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Chapter 1:

Kurt silently cursed the day his dad had insisted that he help him out fixing cars as he swayed slightly on top of the tallest pyramid the cheerios had ever dared to make. Sue, having broken down near their garage last month and seen Kurt in his overalls, had decided that they were going to install their new confetti cannons halfway up the bleachers for 'added impact' and that he was going to do it. She hadn't even paid for a ladder, instead informing them that morning that they could quite easily pyramid to the height she wanted ('If you think that's hard, try pushing your broken car five blocks! Now that's hard!') and leaving them with instructions as to how high she wanted the cannons positioned.

"Are you sure you're okay up there?" Quinn looked questioningly up at him from her position a couple of feet under him, holding him up for the work.

Kurt sighed, "Quinn, my arms are aching, my legs feel like they're going to need amputating and my back is going to split in two any moment now! But I'm doing much better than I will be if we don't do this. Coach will eat me for breakfast and come back for the rest of you for dessert!"

"You do know that that your half-assed attempt at a cliché is totally mixed up right? Quinn sniggered.

"You do know that your lame attempt at being clever is totally failing right?"

"Guys if you don't shut the hell up and finish this work I will personally kick your asses from here to next football season!" Santana grumbled from her position near the foot of the pyramid. She was still being punished by Sue for her little confidence boost and her hands and arms were really starting to ache.

Kurt rolled his eyes and turned back to the complex arrangement of nuts, bolts and confetti cannon screws in front of him. He wished he had told Coach to go to hell like he had so desperately wanted, bet he was stuck on the top of the pyramid now for better or worse. Reaching for the next part he winced at cramp in his foot and accidentally sent it tumbling to the grass below their pyramid. Cursing, he decided he probably didn't need it anyway.

While Kurt was struggling to assemble the confetti masterpiece Sam was doing laps around the football pitch and grumbling about coach Beiste as he did it. So what if he was five minutes late for practice? They hadn't even started the warm-up yet, all she was doing was talking them through the drills she had planned for that day! Well, Sam didn't remember her saying anything about not being able to listen to his ipod, so he was taking the liberty of assuming that it was perfectly plausible that she didn't object to just that.

As he was nearing only five laps left to go, 'Accidentally In Love' by Counting Crows came on shuffle and Sam smiled a little to himself and surreptitiously increased the volume to nearly maximum and set it to repeat. He loved this song and, being such a nerd, had been ecstatic to find that it was included in Shrek.

He glanced over again at the cheerios pyramid and wondered absentmindedly why they had been holding the same formation all the way through football practice. Was the Coach testing their stamina or something? Because Quinn had lifted Sam in one of her more giddy moments, just to prove she could, and she could hold him for a good five or ten minutes without breaking a sweat, so he didn't exactly think lifting stamina was a problem here.

As he turned the corner near to the bleachers where the cheerios were, he could see the whole pyramid and it was finally possible to see that Quinn wasn't in her usual position on top of the pyramid. Instead Sam could clearly see that his girlfriend was supporting a rather exhausted and stressed looking Kurt Hummel as he fixed something large and cylindrical onto the edge of the bleachers.

From his position on the field he could see the exasperated look Kurt had on his normally serene and beautiful face as his eyes searched the ground. Wait, what? Did he seriously just think that? He must have been confusing him with Quinn. Yeah, it was because she was looking over at Sam at that moment. Of course.

Kurt searched the ground in vain for the nut he had dropped earlier and then resigned himself to the fact that it was nowhere to be seen. Ah well, he supposed that it would be fine without that one little piece, he had screwed enough other nuts and bolts on place surely?

Turning to face Quinn again he saw her attention focused on the field and followed her gaze towards a rather dishevelled and sweaty looking Sam Evans jogging along the sidelines toward them. He momentarily wondered what he had done to piss off coach Beiste, but then the bulk of his attention was focused on the way Sam's jersey was fluttering up in the wind affording Kurt a wonderful view of his toned and tanned abs.

No! Kurt couldn't allow himself to think about that! Sam was quite obviously straight and enjoying his heterosexuality if his budding relationship with the head cheerleader was anything to go by. There was nothing to gain by falling for a straight guy again, and after everything that happened with Finn, Kurt has sworn to himself he wasn't going to let that happen again, no matter what.

"Hey Quinn, can you stop ogling Sam long enough to let the others know I'm almost done?" Kurt smiled half-heartedly.

Quinn looked up and said "Sure Kurt, I think that's the only thing that will stop them grumbling right now. I swear I heard Brittany say that her arms felt like they were going to sting everybody if she didn't let go of Adrianne soon."

"Sting everyone?"

"I think she was hinting at jellyfish" Quinn smiled.

Kurt rolled his eyes back and nodded, "Someday that girl's going to fall down a hole because she was staring at the sky for too long; I worry about her Quinn"

"She'll be fine; I'd be more worried about yourself if I was you, with all the balancing and twisting you've been doing trying to secure those hideous things. If you hurt yourself or faint or something I'm personally going to kill the Coach!"

"Don't worry Quinn I'll be fine, like I said I've only got a couple more screws left and then it's done" Kurt smiled brightly, swept his once-styled brunette hair out of his eyes and wiped his greasy fingers on his cheerios uniform. He was getting it washed tonight anyway, so the Coach would never know, he reasoned.

He put the finishing touches on his confetti masterpiece and leaned back to appreciate his handiwork. Smiling to himself he remembered how shocked the cheerios had looked when they found out he was a (part-time semi-passable) mechanic. Well, he had done his dad proud.

But, as he turned once again to let Quinn and the rest of the team know it was time to move and dismantle the pyramid, he heard an ominous groaning emanating from the structure behind him and knew instantly what would happen.

Sam pushed his confusing thoughts about Kurt to the back of his mind as he smiled up at Quinn, telling himself that it was just a random coincidence that he had though Kurt instead of Quinn.

Think about it every time I think about it,

Can't stop thinking 'bout it

Yeah, it was definitely Quinn he was thinking about, her golden hair and her sweet smile, the way she showed her teeth when she was happy to see him like she was doing now...

And Kurt was suddenly running a hand through his hair and giving it a windswept and mysterious look as he wiped his hands on the thighs of his cheerios uniform. God, Sam had never noticed how cute Kurt's ass was before. No! God no, what was he thinking? He just looked... sophisticated in his uniform. That was what Sam had meant.

He was jogging closer and closer as Kurt turned to Quinn to say something and was close enough to be shocked by the piercing shriek of tortured metal that rent the air around the football field. Some sort of premonition made Sam pick up his pace and he was running flat out by the time the rest of the cheerio pyramid was realising what was happening.

Twisting to face the confetti cannon he could feel his eyes widen as the metal started to protest even more loudly at being hoisted to the side of a vertical structure, and he was cursing himself for losing that nut or bolt or whatever. Kurt couldn't think straight at that moment and could hear himself yelling at the rest of the cheerios and sounding like a demented parrot.

"Move, fortheloveofallthatisholyMOVE!"

Quinn was the first to get what he meant, and gasped loudly before regaining her composure and barking commands at her team like the HBIC people thought she was.

Meanwhile Kurt was frantically trying to support and steady the swaying structure with his hands, to no avail. As the first bolt sheared off and tumbled to the ground Kurt understood that there was nothing he could do too keep it from collapsing on him, unless the cheerios got their act together and moved him away in the next few seconds.

A shout from somewhere below startled him and he twisted away from the now falling cannon. Lifting an arm in a futile attempt to protect his face, Kurt could have sworn he saw the past sixteen years of his somewhat miserable life flash before his pale eyelids as they fluttered closed for what Kurt thought might be the last time.

Sam drew in a deep breath as he watched Kurt turn back to the cannon and saw the look of complete comprehension that flickered onto his face after only a few seconds. Well, I always knew he was a smart kid, he even helped me in French a couple of times, so it's no wonder he knows what's happening, Sam thought to himself.

Sam knew he should be more concerned for the safety of Quinn, right below Kurt in the pyramid, but at that moment all he cared about was the small, doll-like boy perched on top of it with his clear blue eyes open wide as if they could swallow the scene before him whole.

Increasing his speed to a pace he would have previously thought impossible he cried out "KURT!" in a strangled voice, unaware of the strange looks he was getting from many of the cheerios as he ran towards them. Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw Quinn's smile turn sad as she struggled to keep Kurt on his feet.

Kurt twisted away from the cannon as he shouted and Sam later told himself he imagined the slight look of relief mingled with the panic that covered Kurt's face as he held an arm up just when the cannon finally broke free.

Come on, come on
Turn a little faster
Come on, come on
The world will follow after

The cannon knocked straight into Kurt and sent the cheerio flying towards the ground as it plummeted to the floor not ten feet away from where Sam now was sprinting.

So I said I'm a snowball running
Running down into the spring that's coming

Kurt heard a whoosh of air as the cannon broke free from his carefully constructed moorings and actually thought he was seeing stars when he felt it slam into his arm, as much as he detested clichés.

Before he knew it he was tumbling through the air and he knew the ground was hurtling towards him at an alarming rate. Praying that hitting the ground wouldn't hurt too much, he silently thought of all the people in his life that he would miss. His dad, Carole and Finn, Mr Shue and the Glee club, even Rachel.

He felt a tear slide down his cheek at the thought of not seeing them again and instantly berated himself. They would NOT peel his broken body from the floor with tears drying on his face. He was stronger than that! He had to be, for his father's sake. Burt wouldn't forgive himself if he thought Kurt had suffered to his last breath. And he would be so upset that it was his son's mechanical skills, so mercilessly drilled into him by Burt, were the cause of his death.

As Kurt neared the ground, passing the flailing cheerios, his last conscious thought was 'God, irony is really cruel sometimes'.

As Kurt fell Sam saw the fading sunlight glint off a tear that was gracefully falling down Kurt's porcelain cheek. That, more than anything, spurred him on and just as Kurt was getting close to the ground Sam finally shoved through the screaming cheerios and reached out for Kurt, careful not to knock his bloody arm or let him hit his head.

Sam visibly blanched as he saw that said head was lolling to one side and that Kurt's eyes were closed, a serene expression on his face that made Sam want to weep with the perfection of it. But Kurt's chest was rising and falling and Sam closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as he lay Kurt on the soft grass and knelt over him, slowly and painstakingly putting him into the recovery position.

Come on, Come on
Move a little closer
Come on, Come on
I want to hear you whisper
Come on, Come on
Settle down inside my love

Kurt's eyes flickered open again while Sam was rolling him onto his side and Sam though he saw Kurt's mouth move, but he couldn't tell what those perfect, pale pink lips were saying. Leaning in towards Kurt he asked what he had said.

Kurt's piercing eyes locked with his and he whispered the most absurd sentence Sam could possibly imagine in his current situation.

"My dad's going to be so disappointed."

Kurt stared at the too-blond Adonis above him and wondered if he were imagining it before he repeated that his father would be disappointed in him, because his mechanic skills had let him down. Then, closing his eyes gently, he fainted for the second time that night.

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