This is a story written in response to a challenge on the snapeslash list, and as a followup to JayKay's excellent story, "In a Delicate Way", which you should read first.

Since everyone else was doing it, I thought it was about time we had a slightly different perspective, and a different father.

Permission given to JayKay to smack me hard around the head and to archive it should she wish to. It may end up on my site at but I'm not completely convinced it deserves it.

PG is for implied m/m sex, the fact that it's implied is why it's not R.

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James took the hat off and went to the table. He very carefully chose a seat facing Professor Vector and Hagrid. He smiled at both of them and Hagrid waved.

Opposite him was a blond boy - Peter something-he-hadn't-caught, who seemed rather nervous. "Hogwarts isn't that bad," said James. "You'll soon get used to it."

Peter didn't answer, but he looked somewhat comforted. Then he asked, "Why is that teacher staring at you?"

James risked a glance behind him. "That's Professor Snape," he said. "I think he wants to talk to me."

"What's he teach?"


Peter looked curious. "How do you know? I thought you were a first year?"

"I am. Professor Snape is one of my parents."

"Ugh! Fancy being at a school where your Dad teaches!" Peter stopped, "Is your Mum here, too?"

James thought for a moment, then said, "Professor Snape is my mother. My father is Professor Potter."

Peter opened and closed his mouth a few times. Then he said, "How?"

"Well, if you were kind you could say that it was a curse which worked and a bit of thoughtlessness." James had indeed heard both his parents give this excuse. "But frankly, that's bollocks."

Peter laughed. "Why?" he said.

"I'm not the only one. There are six of us, seven if you count the one who isn't born yet. I may be only eleven," James grinned, from things people had said he was well aware he didn't seem to be eleven, "but even I've heard of contraception."

"So why does he want to talk to you?"

"Papa? Oh, he won't be the only one. I'd imagine Dad wants a few words as well."

"But why?" It was clear Peter wasn't going to let it alone.

"They probably want a 'little talk'," James grinned again, "on the subject of my getting myself sorted into Ravenclaw. But what with Papa in charge of Slytherin and Dad in charge of Gryffindor, what else could I do?"




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