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7:00 Monday morning. I'm hard. Another lonely weekend has led to another Monday morning and another morning wood with only my hand for company. How many weeks am I going to wake up alone, needy and wanting? Actually, waking up alone I'm fine with. It's going to bed alone that bothers me. It's become routine - a routine I'm rapidly growing annoyed with. I look under the covers. Yep, still hard.

With a sigh and a stretch, I swing my legs over the side of the bed and rub the morning bleariness from my eyes. Time to shower and head to campus, stopping at my favorite local coffee shop on the way. Class is from 8:00 to 1:00, followed by a good workout at the rec center, then home to shower, study, jerk off, and sleep. Sometimes I make a second stop at the coffee shop or a quick run to the liquor store for a six pack. When you go to a Chicago prep school, you've had a passable fake ID since age fifteen and even then, the lame chick at Dave's Liquor is an easy target for a flirty smile and a little harmless innuendo. I've never had trouble getting what I want with the ladies. It's guys I have a hard time around. Literally.

I shove my feet in the grandpa slippers my mom was so excited to give me (but that I'll never admit I actually wear) and shuffle across the refinished pine floors to the bathroom. Acting as if I've lived here all my life, I sidestep the three places where the floor creaks the worst and lift the bathroom door slightly to avoid the screeching sound it makes as I pull it closed. I love old houses, but this one still needs some work.

As I step into the shower stream and begin my morning ritual, I think back over the weekend. I vowed to myself last Friday morning that I would get out of the house and 'try' over the weekend. Mingle. Interact. Do as college students do. Whatever. The only problem is that there are only two establishments that come even close to meeting my Chicago-boy standards in this shit college town they all call a 'city'. Tonic, a downtown nightclub, is a haphazard two-story bar with a DJ and a dance floor full of slutty sorority girls and douchebag frat dudes. SoCo, the local gay bar, seems to be just a place for cross-dressers to strut their stuff on a stage while pretty-boy twinks make out in the audience. After sipping a Sapphire and tonic in the corner at each place, I knew I'd never find what I needed in either.

Drying off in front of my closet, I grab a polo at random out of the sea of Lacoste – kelly green today – and a pair of my go-to button fly jeans before brushing my teeth and running some wax shit through my crazy auburn hair. 7:35. I've got to run if I'm going to have time for a coffee on the way.


Entering the coffee shop, I reach for my wallet and check my watch at the same time. 7:48. Dammit. I hurry to the counter and just as I start to order my usual iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot of espresso, I realize he's working. Scratch that. They're both working. Annnnd I'm hard again. I should've wanked this morning after all.

As I order my drink and hand Jasper a five from my wallet, I casually watch Riley work the espresso machine out of the corner of my eye. I've been coming to this coffee shop every day for the last three months. Every day since I moved to this shit town and realized the only place with good eye candy was a hippie, free-trade, local-organic, probably-selling-pot-out-the-back-door coffee shop. I usually get a glimpse of one of them every morning. Only twice in this three months though have they both been working.

From what I've observed in each, Jasper and Riley seem to be typical early-twenties hippies. They keep their hair a little longer than most guys and wear thrift shop tee shirts and torn jeans. Jasper has blue eyes and dimples like an all-around American boy, and often wears a leather cord around his neck or a silver ring on his thumb. Riley is dark-haired, dark-eyed and gorgeous with tan skin and amazing forearms. He seems more reserved than Jasper and doesn't make eye contact often but when he does, damn. That piercing gaze could bring me to my knees.

I still haven't figured out if Riley and Jasper are college students or just locals making a buck. It doesn't matter. They're hot. Like…steaming hot. As long as they're here, I'll come to this place every day for the next four years, even if we never interact more than exchanging money for coffee. For all my confident, sometimes cocky, exterior, I lose myself around these two. I stumble over words, blush during interaction. All it takes is a grin from Riley or a wink from Jasper and I forget who I've become. I revert to the shy preteen boy that knew he was gay and couldn't bring himself to tell a soul all those years.

I've got to get over this nonsense, so I clear my throat and blurt, "You two working the same shift now?"

Riley smirks at me and as he dumps the filter basket of the machine says, "Yeah. We're roommates now so it just made sense."

"Guess I'll be seeing you both every morning then. I mean, I come in here every morning and…you'll…both be here," I drift off. God, I sound like an idiot.

"You know, I've seen you 'round all semester and can recite your drink by heart, but I still don't know your name darlin'," Jasper teases.

"Ed-Edward," I say. Jesus, who stumbles over their own fucking name?

"Well Edward, guess we'll see your ass tomorrow." Jasper winks at me and turns to take the next order as Riley hands me my to-go cup.

"Sure. 7:45. I'll be here." I turn toward the door, mentally kicking my ass for sounding like such a jackass. I've got to practice before coming in here tomorrow morning.



What the fuck is wrong with me?

I'm ten minutes late to class, which my asshole professor makes a point to be a dick about. I just smile as I find a seat.

I nearly sprain my ankle at the gym because some douche frat guy didn't put the free weights away when he was done. Again, I smile.

Then, I get home and realize the water heater has gone out at some point. But I'm still smiling. He knows my name and he called me darlin'.


7:43 a.m. Tuesday. Mother fucker. How the hell did I oversleep this long?

I jump out of bed, throw on some clothes and run to the door.

No time for coffee, which means no chance at seeing Jasper and Riley.

As I walk into class, I realize I'm in my lavender Lacoste. Great. My favorite shirt and they won't even see me in it. This day blows.


8:09 p.m. Wednesday. Swimmer So Blue. No. Teal Paradise. Ick. Twilight Tartan. Hmm, now that has potential. I'm knee deep in fabric swatches and pictures of drapery rods, both for the rehabbing of my house and as research for an article for class.

My dad is a doctor in Chicago. Not just a doctor. When the blood tests show nothing or the MRI isn't clear, you call Dr. Cullen. He'll know. He just does. He's a real-life House or some shit. Frankly, it's annoying.

Imagine Dr. Cullen's surprise last year when his only child announced that he was following in his mother's footsteps instead of his father's. Mom started an interior design magazine twenty years ago and built its reader base from a few thousands copies delivered to Chicago's chicest boutiques to nearly 100,000 housewife subscribers across the nation. I can only hope that someday I'll be allowed to take over. It's been my dream since I was twelve and realized I'd rather redesign my bedroom than watch baseball. Go shopping for furniture than play video games. You get the picture.

Mom insisted that I do things traditionally – college followed by an internship followed by an assistant editor position at her magazine. She wants me to work my way up, so to speak. So I left Chicago this past summer and here I sit, in a Midwest town attending the top journalism school in the nation.

With no friends or family nearby, I've thrown myself into rehabbing an old house east of campus. I don't know if I felt like I had to prove something to my dad who just knew I wouldn't last a semester here or if I just wanted to make sure I got away from all the boys (and girls) of my past, but I used some of my trust fund to buy a house.

The place was a dump but slowly it's becoming something I can live in. Mom and I gutted the kitchen together this summer (well, we drooled together over the contracted crew that gutted the kitchen together at least) and it's all granite countertop and stainless appliances now. Then, I spent every evening the first month of school refinishing the original wood floors throughout the entire place by myself. It was calming in a sense, all that time to think and reflect. When I finally came out senior year, the news in our circle of the upper crust society spread like wildfire. Though my parents never once acted ashamed or upset, I still felt bad just disappearing on them. After over a hundred hours on my knees sanding and staining though, I guess I got over it.

My next task is windows. I've set up more efficient replacements to be installed for the majority of the old windows in the place and am trying to design the window treatments. But as I sit here browsing swatches, I can't help but be distracted by my day, notably my morning coffee stop.

It was a slow morning, so Riley took my money and then made my drink. I tried to make small talk but Riley didn't have much to say in response other than a polite yes and no where appropriate. Maybe he's shy.

I glanced around for Jasper but didn't see him, so I nodded thanks to Riley and turned to leave. Just as I spun to my left, I ran into someone solid and sloshed macchiato all over the person's chest. I raised my eyes and began to speak my apologies.

"Shit. I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going, and I –"

"Edward! Mornin'. In a hurry today, I see," Jasper drawled, totally unfazed by my clumsiness.

I felt a familiar stirring in my groin when he said my name. Storing that sound in the spank bank for sure. Damn.

"Yeah, sorry J-Jasper. I'm serious; I didn't see you there," I rambled, probably making an even bigger fool of myself.


"Yeah?" I looked up from the floor to meet Jasper's eyes. I never realized what a clear sky blue they are.

"Don't get your hot little boxer briefs in a twist now. I'd hate to have to fix 'em up with my teeth." Jasper lifted one side of his mouth in a smirk and turned to walk behind the counter.

After a moment's hesitation, I turned and nearly ran out the door, blushing furiously.

My cock was hard as a rock all day thinking about it. I'm still thinking about it. Did he mean what I think he meant? Surely not. I thought at best I'd get to stare at the boy for a few years. I definitely shouldn't get my hopes up that he might be gay and interested in me. He has to be straight. Right? Right.

With a huge sigh and yet another erection, I turn out the lights and head to the bedroom, stripping as I go. I sit on the edge of the bed and stroke myself urgently. As my usual reel of wank material scrolls through my brain, I pump faster and harder until I come. Cleaning up with a Kleenex and slipping under the covers, I can't help but feel unsatisfied.

My last thought before I drift off? How the hell does he know I wear boxer briefs?


Thursday morning. 7:25 a.m. I've made a point this morning of getting my ass out of bed in plenty of time for my coffee run. And a little extra, you know, just in case either Jasper or Riley has time to talk.

I spend an extra minute in front of the mirror on my hair and make sure to grab the pale yellow Lacoste, second best against my skin tone to the lavender from Tuesday. 7:31 and I'm already halfway down the block.

As I push open the front door, I notice Riley bussing tables in the front and Jasper behind the counter. This is good. Jasper talks more. And sometimes he winks.

I head to the counter and Jasper glances up from the till drawer.

"Well if it isn't Edward, come for his macchiato. How's it goin' man?"

"Good, good. I think I'll change it up today and just have a large coffee though. More manly." I cringe at my own choice of words. Manly? Lame comments are lame.

Jasper stares at me for a split second too long and turns to grab a to-go cup for the coffee. He turns around and his signature smirky grin is back in place.

"Edward, let me tell you a secret."

I lean in and Jasper lowers his voice slightly.

"I don't need anything about you to be manly but your cock, and from what I've noticed, you don't seem to have any problems in that area."

What. The. Fuck. I have no response for that other than a hard dick, so I busy myself digging in my wallet longer than necessary for a few dollars.

When I finally force myself to look back up, Riley has returned behind the counter. Great. Now both of them are smirking at me.

I clear my throat, grab the cup, mumble my thanks and turn to make my cup of 'manly' coffee which I'll probably throw in the trash as soon as I leave. As I head toward the door, I feel someone gently grab my arm. I freeze.

"Hey man. You ever shoot pool?"

Realizing it's Riley, I let out a sigh of relief and relax a bit. I'm not sure I can handle another comment from Jasper without jizzing myself.

"I have before, yeah," I reply, turning to look at him.

"Well it's Thursday, and Jazz and I have been going to that place up the road, Billiards, on Thursday nights to have a few beers and play a few games. He's awful, so I'm always looking for a new challenge if you're interested."

As I look in his eyes, I suddenly realize exactly what he's interested in. What they're both interested in. And I take the plunge.

"Yeah, absolutely. What time should I head up there?" I ask, trying to remain casual.

"Let's say eight o'clock. That work for you?"

"Sure. See you there. Both of you." I turn and head to class, wondering what's just happened. My dick is too excited to care.


7:53 p.m. I've been pacing the hallway of my house for an hour. Who am I kidding? I've been pacing since the second I got home from class. I'm so keyed up about meeting Jasper and Riley at Billiards that I can't even think straight. I've changed my clothes three times but have settled on a solid black v-neck tee and some fading button-flys with a ripped knee. The shirt is clingy but not gay tight and the jeans are hip without trying too hard. I look good. I know this. But I'm so nervous I might puke.

I head into the bathroom to check my hair and take a piss one last time. I haven't had a thing to drink in hours. No way am I taking the risk of using a pool hall bathroom. Sick. As I look in the mirror, I give myself a mental pep talk. I can do this. Act casual. Get to know them both better. See what happens. Maybe nothing will happen. Maybe I misinterpreted the look on Riley's face. Never mind. There's no way to possibly misinterpret the things Jasper said, and they seem to come as a package deal…if you know what I mean.

Leaving the house, I head down the sidewalk and toward the general direction of downtown. It should only take me about five minutes to get to this place if it's right up the road from the coffee shop. The night is crisp. It's nearing the end of October, and the air around me just feels good. Clean. Fresh. Maybe that's my anticipation talking.


11:41 p.m. I'm laughing. Laughing so hard, I might pee myself. I really don't want to pee here. Damn Riley and his anecdotes about all the morning regulars at the coffee shop. Who knew people watching in a place like that could be so crazy? Not surprisingly, I don't pay close attention to my surroundings when I'm there. Everything outside of Jasper and Riley is kind of a blur.

The evening is going well. The only nice thing about pool halls is you have something to do while talking. There can be lulls in the conversation or minimal eye contact and you simply blame it on concentration. I arrived right as they were setting up a pool table and picking out a few cues. After a few awkward moments of saying hi, Jasper grabbed us a few beers while Riley and I started a game. Riley's good. Like, really good. Turns out, he grew up with a single mom working two jobs to support them, one as a receptionist at a law firm and the other bartending at a pool hall here in town. The old men who came in every night got used to having him around and they taught him everything he knows. Which is a lot. He's killed me four games and Jasper three.

Once Riley got tired of playing us amateurs, the three of us sat around a table drinking and getting to know each other. I felt like I was being interviewed for something, the questions coming like rapid-fire at times from Jasper and Riley acting as if he was taking mental notes on my answers. I never realized they were together until seeing them out of the coffee shop. They don't act flamboyant, no hugely-telling PDAs. It's more subtle than that. Riley casually grazes Jasper's arm with his hand each time he stands to go grab a round of beers. Jasper leans a little too close in to Riley's personal space when he tells a story. They both look at each other a beat longer than any 'roommates' would. It's suddenly obvious that they care deeply for each other, and I feel almost like I'm interrupting their date.

Jasper hasn't let many questions be turned his way, and the most I've learned is that he moved here for school from somewhere near Austin. I get the idea he's not actually taking any classes right now though. He seems like kind of a drifter. He did say that his parents are still married and living in Austin, and that he talks to them several times a week.

The interrogation slowly transitioned into casual small talk and so here we are. Riley has just told me all about some girl named Lauren that comes in every day at 2:00 for her afternoon sugar-free, skim, decaf latte and how every day he asks her why she even bothers drinking something like that, to which she always replies, "Just make the fucking drink already." I've obviously had just enough alcohol to think this is hilarious, and I now have to pee. Badly.

With a nod toward the back hallway where I assume the bathrooms are, I stand and tell them I will be back shortly. I make my way through the maze of pool tables and people and turn down the dark short hall, opening the bathroom door as I start to undo my belt. Just as I figured. A urinal, a toilet, a sink and a whole lot of grime. Disgusting. I turn toward the urinal and take care of business as quickly as possible, making sure not to touch anything. I button my fly, buckle my belt and turn on the water to thoroughly disinfect, when I hear the door open behind me. I know the guy code. Don't make eye contact, especially in a john this tiny, so I busy myself with soap, scrubbing, rinsing and drying off before shutting off the faucet and turning to leave.

He's standing there, leaning against the bathroom door, with the cockiest half-drunk grin on his face. Jasper.

"Enjoyin' yourself tonight, Edward?"

"Yeah, sure man. Thanks for inviting me out. Like I said, I don't really know a lot of people here yet," I say.

"Anytime. Just wish we would have thought of you sooner." Jasper continues to stare at me with that grin. I have absolutely no idea what he's thinking, and it's making me a little crazy.

"I'm sorry. Were you waiting for the bathroom?" I ask.

Jasper's grin gets even wider, and he chuckles lightly. "Edward, Edward. No. I'm not waiting for the bathroom. I've been waiting all night for you to need the bathroom. I'm waiting to taste that sweet little mouth of yours."

My dick instantly hardens in my pants, and I'm sure I've blushed a bright pink. If it's even possible, this tiny room has shrunk to closet-sized, and we're so close I could reach out and touch his face if I actually had the balls to.

"You wa- you want to k-kiss me?" Pull yourself together, Edward. You sound like a pussy.

Jasper takes a single step toward me, and he's inches from my body. My personal space has been invaded, and my cock is already aching in anticipation.

"Oh, Edward. I don't just want to kiss you. I've wanted to fuck you since the first time you walked into the coffee shop. You've got a gorgeous face, a perfect ass, and a package that, I must say, seems to always be happy to see me." As Jasper talks, his eyes leisurely skim my body, up and down and back up. I feel like I'm on display. I kind of like it. Just as he leans forward to kiss me, however, I am reminded of Riley. Poor guy is probably waiting unassumingly at the table for his boyfriend and their newfound friend to return, while we're in here steaming up the bathroom with our lust.

I pull myself together just long enough to whisper. "What about Riley?"

"Riley? Edward, don't you worry about Riley. He's wanted to suck your dick for so long, he's in pain. Haven't you noticed the kid can barely look at you?"

"I guess, I mean I thought he was shy. Aren't you guys together? Like together together?" All I can think about is Riley blowing me. Come to think of it, the boy's mouth was made to be fucked.

"Of course we're together. That goes without saying. But we're not always exclusive, and we've been searching for just the right third to add to our fun." Jasper is leaning in again, and I find my resolve fading quickly.

"So, he would be okay with th-this?" I'm trying to wrap my head around an open relationship like theirs, but it's really hard to do, especially when my dick is straining to get out of my pants.

As Jasper starts to trail feather-light kisses over my neck and around my earlobe, he whispers, "He'll be so okay with this that he'll wish he was in here too."

With the slightest turn of my head, he's kissing me. His lips move over mine tentatively, as if he's hesitating, afraid I might run away. Without thinking, I allow myself to kiss back, telling him with my lips that I'm not afraid. Our mouths move together for several seconds, and then Jasper's tongue sweeps out, slowly licking along my jaw. When he reaches my earlobe again, I let out a shuddering sigh followed by a soft whimper and allow my hands to drift up and rest on his hips. Jasper takes my move as an invitation and he presses hard against me, pushing me back against the bathroom sink. At this point I'm not nearly as concerned about the germ status of the bathroom and relax against it, focusing on the feel of the hard lines of his erection against my leg. My own hard-on is nudging against his, and it takes all my will power not to thrust my hips against him. I'm not a dog though, so I convince myself not to dry hump him like my life depends on it and settle for a few gentle rocking motions.

Jasper's mouth finds mine again and he hungrily sucks on my lower lip. I shudder at the touch of his hands, which are now roaming my back and sides. I let out a soft groan and might even start panting. Maybe I'm a dog after all.

Just as I'm really getting invested in the, err, situation, Jasper pulls back abruptly and wipes the corner of my mouth with his thumb.

"Damn, Edward. If your lip tastes that good, I can only imagine how good your cock will taste."

Jasper's smug grin has returned, and he is backing up toward the bathroom door. I struggle to come out of my desire-filled haze, and quickly, so I can clear up a few things before returning to the world outside this room.

"Wait. What the hell was that? Did you say you're looking for a third? I've never, I mean, I don't know if I could do that." I'm trying to think of any reason why I couldn't and coming up short of anything other than my insecurities. I mean, college is supposed to be the time for experimenting, right? My dick obviously thinks it's a fantastic idea by the way it's straining to get out of my jeans. But, seriously. Could I actually do that with both of them? There have been guys – girls even – but never more than one at a time. I'm a little freaked out and realize my breathing has reduced itself to short, shallow pants. I probably look ridiculous.

"Relax Edward. It's not like we're gonna run a train on you right here in the bathroom. We'd let you get comfy on our bed first." Jasper winks at me, pulls open the door and gestures for me to go ahead. Great. No time to collect myself alone before seeing Riley again. I adjust my crotch and realize that kiss is probably written all over my face. Good thing Jazz doesn't wear lipstick.

We head toward our table where Riley is waiting patiently, checking his phone. He looks up as we take our seats and smirks at me. His eyes roam lazily over my body, stopping a beat too long on my groin, letting me know that he knows. It was all planned.

I thought these two were crazy hippies but maybe they're just crazy. They want me to join them in their bedroom. On their bed. Naked. Well, I think naked. Maybe they leave their socks on or something else crazy.

"So listen, Edward. We're going to take off because we both have to work in the morning," Riley says, shaking me from my daydream about the three of us in a bed wearing nothing but socks.

"Oh. Okay." I move to get my wallet out of my pocket to split the tab and Riley waves me off.

"I took care of it while you two were otherwise occupied. Tab's paid, and we can head out."

"Thanks man. I guess I owe you." I realize my mistake as soon as it's left my lips, and so does Jasper.

"Well Edward, I'm pretty positive we've already discussed a way or two that you could pay us back." He stands alongside Riley, and they both say goodbye.

I take one last pull off my beer and follow them toward the door. When we get outside, I turn toward the left and they go to the right so we say another awkward goodbye. As I turn the corner, I look back over my shoulder. They're still standing there, watching me walk away. At least I know my ass looks great in these jeans.


3:14 a.m. The covers are a tangled mess around my legs, and I'm sweating. Profusely. That was some crazy fucking dream. Riley, Jasper and I were on an unidentified bed, naked except for our socks, and they were arguing over who got to fuck me first. Jasper said he was the one that took initiative in getting me to join them. Riley thought he should go first because he's 'prettier'. After several good points made on both sides, I finally interrupted them and suggested they go at the same time. In a matter of minutes I had two cocks deep inside me, and I was coming all over my chest.

I sit up in bed and try to decide if that's even possible. I mean, one dick feels amazing, but two? I'm not sure of the logistics on that. Mental note: watch more porn. I'm sure it might come in handy some day.

My back is drenched with sweat and my dick is throbbing. 3:17. Too early to shower but never to early to masturbate. I unceremoniously strip off my boxer briefs and toss them on the floor, eagerly grabbing my cock with one hand and throwing my head back against the pillow.

In my head, I run through my usual list of images while stroking myself slowly: a mouth around me sucking furiously, some guy's dick from this website I scroll through occasionally, the memory of being screwed by this guy I messed around with in high school. After only a moment though, the images in my brain morph into Jasper and Riley. Riley on his knees, one hand on my chest, the other on his own dick, while sucking me off. Jasper, taking me from behind, while whispering in my ear exactly how good I feel, how hard I make him. I start to pump myself faster, needing to feel the relief that comes with orgasm. Finally, the entire dream that woke me in the first place flashes through my mind in slow motion. Just as Riley is holding himself still inside me, making room for Jasper to slide in, I come hard with a long moan. Fuck.

I lie in my bed panting, wiping the jizz off my chest with the tee shirt I had been wearing before waking up in a full sweat. As my heart rate calms, I think back to the night before. I'm pretty sure I was propositioned by Jasper and Riley. Yep, positive. Had they wanted me to come home with them last night? Things ended so abruptly, and I was still so flustered from my bathroom encounter with Jazz that I didn't even think of that option until I was halfway home. Surely they would have actually invited me over. And Riley said they had to work early. Would I have even gone with them had they asked?

There have been guys. I lost my virginity to a girl named Bella at age fifteen, and I knew that it wasn't what I actually needed. Don't get me wrong. Pussy feels…good, I guess, but once I'd had my first gay sexual encounter, I knew for sure that was what I craved.

In a city as large as Chicago, it's relatively easy to meet someone and keep it a secret. Anonymous. There was this one guy, Emmett. He was just a typical prep school guy, active in student council and a star lacrosse player. No one knew he was gay. Long story short, we found each other out and had a casual relationship all of senior year. If he'd been willing to come out, it could have been more. No hard feelings though. I don't think anyone understands just how hard coming out is. It was the most freeing, defining moment of my life thus far, but if I hadn't been truly ready, it could have destroyed me.

4:08. I sigh. Three more hours until I can show up at the coffee shop. I roll over, grab the blanket from the foot of the bed, and try to get more sleep.


7:18 a.m. I had waited as long as I could, but I'm still earlier than normal. The bell overhead dings as I walk into the shop, trying to look casual. Another day, another macchiato. I glance up at the register to see both Jasper and Riley leaning against the counter, arms crossed across their chests. God, they're both gorgeous. As I approach, Jasper gives me his trademark smirking grin and Riley blushes and turns to the espresso machine.

"Hi," I eke out, clearing my throat out of nervous habit.

"Hello Edward. Sleep well?" Jasper is still grinning. After last night, I want to kiss the smirk right off his face.

"I slept alright. Woke up at three from one hell of a dream though." I think I surprise him with my honest response because he raises both eyebrows.

"Maybe you can fill me in on the details of that dream later. What are you doing tonight? Any plans?"

I think about the past several months of Friday nights spent alone and lonely, frustrated as much as bored. I should play hard to get. Act like I have a life. "Not a thing going on," I blurt out, eager to see what he has in mind.

"Well, sounds like a perfect night for you to come over and see our place then. I'll put fresh sheets on the bed, maybe even restock the condoms." Jasper takes the money for my drink and hands me a slip of paper in return.

My dick instantly hardens, and I can feel a blush creep into my cheeks. Did he seriously just mention sheets and condoms in public, in the place he works? This guy is unreal. I take my cup from Riley, tell them I'll see them later, and turn toward the door in what can only be a state of shock. I come to my senses just in time and turn back around.

"Wait, I don't know where you live. What time should I be there?" Good grief. I sound like an eager puppy.

Jasper has moved on to a new customer so Riley simply smiles and says, "It's all on the paper, Edward. See you later."

I glance down at the paper in my hand and head toward the door. As I make my way toward campus, I unfold it to see a phone number, directions to an apartment complex in the south part of town, and a simple message:

8:00. Don't be late. Boxer briefs are optional. Any clothing is optional.


3:22 p.m. I couldn't go to the gym. Sitting in class until 1:00 had killed me. I hadn't paid attention to any of my lectures, my dick throbbed all day in my jeans, and all I had wanted to do was call the number on this slip of paper and hear Jasper's voice. Or Riley's. Either one could probably get me off just by talking, as worked up as I was.

I've whacked off twice since returning home, and now I'm watching some shit movie on TV, trying to take my mind off of what could potentially happen tonight. I hope things don't go horribly wrong. I envision myself running screaming out the door. Probably wearing only socks. I guess you could say I'm nervous.


7:49 p.m. I pull in the entrance to one of a hundred generic college town apartment complexes, looking for number 1649. After a long shower where I thoroughly cleaned every last inch of my body, I chose my hot pink Lacoste and blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs under a new pair of dark wash button-flys. I spent the entire process of getting ready psyching myself up for this. I'm hot. They're hot. They want me. I want them. Both. These hippies won't know what hit them. I can do this.

I park and jump out of the car, heading up an outdoor stairway to 1649. After a short knock, I shiver. October is getting chilly. Or maybe that's my nerves.

The door swings wide open and Riley says, "Edward! Glad you're here man. Come on in."

I walk into what must be a living/dining/kitchen combo. God, these places are so cookie cutter. I could have designed this one blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back. After taking a quick look around at the lackluster construction, I realize they actually have it decorated fairly cool. The couch is a blue microfiber not the typical black leather you expect in a bachelor apartment. They have the expected decent-sized flat screen TV with several game systems underneath, but it's all neatly encased in a retro credenza. There are no movie posters on the walls but rather some abstract painted canvases. Must be friends with some hippie local starving artist.

I realize I still haven't said a word so I look up to see Jasper and Riley both staring intently at me from the kitchen doorway. I clear my throat and look at my feet.

"Great furniture guys. I was expecting something…I don't know, different." Five minutes and I think I already sound like an asshole, but they both just look amused.

"Did you think we'd have a Salvation Army couch and a cardboard box for a coffee table? Or wait, maybe a black leather couch and some huge outdated surround sound."

I blush at how close he is to the truth. "Nah, just pleasantly surprised is all. So, what's the plan for the evening?"

"Well, we can either watch a movie or watch the first basketball game of the season. Also, we have Heineken, Blue Moon, and some bottle of red wine one of Jasper's girl friends left here awhile back. Care for a drink?" Riley remains in the doorway waiting for my response as Jasper walks over to a large bookshelf lined with DVDs.

"Umm, I'll have whatever you guys are having. And a movie sounds good." I move toward the bookshelf, positioning myself next to Jasper and feigning interest in the movie selection process. "Scary? Funny? Dramatic? Whatcha got Jazz?"

Jasper turns to me with Step Brothers in one hand and Top Gun in the other.

"Looks like we're going with the classics." My attempt at a joke is successful as Jasper laughs, putting both movies back on the shelves.

"You pick something then smartass." He turns and sits on the right side of the large couch. It looks cozy, but now I'm presented with the awkward decision of not only what movie to watch but also where to sit. There's only the one couch. Which means all three of us will be in close quarters very soon. I turn back to the bookshelf, wiping my now sweating palms on my thighs. Rudy…Gremlins…The Hangover…Varsity Blues…The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid, what the fuck? I settle on Inglorious Basterds and turn around anxiously. Riley has returned and is now seated on the left side of the couch. This leaves only the middle. Oh boy.

As I move over to the couch with the DVD in hand, Riley motions to the beer nestled in between both of theirs on the coffee table. So much for sitting on the floor in the corner. With a sigh, I sit gingerly on the edge of the center of the couch. I grab the bottle and take three quick chugs followed by one long gulp.

"Damn Edward. Giving us a preview?" Jasper teases me, and I realize how I must look to them, sucking away on a beer bottle. I slowly pull it away from my lips and lower it to the table.

Riley gets up and puts the movie in, and I briefly consider sliding over to his side of the couch. Instead, I close my eyes and remember my bravado from earlier this evening. I'm hot. They're hot. They want me. I want them. Deep breath.

When I open my eyes, I realize Riley has dimmed the lights and returned to the couch, a few inches closer to me than before. I lean back and try to get comfortable, beer in hand and eyes firmly on the screen.

We all watch in silence for about fifteen minutes and Jasper disappears, returning with another round of Heinekens. My throat is parched, so I drain mine quickly and set the empty bottle back on the coffee table.

Another twenty minutes passes slowly. I think all three of us are thinking about how awkward this is. Just three gay dudes. Watching a movie but really all thinking about a gang bang. You know, normal.

I realize I have to pee and stand up, muttering something about the bathroom. As I walk through the kitchen doorway, Jasper calls out, "Through the kitchen, first door to the left. And bring another round of beers when you come back, yeah?"

"Sure." I walk through the kitchen and turn to the left down a hallway. Entering the bathroom, I make sure to lock the door behind me. No surprise attacks like last night. If they want this, it's gonna be out in the open, all together. I wash up and walk back out to the hallway, but instead of turning right to the kitchen, I glance left and see an open doorway just a bit further down. Deciding to take my chances on getting caught snooping, I take the three steps further and glance around the door frame. There in the middle of the room is the biggest bed I've ever seen. Huge. Black sheets. An enormous, fluffy black and white comforter. And pillows. There are like nine feather pillows on this bed. Damn.

As I turn back toward the hallway, I realize Jasper is leaning against the bathroom doorway. "See something you like Edward? Something you'd like to mess around on perhaps?"

As always, when he says my name, my dick hardens in my pants. I try to maintain eye contact while thinking of something equally clever to say. I draw a blank. This guy can say anything and make it sexual. Most of it is sexual, but he could probably read the phone book and make me think about sex. Finally, I just blurt out what I'm thinking.

"Why does everything you say sound like sex? I mean, you talk about sex a lot. I mean…this isn't coming out right." I run a hand through my hair and glance at the floor, frustrated.

"Edward, you haven't seen sex talk yet. Just wait until later, sweet cheeks. I plan to tell you in extreme detail exactly what I want to do to that body of yours. Or should I go ahead and begin the description now?"

My cock is straining against the buttons of these jeans. I adjust myself, not very discreetly, and head back toward the kitchen.

"I think I need more alcohol," I mumble and start for the refrigerator.

Jasper follows close behind, and as I pull three more beers out of the fridge, he asks me to get a lime as well. I look at him questioningly but grab a lime out of the drawer. When I stand back up, I realize he has a bottle of Patron, a knife and a salt shaker in his hands.

"You said you needed more alcohol. Whatever it takes, Edward." He smirks at me and heads back into the living room. All I can do is follow.


10:52 p.m. Riley's mouth is on my dick. He's sucking and licking and, God, it feels amazing. This is all happening so fast, but I don't want to think. Thinking will make me stop and stopping means I won't get o – damn, this guy knows how to use his tongue.

When we returned to the living room earlier with tequila and beer, Jasper had made a comment about how I'm "hotter than Brad Pitt with a bad accent" then cut the lime right on the coffee table and pulled me down onto the couch. In the middle again. Of course. I had barely set down the three bottles of beer before Riley was licking salt off his hand, sticking a lime wedge in my lips, and throwing back a swig of tequila. He then wrapped his lips around mine so we could taste the lime and the remnants of the Patron on his tongue together. It registered in my mind just as he was pulling back that Jasper had been rubbing my right thigh through the entire thing. I turned to him in a daze, and he only smirked and leaned in to kiss me.

In no time, all three of us were shirtless, tequila and salt being licked off of various body parts at random. I don't know if it was the liquor or the anticipation but I slowly became more relaxed with it all. I started making out pretty hard core with Jasper and almost didn't realize Riley had undone my belt and unbuttoned my jeans until he pulled my dick out of my boxer briefs and began stroking it leisurely.

And now we're here. My cock is in his mouth, and I'm kissing Jasper and fuck. I want both of them and everything and all of it, and that bed is just waiting in the other room and, God if he doesn't stop, I'm going to come right here, right now.

"Wait," I say around Jasper's tongue in my mouth.

They both stop instantly and move to their respective sides of the couch. Despite the booze in our systems, they must be taking this very seriously.

"No, I mean, don't stop totally. I just, I was going to…" I trail off, not sure how to say I was about to shoot my load down Riley's throat.

Jasper just grins and leans back in to kiss my chest and neck. "Told you he couldn't wait to suck your cock." He grabs my hand and pulls me off the couch, gesturing for Riley to follow us, and as we turn down the hallway, I realize he's taking me to the bedroom. To that bed. My dick, that is currently sticking out of my jeans and boxer briefs, twitches.

Riley and Jazz are both unzipping their jeans and letting them slide to the floor, so I follow suit. Mine are already unbuttoned so it doesn't take much effort. When I look back up from the floor, Riley has moved to lie on the bed and tells me to come to him. I walk over and sit next to him, noticing Jasper digging in a nightstand next to us.

Just as Riley starts kissing my neck, Jasper produces a bottle of lube and a box of condoms from the nightstand, tosses them on the bed, and slides off his black boxer briefs. Oh my fuck, he's big. The man has girth and length. I'm not small but damn. I try not to stare as he walks toward me, so I look to Riley, who is stroking himself over his little red briefs. The kisses he's peppering along my collarbone feel amazing, and I instinctively reach for my own crotch. I close my eyes and give myself over to sensation. I feel a hand from my left side cover my own on my dick and gently pull off my underwear. The same hand cups my balls while I touch myself, and I feel a second pair of lips on my chest.

"Just like that Edward. Touch yourself right there. Unh. Fuck. I want to fuck you so bad. I've wanted to fuck you since the first day you walked into the shop, with your sexy little polo shirts and your crazy hair. You have no idea how many times I've fantasized about fucking you."

"Jesus Christ," is all I can coherently get out.

"Not Jesus. Jasper. And I'll take that to mean you want more." Jasper slides his hand from my balls up over my own on my dick and further up along my stomach and chest. He pulls my chin toward his until I'm looking right at his face and says, "Edward, there's only one way for this to go. You're going to let Riley suck your dick like he was in the living room while you let me fuck you from behind like I've been thinking about for months. If we all like it, it can happen again. And again and again. But the chance of either one of us 'falling in love' with you or some shit is very slim. Are you sure you're comfortable with that?"

Well. He certainly just puts it all out there in the open, doesn't he?

"I want this. God, I want this," I whisper, and Riley resumes kissing along my neck, down my chest, across my stomach, closer and closer to where I need him. Jasper scoots back toward the head of the bed and gently pulls me back toward him. He takes my hand and wraps it around his dick, while I watch Riley move closer to us and settle himself between my legs.

I'm stroking Jazz's monster cock, and he moans, low and sultry. "Shit, that feels so good. Fuck. Harder. I said harder. That's it. Do you want this inside you? Do you want to feel what it's like to be fucked while getting sucked off? Unh, Edward."

Riley lifts up from where he's been kissing and caressing my inner thighs and leans over my prone body. He kisses me, licking along my lower lip until I grant him access to my mouth with his tongue. I hear Jasper stand up from the bed and suddenly Riley pulls away from our kiss. He leans backward and lies with his head on the edge of the bed near where Jasper is standing against it.

"Come here," Riley whispers softly, almost shyly, to me. I move toward him on all fours until he stops me. "No. Turn around."

Confused for a moment, I sit back on my heels and try to figure out the logistics of this. A light bulb goes off suddenly. Aha. I move to the side and gently straddle Riley, facing his feet. As I move to all fours, I back up slowly until my ass is above his head, my dick bobbing in his face.

"There you go, E. Quick learner," Jasper says and smacks my ass playfully. I'm facing the wrong way so I can't see his face, but I can only imagine he's wearing his trademark smirk. And, come to think of it, his socks. I never saw him take them off like Riley and I did. Freak.

As Riley takes me in his mouth again, I feel Jasper's finger slowly caressing my back entrance. I hear the bottle of lube snap open and the cool sensation of it dripping down my crack. Slowly and gently, he eases a finger in. As he's working, preparing me, I notice the telltale crinkle of a condom wrapper and the sound of him rolling one onto himself.

"Now Edward. I can either do this the way I've been imagining it, or you can tell me what you want. Which is it?"

With Riley's lips wrapped around my dick and Jasper's long finger moving in my ass, I can barely think but somehow force out, "You. In me."

I hear a soft chuckle behind me. "Oh Edward, you have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear that."

Then it happens. I feel him ease into me, stretching me in all the right ways. That, along with the feeling of Riley sucking me off, nearly makes me blow my load instantly.

"Fuck, Edward. You're so tight. That feels so good. I just want to slam into you. Shit. I can't stop myself. Tell me if I go too hard." And with that, he pounds in to me. The sensation is incredible. Overwhelming almost. Riley has me so far in, I'm hitting the back of his throat, and Jasper is so far in me, I think I might scream.

Just as we start a steady rhythm, I realize I am positioned with my face directly over Riley's dick. It occurs to me that I should probably return the favor, so I take him in my hand and lick the length of his shaft slowly, but steadily.

I expect Riley's voice but, not surprisingly, hear Jasper's. "Oh shit. I can see you doing that. Fuck, that turns me on even more. Suck him Edward. Suck him hard so we can all come together."

Honestly, I have no idea how good of a blow job I'm giving. I am entirely too focused on my own pleasure to be giving my best performance, but I can't help it. Jazz is pounding hard and relentlessly. Riley's mouth is warm and wet with just the right amount of suction. Suddenly, I feel the familiar ache building in my balls. I can't hold it off this time. I'm going to come. Hard.

"Fuck. I'm gonna…shit. Oh God, I'm going to come so hard in your ass right now Edward." Jasper is loud and proud, groaning through his orgasm like he wants the whole neighborhood to hear. I feel him pulse inside me and that's all it takes for me to fall over the edge too, my semen spurting down Riley's throat.

Just as I'm coming down from the high, I realize I've let go of Riley somewhere in the midst of it all. I take him back in my mouth and hand. In mere seconds, he's pulling away and coming all over his own stomach and chest. Jasper has fallen onto the bed and is staring at my hand helping Riley finish. He hands me a tee shirt, which I use to wipe off Riley's mess, and then I let it fall to the floor, lying back on the bed next to them.

"Damn, that is the hottest thing I've done in a long time. I think I could do this every night." Jasper vocalizes what we are all thinking, and Riley and I both nod in agreement, too exhausted to speak.

The three of us lie there, sweaty and panting. Sated. I guess I won't be going to bed alone tonight. The thought makes me happy.

We might not have forged a conventional relationship, but I know one thing. I'm no longer hard.

Give me twenty minutes.


A/N: So this was my entry for the Dirty Talking Jasper contest, of which I won Judges' Choice alongside tuesdaymidnight's Wanderlust. Wow. I'm so excited, I might pee myself. I do have plans for these boys. RL is about to get crazy with a move in April but put me on alert and you'll know when I continue their little rendezvous...