesterday about your 'experimenting,'" Kurt shrugged. "I don't really see why you are so ticked at me for it, but-"

I can't live without talking to you? I hate seeing you think I'm a horrible person? I love you and will do anything for those stupid puppy dog eyes you're currently making at me?

"-but I'm willing to apologize to save our friendship," Kurt mumbled, casting his eyes back down at the floor again.

Blaine looked over at him and put his hand on Kurt's shoulder in a friendly gesture. "We need to talk."

Kurt nodded, and dutifully followed him out of the bathroom and back into the warm, calming coffee bar area. They both got a coffee and Blaine led Kurt outside. They walked for a few minutes in awkward silence, silently sipping on their drink until Blaine suddenly turned around.

They had walked from the coffee bar, that wasn't too far from Dalton, into a school courtyard that would have been a very popular gathering place if it wasn't 28 degrees outside. Blaine stared at Kurt, causing him to look down to avoid the intensity of his stare. "Where do we stand?" Blaine asked.

Kurt took a shaky breath and sat down on a frozen bench. "You think I'm an awful person who doesn't care about you and contradicts you for trying to figure out who you are, and a total hypocrite for that same reason. I, for one, hate seeing you think of me this way and have gone all week defending you saying that you were only drunk and trying to keep you and Rachel apart because I knew that one of you could get hurt, because, try to deny it if you will, Blaine, you are gay and I think that you are amazing just the way you are and should never change," Kurt blurted out. Had he just said all that out loud?

Blaine looked over at him in shock. Kurt blushed, but there were worse things he could have said. I was defending you all week because I was jealous because I'm totally in love with you and don't want you to go off with someone else before I get the courage up to tell you how much I love you. For example.

Blaine blinked and sat down next to Kurt. "I don't think you're an awful person," he whispered.

Kurt looked up at Blaine from where he was slouching down, trying to make himself as small as possible. "Did I say that out loud?" Kurt mumbled.

Blaine nodded. "Uh, yeah. You kind of did," he shrugged. "I don't think you're awful. But I don't understand why you were so against me just trying out something with Rachel."

Kurt bit his lip. It was now or never. If he chickened out, he might never tell Blaine how he really felt. Now that Blaine knew for sure who he was, he might start going out without somebody else and-no. That was just too horrible for Kurt to think about. He could at least prolong those thoughts as long as possible.

He considered confessing it in French which Blaine (who was not exactly fluent. At all.) wouldn't be able to understand, but it wouldn't have the same effect. He took a deep breath and thought, Courage. God, how cliché.

"Blaine, do you remember on Valentine's day, the GAP Attack?" Kurt asked.

Blaine grimaced. "Uh, yeah. I was kind of trying to forget that ever happened, but yes. Why?"

"You know how I said that…" Kurt blushed. "I thought you were talking about me?"

"Yeah, and the whole Harry and Sally thing? Yeah, Kurt. I remember. Why are we talking about this?" Blaine was utterly confused and Kurt realized that for Blaine to understand he was going to have to say exactly what he meant, or Blaine would never get the picture.

"The reason I was contradicting you about going out with Rachel is because…I was…jealous," it totally hurt Kurt to admit that.

Blaine looked at him, still not getting it. "But Kurt. Why would you be jealous? I was just experimenting."

"Well, I was just worried that the experiment might become something more…because…well-" I'm in love with you. More than you'll ever know, and I didn't want you to go off with someone else until I at least had the chance to tell you that. Kurt tried out the words in his mind, and to his horror, they also came out his mouth.

Blaine was pretty sure he was staring at Kurt, slack-jawed. He realized that he looked like and idiot, but he figured that's exactly what he was, so he might as well fit the part. "Kurt-"

Traitor tears ran down Kurt's cheek and he wiped them off immediately. It began to snow suddenly and Kurt stood up. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so upfront and I didn't mean to push myself onto you. And if you don't feel the same or don't want me, then that's perfectly okay. I mean, I know you said you were bad at romance, but I don't really care. I just-I'm sorry." Kurt realized he was babbling, and he managed to stop himself. He hung his head sadly. "Sorry," he whispered and was about to walk away, when he was suddenly pulled back.

Blaine had hold of one of his hands, and had stood up, so they were now practically nose to nose. Blaine stared into Kurt's beautiful blue eyes and said nothing. Kurt wasn't sure exactly what was happening. Surely Blaine wouldn't be rude enough to say something like; I never liked you that way, or, It's over, right in his face and walk off, leaving him in the snow, would he?

"What are you-" Kurt started but Blaine silence him with a kiss.

Kurt's eyes slid shut. He couldn't believe this was happening, but his brain had kind of shut off so he couldn't really think about it. Blaine tasted like coffee and cinnamon, and Kurt couldn't think of a taste he liked more.

Eventually, Blaine started smiling, and Kurt did too (as his brain had moved to Aruba), and they both began to realize that there was this annoying thing called "oxygen" that they kind of needed to survive, and the kiss ended.

"I love you too, Kurt," Blaine whispered, his brain trying to remind him that he was awful at romance, and he tried to ignore it, but something slipped through. "I remind you though, I'm bad at romance."

Kurt smiled again, leaning their foreheads together. "Maybe I want your Bad Romance."

Blaine grinned and kissed him again.

Again, their need for oxygen stopped the kiss. This time, Blaine said, breathing heavily, "Yep. I'm gay. 100% gay. You?"

Kurt pretended to ponder that, then he kissed Blaine again. Just a short kiss, but it was enough. "Yeah, me too."

Blaine laughed. "Want to go get some dinner?"

"Sure," Kurt smiled and allowed himself to be lead away, hand in hand, by the guy of his dreams.



"Where are they?"

"I don't know. Rachel just walked out. Did you remember to pay her?"

"Yeah. Wait. I see Kurt! He's walking towards the bathroom!"

"So much for Blaine's spot in line…"

"How long have they been in there?"

"I don't know. A few minutes? Oh wait! I see them!"

"Me too! They're buying coffee and…walking this way! Hide!"

"Quick! Follow them!"

"They're in the courtyard. It was smart to bug that bench."

"Yeah, I know. Did you bring the radio?"

"Yeah, here. What're they saying?"

"Um, Kurt's making a fool out of himself and Blaine's being an oblivious douche bag."

"Let me listen!"

"What're they saying now?"

"Ooh, Kurt just confessed to Blaine that he loves him!"

"Do you have the binoculars?"

"Uh, yeah. There you go."

"Thanks. Ooh, Blaine's making that face he makes when the teacher just said something in French and he has no clue what she's talking about."

"Yeah, Kurt's trying to apologize and Blaine staying quite silent."

"Uh oh. Kurt's leaving."

"No wait, hold on. What's going on? Everyone went silent!"

"Oi, David you have to see this!"

"What? Give me those. Wait, YES! FINALLY!"

"What's going on? Hand me the radio!"

"They just realized they need oxygen."

"Yeah, oxygen can be quite a good thing."

"Oh, Blainey loves Kurtsie too!"

"Do you have the camera?"

"With the really long lens? Yeah, here."

"Ooh, this are so going on Face Book. And anywhere else I can put them."

"Oh dear, they're being cheesy."

"Does this mean the end of Katy Perry on repeat forever and ever until I had to find the hammer and smash the stereo?"

"No. On the other hand, I think it might have just gotten worse."

"Oh, God. What did we get ourselves into?"

"I dunno, but I do know we got some pretty incriminating pictures. Shall we go post them?"

"Definitely," Wes said mischievously, rubbing his hands together and following David as they both ran to the nearest Internet café.

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