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Santana Lopez commented on Wes Moore's picture: Kinky, Hummel, but, from experience, I wouldn't recommend doing it on a concrete bench.


Finn Hudson: WTF KURT?

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Kurt Hummel: What's going on around here? Everyone seems to be talking about something on Wes's page.

Quinn Fabray: Go see for yourself. ^^

Kurt Hummel: Fine.

Wes Moore is now running for his life.

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Kurt Hummel: WES! I WILL CUT YOU FOR THIS! GET BACK HERE! And David, don't think I don't know that you have something to do with this too! You. Are. Next.

Brittany S. Pierce: You better run fast, Wes. Even though I know that you are a wizard who goes to Hogwarts, you have to remember, dolphins are just gay sharks. That doesn't mean they don't still have sharp teeth.

Santana Lopez: I bet Blaine would know whether that's true or not…

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Noah "Puck" Puckerman: Hey, Hummel. If you need any supplies you know where to come.

Finn Hudson: Woah, dude. TOO FAR.

Mercedes Jones: Yo, Romeo! Why aren't you participating in this convo?

David Young: Yeah, Romeo, what say you?

Blaine Anderson: Oooow. Thanks a lot you guys, he just clocked me in the head with his iPhone and I was SLEEPING.

Artie Abrams: At 12 at night? What are you in? Middle school?

Noah "Puck" Puckerman: Yeah, dude. All the real action goes down after 3.

Blaine Anderson: Don't remind me. What's going on around here?

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David Young: Look on my page.

Wes Moore: You do realize you just signed yourself up for much pain and suffering? Man, Kurt can kick hard.

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Mercedes Jones: ROCK ON, WHITE BOY! xD

Kurt Hummel: ;D

Blaine Anderson: WHAT?

David Young: Ow, you're right. That does hurt when you get hit in the head by and iPhone.

Blaine Anderson: WEVID!

Quinn Fabray: Wevid?

Kurt Hummel: That's what we call the combined and extremely annoying force that is Wes and David.

Brittany S. Pierce: ooh yay! The wizards escape'! Funny, it's spelled just like escape!

Mercedes Jones: Have you been watching Nemo again?

Brittany S. Pierce: -nods-

Mercedes Jones: Good girl.

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Tina Cohen-Chang: So are you two dating now?

Blaine Anderson: Yes.

Wes Moore: FINALLY! Ow, Kurt!

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Kurt Hummel: Do you like Finding Nemo, boo?

Brittany S. Pierce: Yes! Dolphin, I have a question.

Kurt Hummel: Yeah?

Brittany S. Pierce: Is it dolphin mating season?

Finn Hudson: WHAT?

Mercedes Jones: I think so!

Santana Lopez: Wanky.

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Noah "Puck" Puckerman: Is that why Hummel swam upstream?

David Young: I think so!

Blaine Anderson: You die today David Cory Young.

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Will Shuester: Hey kids! What are you doing up so late?

Sam Evans: Mr. Shue?

Wes Moore: Who's Will Shuester?

David Young: Maybe he's Kurt's secret boyfriend who's come back for revenge!


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David Young: Argh!

Mercedes Jones: Oh hell to the naw!

Kurt Hummel: NO! YOU IDIOTS! That's the New Direction's director! Mr. Shuester!

Rachel Berry wonders what's going on.

Quinn Fabray: Mr. Shuester randomly appeared.

Will Shuester: What's all the hubbub?

Wes Moore: Look on my profile!

David Young: No, mine!

Kurt Hummel: Nothing Mr. Shue, I was just getting off.

Blaine Anderson: Yeah, bye!

Mercedes Jones: They finally got together! Eeep!

Finn Hudson: This is so awkward.

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Santana Lopez: Wow Finn. Big word.

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Sam Evans: Hey, hey, hey, let's not get too out of control here!

Rachel Berry: Too late.

Will Shuester: Well, tell them I said good luck.

Quinn Fabray: Okay.

Mercedes Jones: Night Mr. Shue.

Will Shuester: Good night kids.

Burt Hummel to Kurt Hummel: Kurt Elizabeth Hummel.

Kurt Hummel to Burt Hummel: Yeah, dad?

Burt Hummel to Kurt Hummel: Would you like to explain these pictures?

Kurt Hummel to Burt Hummel: *gulp* FINN!

Burt Hummel to Kurt Hummel: Just when exactly were you planning to tell me about this?

Kurt Hummel to Burt Hummel: Um a few weeks? It was just because I knew this is exactly how you were going to react!

Burt Hummel to Kurt Hummel: -sighs- Kurt, I love you. But we need to talk. And I want to talk to this boy too.

Kurt Hummel to Burt Hummel: Argh, PLEASE don't take it out on Blaine!

Burt Hummel to Kurt Hummel: I won't.

Burt Hummel has sent Blaine Anderson a message.

Subject: We need to talk.

Mr. Anderson, this is Kurt's father. I happened to be looking around at Kurt's page and noticed some tags and pictures on a page of your friends that were quite interesting.

Just what makes you think you can date my boy without asking my permission first? I barely know who you are! And don't try and play innocent, because from what I've heard from Kurt you've been stomping all over his poor little heart lately. What's to make me think you won't do it all over again?

You've got a lot of nerve boy, and if I weren't so angry about this, I might compliment you for that.

What do you have to say for yourself?

Kurt Hummel: Blaine. Run. My dad's coming for you!

Mercedes Jones: Better run fast white boy!

Blaine Anderson: No. I want to talk to him.

Kurt Hummel: -sighs- Fine, but be polite.

Wes Moore: Dapper!Blaine to the rescue!

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David Young: Blaine, try not to mention anything about how hot his son looked in those one pair of skin-tight jeans that totally extenuate his *coughcough'hot ass'coughcough* or anything like that.

Blaine Anderson: T.T

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Blaine Anderson has sent Burt Hummel a message.

Subject: What I have to say.

Mr. Hummel. I wrote back to apologize. I'm really sorry about not asking your permission first. I know you're very protective of Kurt and that's great, considering my parent don't give a damn what I'm doing.

I'm not trying to play the pity card, I'm just talking truth. I would very much like to meet you and your family in person so I can formally ask permission to date your son.

About what else you said…you're right. I guess, I shouldn't really be allowed to date someone as wonderful as Kurt considering everything I've put him through and everything he's been through. I know he thinks I'm perfect, but I'm not, but would try so hard to be for him.

Why? Because your son is the most amazing, beautiful, strong, talented person that I have ever met and I admire him for everything he does, and would love him forever if you give me permission.

I really hope you'll give me a chance Mr. Hummel. Kurt deserves so much love and happiness in his life, I know you'll do what'll make him the happiest.

My regards and respect to your decision and again, my great apology,

Blaine Anderson

Kurt Hummel: Did you do it?

Santana Lopez: I don't know Hummel, did you?

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Noah "Puck" Puckerman: I like the way you think.

Blaine Anderson: Yes.

Rachel Berry: Well, good luck to you two. (:

Mercedes Jones: Remember to where bullet proof armor Blaine. Mr. Hummel has a gun.

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Blaine Anderson: Crap.

Burt Hummel has sent Blaine Anderson a message.

Subject: RE: What I have to say.

Well, Blaine. I really appreciate you handling this like an adult.

Though, reluctant as I am, I can tell a good heart when I see one. I think that we don't need a formal asking, I give you my permission to date my son.

But I swear boy, one inch of trouble, one toe out of line, if my boy gets hurt because of you, I swear to God that you will be meeting my good friend Mr. Shotgun.

Just so we see eye to eye.

Have fun you crazy kids, though I do look forward to meeting you some day Mr. Anderson, and stay safe. I think I have some research to do…-sighs-

Thanks again,

Burt Hummel

Finn Hudson to Kurt Hummel: Kurt? Are you mad at me? Sorry. I didn't mean to tell him.

Kurt Hummel to Finn Hudson: It's okay Finn. It's not your fault. It was bound to happen eventually.

Finn Hudson to Kurt Hummel: Brothers?

Kurt Hummel to Finn Hudson: Brothers.

Finn Hudson to Kurt Hummel: Can I have the warm milk again?

Kurt Hummel to Finn Hudson: Sure Finn. Sure.

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel are now in a relationship.

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Wes Moore: FINALLY!

Mercedes Jones: Congratulations, even though we all knew it was bound to happen eventually.

Rachel Berry: Good luck Kurt. I hope you have more than me.

Finn Hudson: What?

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Brittany S. Pierce: Does this mean you're not my dolphin anymore?

Kurt Hummel: It's okay boo, I'll always be your dolphin, but you and Blaine are going to have to share me.

Brittany S. Pierce: =)

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Santana Lopez: Hey Anderson, if you and Hummel break up, my bed is always open.

Sam Evans: No it's not.

Noah "Puck" Puckerman: You'll get used to it.

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David Young: Does this mean no more Katy Perry?

Wes Moore: Actually, I fear it was just turned up louder.

David Young: WHY DEAR LORD? WHY?

Blaine Anderson: Maybe to cover up the sound of something else…


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Santana Lopez: XD

Finn Hudson: KURT!

Kurt Hummel: He's just kidding! …maybe…; D

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Quinn Fabray: Congrats, Kurt!

Wes Moore: How hard do you think I would have to whack myself in the head with this Calculus book to kill myself? Or at least put me under? Where's the dislike button? DISLIKE! DISLIKE! DISLIKE!

David Young: GAH! BAD THOUGHT! ARRRRRGH-indfzlx;mk,….

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Brittany S. Pierce: And now they are spawning! I checked out a book at the library about dolphins.

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Santana Lopez: Good job, girl.

Brittany S. Pierce: (:


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Wes Moore: O.O

Wes Moore is now pretty sure that he's going to go jump off a cliff.

Mercedes Jones: Yo, Anderson, you take good care of my boy.

Blaine Anderson: No worries.

Kurt Hummel: I think it's Wes and David that we need to be worrying about. We may need to block the exits…

Noah "Puck" Puckerman: Hey, foursomes can be fun.

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Finn Hudson is now going to go throw up.

Mercedes Jones: Sweet dreams, Dalton. ^^

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Brittany S. Pierce: Wait…how long does dolphin mating season last?

Kurt Hummel: Yeah Blaine. How long?

Blaine Anderson: Come back to me on that one.

Tina Cohen-Chang: Whack him for me, Kurt.

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Blaine Anderson: Ow…okay, how about forever?

Kurt Hummel is much more pleased with that answer.

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