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We haven't talked about Jazz and Riley since they came to dinner. I'm afraid to bring it up, and we've both been so busy with classes that it's been easy to avoid the coffee shop. That doesn't mean I don't think about it though. Not often, but a few times in the shower, I've gotten off to images of the four of us all on a bed together. Fuck, I can't even imagine how hot that situation could be. Sometimes I feel guilty, but then I remember what he said that night in bed, and it just makes me even harder.

With a sigh, I adjust myself and turn to stir the big pot of potato soup on the stove, then pull a fresh loaf of crusty bread out of the oven. It's been my week to cook, and the weather has been so freaking cold, all I want is comfort food.

It's the first week of March, and spring break is coming soon. Even though we have the money, Garrett and I aren't sure we want to go anywhere. I guess you could say we've become homebodies this winter, snuggling on the couch at home instead of venturing out into the cold.

I'd be perfectly content staying home for the week, enjoying the fact that our bustling college town turns ghost-like with the mass exodus of students on their way to Cancun or South Padre. The problem is, ever since the day Garrett answered my cell when my grandma called last month, she's been nagging to come visit me. "I need to have a face to put with that sexy voice in my head, Edward dear." Even Gram is in love with the boy.

"Hey, Garr?" I pause to make sure he's listening. "So I guess we should figure out spring break for sure."

"Yeah. I'm totally cool with just staying here, babe," he calls from the bedroom.

"Me too. But you know that means my mom and Gram will want to come and visit, right? Is that going to be okay? It can be exhausting entertaining them."

He walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but the Sponge Bob boxers I got him as a joke for Valentine's Day. "Edward, it's fine. Don't stress about it. You have to put up with my sister all the time. The least I can do is charm your mom and grandma for a few days." He winks and comes closer to me, pressing his surprisingly hard cock against my thigh. I make a half-hearted attempt at pushing him away.

"Dinner's ready. The bread will get cold."

"So," he mumbles and nuzzles my neck.

"You're corrupting Sponge Bob." I giggle and kiss him softly.

"Mmm. I hope I can corrupt someone else."

My clothes are off in seconds, and we don't even make it to the bedroom.


The Thursday and Friday before company arrives, Garrett and I clean the entire house and stock the kitchen with food and booze. It's so domestic and boring, but I love it. It's comfortable.

Friday evening, I'm thinking about how natural it feels to be scrubbing the kitchen sink while he vacuums the living room rug, when it hits me. My mom is coming. My mom is going to realize I'm living with someone. She's going to get a glimpse of my average everyday life ... with Garrett. Holy shit.

Garrett must notice how tense I suddenly become, because he pulls the sponge out of my hand and drags me from the kitchen to the living room couch.

"Babe, it's not a big deal. You need to relax," he whispers in my ear while rubbing my shoulders.

"But what if she's disappointed in me? I mean, she'd never be disappointed in my choice of guy - you're perfect. But what if, I don't know, what if she's expecting something ... more?"

"She loves you, Edward, and she'll love the life you, no, we've created here. Now relax. I mean it." He digs his fingers into the pressure point on either side of my neck, and I sink into the supple leather of the couch, focusing on his touch.

"God, that feels incredible." I moan and reach down to rub his thigh next to my leg, thinking about the fact that we won't be truly alone for the next week. "You know what else would make me relax?"

"Oh, I think I have an idea." He chuckles and gives my shoulders a tight squeeze, before sliding down onto his knees on the floor. Fingers graze down my ribs and to the hem of my shirt, tugging it up to my chest, and his lips place kisses all along the waistband of my jeans. I lift one leg up and over his body so I can pull him up onto the couch on top of me, but he resists, staying on his knees, now trapped between my legs.

"I want you, baby," I whisper, reaching down to run my fingers through his hair.

"I know ... I was thinking, maybe we could try something new." Garrett isn't looking at me, focusing on pulling my zipper down and tugging my jeans to the floor. Something new? I know he's not talking about blow jobs.

"What do you mean?" I keep pulling at his shoulders, trying to get him on top of me. I need to feel the friction of him grinding against me, but he keeps his head down. "C'mere. I want you on me."

After a few beats, he finally looks up to meet my gaze, and he's blushing. My bold, unashamed, cocky boy has bright pink cheeks.

"Garrett? What is it?"

His voice is barely a whisper, and he looks down again before he's done speaking. "I thought maybe you could be ... on top."

On top? OH. On top. Garrett and I have had sex just about every way I've ever imagined except for one. He's never let me fuck him. We haven't really even talked about it though. So far, it's kind of always been understood that I'm the 'bottom' in our relationship, and we've both (at least I thought) been satisfied with that. But now he's offering. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, willing my erection to calm down.

"You want me to ... do you? Are you sure? You don't have to do that for my sake. I'm totally happy with what we do." As I speak, I pull Garrett's face up by his chin, forcing him to meet my eyes and see how serious I am.

"I - I want to. I mean, I never have, but I want to. With you."

Jesus. I've had my finger in there a time or two, and I knew he was tight, but Garrett's just told me he's a butt virgin. And he wants me to change that. I pull him roughly up from his knees and cover his mouth with my own, kissing him hard and whispering how much I love him. Seconds later, we stand from the couch and he pulls me down the hallway to my room. Our room.

As we near the bed, he hesitates for a second, so I turn him toward me and kiss him thoroughly while unbuckling his belt and shoving his jeans off. He pulls me close as soon as they hit the floor, and we stand there for several minutes, tongues tangling and the lengths of our bodies warming each other. Finally, I pull his shirt up and over his head, telling him how much I love him when we break apart. His gaze is full of trust and love and nerves.

We eventually make our way onto the bed, and I push him to the center, making sure his head is comfortably resting on our pillows. I sit up and pull my shirt off, toss it to the floor by his own, and take a moment to just look at him.

"Fuck, you're gorgeous. How did I get so lucky?" I don't wait for a response, instead rubbing his sides slowly and taking a nipple into my mouth. He moans quietly, so I settle myself between his legs and continue to lavish his chest and stomach with wet kisses while gently rubbing myself against him.

"Shit, Edward. Feels so good." Garrett starts to thrust against me, arching his back off the bed. I can feel every muscle in his body stiffen with desire.

"I want you to get off first. Before ... I want you to come." I wait for him to look at me so I'm sure he knows what I mean, but my hand is already taking his underwear off and groping his hardness.

"No." He grabs my wrist. "I want to come with you inside. You always say it's the best then." He's blushing again so I quiet him with a kiss and let his cock fall from my hand to his stomach.

"Okay. We can try. But it might hurt too much to feel good the first time, baby. I don't ... I really don't want to hurt you." A pained expression crosses my face at the thought of my own first time. It wasn't excruciating but I definitely didn't come.

With another kiss, he takes my hand and places it between his legs. "I trust you."

He's already pulled the bottle of lube from the nightstand next to the bed, but I take my time opening it and putting a few drops on my fingers. I know I'm procrastinating but I've got to mentally prepare for this. I want it to be amazing for both of us but that responsibility lies on my shoulders only.

I take a deep breath and reach back down, letting one slick finger rub slowly between his cheeks. Back and forth, up and down several times until I let it circle the hole lightly a few times. I add more pressure with each stroke until finally I slip a finger inside up to the first joint. Garrett has been emitting soft groans so far, and at this he squeezes my arm tightly.

"Relax, baby. Just lie back and relax." I continue working one finger in and out slowly, but crawl back up the bed a few feet so I'm close enough to kiss him. As I add a second finger, I let my lips skim along his neck and ear, up his jawline. He's whimpering softly, trying not to squirm around on the bed.

"Is it bad? I can stop for a minute."

Garrett's eyes fly open. "No! Don't. Please, keep going." He really, really wants this. With a sigh, I peck his cheek and then his nose before moving back down the bed and settling in to business, pushing his legs up for easier access.

Two fingers push and prod, circling around to loosen him as best I can. I grab the lube and drizzle some more on my fingers. With a deep breath, I let my third finger join the other two, noticing Garrett's wince of discomfort as I do. I move my fingers inside him, adding pressure as I feel him relax and stretch. After what feels like several more minutes, I kneel beside him and use my other hand to stroke his soft cock.

"How does it feel now?" I whisper, watching carefully for his reaction.

"Fuck. It's like, fuck, Edward. I can't explain it. I - oh God." He moans and throws his head back against the pillow at the exact moment I both thrust my fingers deep inside him and tighten my grip on his rapidly hardening dick. It's time.

"Are you ready? I mean, your body is ready ... are you?" I falter. My dick wants this desperately, but if there's any doubt, I won't do it.

I have nothing to worry about though, because Garrett grabs me by the neck and plunges his tongue into my mouth before pleading with me. "Yes, ready, so ready. Please," he whines.

My fingers slide out of him easily now, and I reach for more lube, squeezing some along my length and rubbing it around. I shift over into position between his legs and stroke him several more times. "I love you," I whisper, positioning myself at his entrance and easing in just the tip, letting it sit inside him for a second before moving further.

Garrett squeezes his eyes shut tight and grabs the sheets on either side of us, but I can't tell if it's from pain or pleasure.

"Are you okay baby? Promise you'll tell me if you're not?" I rub his left thigh with long kneading strokes, encouraging him to keep his body relaxed.

He nods his head quickly, so I continue slowly, holding myself back from plunging into him. "Fuck, Garrett. You feel amazing."

Once I'm fully inside him, I lean forward some, covering his body with my own. I bend my head to kiss him softly, and finally, he opens his eyes.

"I never knew. Jesus. I never knew, Edward. Make love to me." He flexes his hips toward my own, begging me to move inside him. So I do.

After several minutes of slow and sweet, Garrett is moaning and meeting each thrust harder than I am, so I allow myself to be not quite so careful.

"Oh God. Edward. Oh God. I can't - I - fuck." He reaches down to grip himself, and I push his hand out of the way so I can do it.

"Let me." I continue my thrusts and try to jerk him off in rhythm. It doesn't work exactly but he's close. So close. "Are you gonna come? I want to feel you come. Let go baby." I tug on his cock more insistently, and he tenses all over, spurts of warm cum shooting down my hand and across his chest.

"So sexy, G. I can't believe I can make you do that. Fuck, you're amazing." I let go of him and let myself fall onto my forearms, kissing him thoroughly and working my way toward my own climax.

When he finally catches his breath, Garrett wraps his arms around my back and whispers things about how good it feels, how he can't believe it felt so good. He tilts his head down and wraps his lips around my nipple, sucking and biting softly. That's all I need, and I come hard, pulsing inside of him.

After a few kisses, I collapse on the bed next to him, panting. We're so spent and speechless, we don't even clean up. I just pull the comforter up around us both and drift to sleep with my arms wrapped around him.


"Edward, be a dear and bring me another gimlet, will you?"

Gram's had about four gimlets, but we're just at the house, so I don't argue with her. If she gets loud and rowdy, at least we're at home. As I pour her drink in the kitchen, I overhear bits of conversation drift in from the dining room.

"... so happy for you ..."

"... we're really happy ..."

"... I'm just saying, if you ..."

"... I could never. I love him too much."

Obviously Gram and my mother are giving Garrett one final scare before they leave town tomorrow. He's been such a good sport the entire week, holding his own during their lengthy question and answer sessions and not backing away from Gram's stare downs. It's been kind of comical, actually.

I make plenty of noise as I get back to the dining room, clearing my throat as I set Gram's gimlet in front of her and take my seat.

"So, what time do you need to be at the airport in the morning? I'll need to plan time to warm up the car and load your luggage."

"Oh, I think if we leave here at five o'clock, we'll be fine, Edward. We don't fly out until nearly seven and your airport is so tiny, we don't want to be too early." My mom pats my hand and takes a last bite of her chicken. "Mmm, dinner was absolutely divine, Garrett. Where'd you say you learned to cook again?"

Garrett starts to tell a story about how he used to help his grandma in the kitchen when he was younger, but I'm not listening. My dick can't stop thinking about how it's been almost an entire week since Garrett and I have fucked and now we won't be having any alone time tomorrow either. I love my mom and grandma but I thought we'd be rid of them early in the day.

I sigh and put my napkin on the table by my empty plate. I guess a few extra hours won't kill me, but fuck if I don't want to be inside him again.

After dish cleanup and some time spent relaxing in the living room, we all turn in for the night. Garrett seems to fall asleep in a matter of seconds, but I'm up half the night palming myself in frustration.


"You chose wisely, Edward. He's a fine young man. And easy on the eyes, too. I'm sure he'll age nicely." Gram is giving me an extra-long hug at the airport so she can whisper her approval of Garrett in my ear. It's very sweet, but I blush when I realize her whisper can be heard from several yards away.

"Mother, we can all hear you." My mom rolls her eyes and noses in on our hug. "We miss you, Edward. Come home soon, okay? And bring Garrett with you?" When she pulls away, she winks at me, and I know he's got her blessing as well.

"Sure, Mom. We'll look at the calendar soon." I step back and watch them walk away to the ticket counter, heaving a sigh and reaching for Garrett's hand as they go. "Hard to believe those two are the same two that sang karaoke and did shots three nights ago, huh?"

Garrett throws his head back and laughs, recalling the image of Mom and Gram singing "My Boyfriend's Back" into the microphone on Tuesday night. Good thing the bar was half empty. They were embarrassingly off tune, and my mom was sloppily drunk. She deserved the chance to kick back though. I know she hardly gets that kind of opportunity at home, and they both seemed to have such a great time visiting. I'd almost say they could do it again whenever they wanted. If they stay in a hotel. I can't fucking wait to get Garrett back home so I can jump him.

As we head back toward town, I sit in the passenger seat with my hand rubbing Garrett's thigh.

"What do you want to do tonight? You think the students will all be back in town yet?" I yawn and stretch, trying to decide if I want to go home, fuck and take a nap so we can go out later, or just go home, fuck, fuck some more and go to bed.

"I'm sure some people will be around. You wanna go have a few drinks somewhere? We haven't been out in what feels like ages. Well, besides karaoke with Drunk and Drunker." He smirks, and I slap his leg.

"Leave my lush family out of this conversation!" I chuckle and try to make up my mind. "I guess we could go have dinner somewhere later. I could use a good burger actually."

"Burger? You know what that means. Billiards time." Garrett switches lanes and heads toward downtown instead of south to my house.

"Umm, Billiards? What about Shiloh?" My heart falls into my stomach.

"No way, dude. Everyone in town knows that the best burger around is at Billiards. Come on." He leans over the seat at a stop light and kisses me.

"Can't we go home first? I - I need a shower before we go anywhere." My palms are sweating, and I'm trying my hardest to act normal.

"Edward, you look great. Besides, it's a total dive bar. No one will care that you're in your green Lacoste instead of the purple one." I know he's joking around, poking fun at me, but I can barely manage a weak smile in return.

I clear my throat to steady my voice. "Umm, you know Riley and Jasper might be there, right?"

Garrett glances over at me with a surprised face. "Really? I had no idea."

He's lying. Or joking. Everyone in town may know Billiards has the best burger around, but everyone also knows that Billiards is Jasper and Riley's favorite hangout.


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