Man, I don't know how long this story will be but I say about 5-10 chapters depending on how long each chapter is. I'll be publishing one chapter per month because this isn't my main story.

When I thought this up, I was listening to 50 Cent's 'Window Shopper' and it was originally going to be a story about an abused poor kid with rich friends, who couldn't buy anything thing and then one day he meets his rich best friend's brother and the man decides that he wants the kid as his so that he could spoil him rotten and show him what it truly means to be loved. You'll see some elements of that plot in here, I couldn't leave it out. Rap Music has gotten dull and stupid. (Eminem's new album is good though.)

Hope ya enjoy. It's un-beta'd?, so lots of mistakes, even if I did read it over.

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"Ohhhh! Renji how about this store? They have some cool clothes in them!" Renji, as he was called, sighed as he carried the bags of two best friends, Rukia and Hisana Kuchiki. The twins he had grown up with to love and hate at the same time. They were his complete opposites. The girls: neat, clean, elegant, short, petite, pale skin, ravenous black hair and stunning purple- with a hint of blue- eyes. Renji: dirty, messy, sloppy, tall, muscular, red hair and dull reddish- brown ones. So why did he hang out with these girls?

"Girls, I know ya rich and all, but do ya have to stop at every store? It's making me a little more than desirous at the moment."

Now he remembered. They were like two little angels who had come into his life and rescued him. Not exactly but it was more than enough for Renji. His mother left him with his father when he was little and he hadn't seen her since. His father was more than happy to take the blame out on his son though. Renji's child hood was more than tough, it was hell. Moving from place to place, living in hotel rooms, almost starving to death and being beaten within an inch of his life. He didn't want to live anymore until they found him. Rukia and Hisana.

"Aww. Renji! We bought you some things too. We're sorry if we're making feel uncomfortable." Rukia pouted as she looked back at Renji, while continuing walking into the nearby store.

"Naw, it's O.K. You two just do you own thing."

"We're done anyways. Do you want to come over and hang out with Rukia and I tomorrow?" Hisana had stopped looking through the clothes rack and looked up at Renji, who just stared back at her. Both girls knew about Renji's situation but they were powerless to do anything about it. They could only be that wall to lean on and Renji greatly appreciated it.

"Yea, sure." Renji muttered, in a subdued voice of his. He knew he couldn't say 'no' to the twins because hanging out with them was something Renji always looked forward to.

"So uninterested... But we'll have to fix that, right Rukia?"

"We sure will!" The twins laughed and Renji only sighed as he and the girls headed toward the exit of the mall.

Renji was dropped of in front of the apartment he lived at with his father. The girls didn't want to leave him there, seeing as though last week Renji had come to school with more than enough bruises, but they knew how his father was. Possessive, overpowering and just plain evil….

Renji waved good-bye to the twins with a smile, signaling his O.K., but he could see the look on the twins face every time they left and it would pain him. The car drove off and the smile on Renji's face disappears as they rode off into the night. Once he entered that door, he knew he wouldn't be a happy guy.

Unlocking the door, he could hear the T.V. on and loud snores coming from the couch, where his father slept. Said man was knocked out cold, with a few empty beer cans and bottles scattered around him.

Renji was glad at that moment; he wouldn't have to deal with verbal comment or physical hit that always came every time he walked in the door. Hoping to get to his room, he tiptoed quietly, learning over the years that his dad was a light sleeper, all the while, looking at the man as he made his way over.

He didn't notice the beer can in front of him and he stepped on it, wincing as he did and not looking back at the man he heard stirring on the couch. There was no noise for a few minutes, but Renji stood still, not daring to move.

"Boy, what ya doin' home so late! Didden I tell ya to come home befor' the sun set?"(1)

Renji still didn't turn around, he knew after all these years how his fathers face would look. However he did turn around when he heard the man get up, horror written all over his face and body trembling.

"Did ya not hear me boy? Or do ya need some more discipline like last time?" Renji's eyes widened as he remembered last time, he was bloodied, battered and bruised. He couldn't go to the hospital because then he would have no where to go if his father was put into jail. He loved the man because he was his father, but he didn't want to protect the one who hurt him, so he was ultimately stuck with trying to make the right decision.

Snapping back to reality, he jumped as his father was about to grab him and ran to his room. He quickly locked the door, knowing his father was right on his heels, chasing after him. Backing up against his closet door at the other end of his room, he slid down and hugged his knees, tears threatening to come out of his eyes.

He was glad that this was his last year of high school; he would leave his father and never come back. He didn't know where he would go but he had to get the hell up out of there, if it was the last thing he did.

He wasn't mad at his mother for leaving him, but 12 years had gone by and not a single word from her. He still loved her and he always would. She was his life but she had left to live another life without him.

Tears finally came from his eyes as he started to drift off, thinking about his mother and all the memories they had shared.

Renji couldn't help it. It shocked him every time he came to the Kuchiki manor. It was too huge to describe in words and he always felt uncomfortable whenever he came over. He wasn't used to all the maid and butler roaming around, being polite to him and doing what ever someone asked of them.

"Close your mouth Renji. You'll attract more that just flies." The twins snickered and Renji's mouth closed with an audible pop as he glared at the midgets standing before him.

"I'll never get used to it…" Renji took in his environment. The house was styled a traditional Japanese theme, with the genkan at the front door and tatami rooms with both fusama and shoji doors, but it had some of the modern-day themes in it like T.V.'s, computers, high-tech appliances for the kitchen.

"Shall we start on our homework? It would be bad if we just got straight to the fun…"

"Yea, I need some extra help in English anyways." One might look at Renji and automatically think that he was not a well-informed man, but he was pretty smart in his own right. He didn't do excellent in each class but great was the next best thing. He was ranked in the Top 50 in his class rank, something he was exceptionally proud of.

One might also think that Renji was a juvenile delinquent, with the tattoos all around his body, the bruises always known to be on him, and the smug and cocky look always presented on his face, but Renji was a pretty nice guy. He was just quiet and shy most of the time, but when he was with his other best friend, Ichigo Kurosaki, a guy he met his freshman year of High School, he was the guy everyone loved.

"Why don't you two go into the family room and I'll go tell Yamasaki to bring us some snacks." Rukia winked and hurriedly scurried away leaving Renji and Hisana. Rukia's wink wasn't meant to be something likes 'you two behave now', no, they both knew that Renji was attracted to boys for a long time and had no problems with his sexuality. Renji didn't want a whole lot of people knowing about it though.

As the two walked into the family room, Hisana index finger went up to her mouth and started tapping it. "I wonder if Byakuya will be home tonight. You two have never been formally introduced, have you?"

Renji thought about the man who was known as Rukia and Hisana's older brother. They had met a couple of time but were never properly introduced. In fact the last time Renji saw him was almost a year ago. The twins always told him that Byakuya was either coming home late from working because he was a extremely eventful business man or that Renji just had the worst leaving time, because every time the twins returned home, Byakuya was always there.

He sat next to Hisana on the elegant looking couch with his book bag in hand, ready to get into study mode with the twins. They reviewed for hours, losing track of the time that flew by, until the three of them heard the front door open.

"I wonder who that might be." Hisana wondered aloud as she and Rukia set their books to the side, about to stand up and walk to the hallway, to see if they had a visitor.

"You guys weren't expecting guest, were you?" Renji felt a little awkward around the rich people who associated themselves with the Kuchiki's. He remembered last time that happened, some other rich dude paid the household a visit hoping to speak the twins' older brother and that had only lead to the man insulting Renji when he had asked what house he came from. Renji replied with a subtle 'Zabimaru Street' and the man burst out laughing saying how unfit it was for a deprived person to be in the wealthiest households in Japan. Needless to say, that man never showed his face again because when Byakuya had heard about the incident from his sisters, he called Renji, apologizing in the most formal way, and then called the other man. Rukia and Hisana told him that they had never seen their brother get angry like that before.

Just as the girls started walking, a familiar head of long, black hair swept around the corner and stormy grey eyes were locked on with his. He could feel his mouth opening as he candidly gazed at the handsome man standing a few feet away from him.

My goodness…..

Byakuya had gotten off early that day, early being at least 8 o'clock at night, from his job at Seireitei International, where he worked as a Chief Officer in the Chinese Department (2). He job was eventful, everyday something new happened that would irk him, but he loved the job there. He was ecstatic, even though his face held no emotion, when he became a Chief Officer for the Chinese Department. He always loved the Chinese culture and being a Chief Officer allowed him to travel to China very frequently.

His drive home was quiet and he was expecting to go home and relax, by taking a hot bath and then laying in his bed to read a book he just started on. He got out of his car and walked up the front door, opening it and stepping inside. He could hear the voices of his sisters as the maids came up to him and took his coat and shoes, but he could also hear one voice he hadn't heard in a while.

He walked quietly towards the family and peeked in. His suspicious were right, red hair = Renji Abarai.

"Byakuya? You're home early!" His little sisters got up and ran over to give him hugs, leaving Renji sitting on the couch fidgeting awkwardly. They locked eyes for a brief moment until Renji spoke up.

"Hello, Mr. Kuchiki. It's a pleasure to see you again."

"Same here, Mr. Abarai. I see that you all have had dinner and are completing your studies, so I'll leave you unaccompanied." Byakuya turned around nodding to his sister and not before he took once last look at the red-head seated on the couch.

Byakuya walked away, going into the kitchen where the maids served him dinner. Once he finished, he passed the family room once again as he walked up the stairs and into his room. After the nice bath he was looking forward to all day, and reading a book, he laid down in bed and stared up at the sealing, an uncharacteristic smile creeping up his face. He didn't know why he smiled, but he figured that it had something to do with his mind remembering the cute look Renji had on his face when he seen him.

He knew he had to make Renji his.

(1) I got cousins, aunts, uncles etc. who live down in the southern part of America and they seriously talk like this, no offence to anyone, it's too funny because you can barely understand what they say. That's why I'm starting to like Linguistics.

(2) If you've read my other story, Sweet Dreams, you know what I'm talking about, but, if you haven't, go read the first chapter and you'll understand. (it's close to the end of that chapter)

I don't know if I'm moving too fast for this story…I mean I just stared typing and this is what I produced. As I start to write this story, I think you'll start to understand what's going on.