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Honda Kiku—a slender man with black hair and eyes, and soft facial attributes such that one could easily mistake him for a youth in his early 20's—was in actual fact a relatively old nation. By all means he was not in with nations such as Francis Bonnefoy, Arthur Kirkland or Wang Yao but nor was he a newcomer like Arthur's brother Alfred F. Jones or the young Sealand ('Sea-kun' as he called himself). Anyhow, Kiku had experienced much over the years: family, independence, joy, horror, tradition and war to name just a few. So much had happened that he could barely recall all of it, or perhaps he just didn't even have the time to simply take a deep breath.

The days seemed to slip away like mere seconds and Kiku was beginning to lose track of everything.

He was imploding.


But he did not realize this, thinking he had it all under control. Japan was the land of the rising sun. So long as the red sun was high in the white sky not a moment was to be put to waste.

At least, that's how Kiku worked.