Challenge: "IN SICKNESS"
A bit o' fluff in which Frodo enjoys a break from what he's used to experiencing when sick.



"Time for your tonic, Frodo," Faramir announced, entering the Ring-bearer's room.

"Oh yes, please!" Frodo said enthusiastically. He sat up in bed, blue eyes sparkling with eagerness.

Faramir set down the tray he was holding on the table beside the bed. "Which flavor today, my friend?" he asked.

Frodo surveyed the row of small bottles, finally shaking his head.

"They're all so delicious, I cannot possibly choose."

"Perhaps you will allow me..." Faramir selected one of the bottles, opened it, and shook a few drops of a brightly-colored oil into the cup of medicine. Sitting on the bed, he helped Frodo hold the cup. The hobbit drank up every drop.

"Which one was that?" Frodo asked, licking his lips.

"It is called 'tangerine'," Faramir said. "You have now tasted lime, lemon, orange, and tangerine oils. You have yet to try this last one... it contains a processed bean called vanilla."

"You're so fortunate, here in the South, to have access to such exotic flavors," Frodo told him. "Hobbit children would never be stubborn about taking medicine if it tasted so good." He looked thoughtful. "Perhaps we may take a few home with us?"

"Of course," Faramir said. "They are well processed, and keep for at least a year if unopened." He got to his feet and picked up the tray. "Your cousins are preparing your breakfast tray, and will be here soon. And I bear good news; Aragorn says that you may leave your bed today if you promise to take it easy. You are nearly well."

"What a shame," Frodo sighed, gazing longingly at the tray in Faramir's hands.

"I beg your pardon?"

"I mean, that's wonderful, of course," Frodo said hastily. "It's just that..." He coughed slightly. "I'm still a bit weak. You said something about... vanilla?"

"My childhood favorite," Faramir said. He winked at Frodo. "I will inform my liege that you require one more day abed. I am certain he will understand."

"Thank you, Faramir," Frodo said happily. "I'm sure I'll be well by tomorrow."

"So am I," Faramir said with a laugh. "So am I."