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Confessions-Epilogue Dragontwin/Kat

Chichi hummed a little as she fried the fish that evening for dinner. Gohan and Videl were coming over, and she couldn't wait to see her little boy again. Goku ducked under the hallway from the living room to the kitchen and smiled at her.

"Hey Chi, are Gohan and Videl here yet?" She sighed as she turned to face him.

"No Goku, you asked me that five minutes ago. Besides, you would have been able to sense their ki or whatever you call it." Goku grinned bigger.

"Oh, okay. Here they come, I think." Chichi turned to face the doorway and laughed out loud as Gohan and Videl landed just inside the doorway. They had been racing, and it looked like Gohan had let Videl win this time.

"You'll have to try harder next time, Gohan," Videl said, and winked at Chichi. They both knew what Gohan was doing, and they both thought it was a sweet gesture.

"Hey Dad!" The two men embraced warmly. Goten came running from around the corner. Now that he was older and *cooler* he and his brother shook hands hello, but Goten's greeting was enthusiastic. There was a burst of chatter from all of the parties involved, and as Chichi and Videl settled down to talk about family life and the house work they had to do and of course fighting, Gohan, Goku, and Goten all took off to spar for a little while before dinner was ready.

The dinner that night was surprisingly long. Now that Gohan had gotten a job as a top professor in one of the area colleges, there was much to talk about, and less time than ever before. Videl and Gohan seemed more in love than ever, Chichi noted with satisfaction. Gohan had indeed met the right woman to bond with, and Chichi couldn't have been more happy with his selection. While she was thinking about that Gohan stood up suddenly and took Videl's hand in his.

"We have an announcement to make," Gohan cleared his throat nervously and looked to Videl for support. She nodded at him to continue. "Videl told me yesterday that we're going to parents!" Chichi felt a wave of surprise wash over her.

"This is marvelous! Grandchildren! Oh my, Goku." The big Saiyan now had his wife wrapped in his arms.

"Hey, that's great you two!" Gohan laughed a little. Videl smiled.

"We've decided to name her Son Pan," Videl announced. With that Chichi's knees gave out and she fell against Goku's chest.

"That's a very pretty name," Goku said, and grinned.

"That makes me an uncle, doesn't it Gohan?" Goten's eyes sparkled with joy.

"Yep. Uncle Goten. How'd you like that?" Goten laughed loudly.

"That, I can't believe," Chichi said, and everyone laughed.

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