Chapter 1: Preface

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Ezekiel Bloor sat in his room with Manfred, Dr. Bloor and the Yewbeam sisters.

"I need to know where it is!" screeched Ezekiel.

"We know about where it is but… just not the exact place."

"Where then?"

"A hole in one of the cells in my dungeons," said Venetia.

"You have dungeons?" asked Manfred curiously.

"Yes, but that is beside the point," she said. "How are we going to find it? And even once that is done, how will we get in?"

"Put the boy down there," suggested Ezekiel. "Lock him up down there, but make sure he can find the hole without making it obvious that you want him to look inside it."

Manfred said, "He will most likely notice it and ask about it. If he does, tell him not to touch it—he will get curious if you tell him to stay away."

Eustacia nodded. "Once we are in though... wouldn't Charlie be king? I mean, is he not the youngest male descendant of Amoret who resides in the UK?

"But I am the youngestfemale,so surely I would be queen…" began Venetia.

"The Rowan girl is a descendant of Amoret," Dr. Bloor reminded them.

"So she is…" remembered Venetia. "Do you think the Realm of Amoret is real?Couldn't it be a legend and only a legend?"

"No,it's real—the Realm of Wyborn was found… and destroyed before my grandfather Bertram could reach Amoret's or Borlath's through the tunnels. Lock the boy up and don't let him out for anything—even the restroom… starve him and do anything else necessary—lock up Rowan as well when you can. Once we are in the realm we can attack, or anything else we may need to do to conquer it. You can go now," said Ezekiel sharply. "But Venetia—catch the brute tomorrow… or tonight if possible... He is living in your house is he not?"

Venetia smiled.

"Yes, he is living in my house—I could lock him up as soon as I get home if it pleases you."

"Yes, lock him up tonight—it will speed things up," he said. After dismissing them with a wave of his hand, everybody left Ezekiel to his malicious thoughts.