Just as we cross the threshold to the bedroom, Jazz leans over to me. "I bet my boyfriend gives better head than yours."

We all laugh, and it cuts the tension, but that's when it really dawns on me.

This is actually happening.

After a few awkward seconds of standing in the bedroom, Garrett pulls me to his side and kisses me briefly before trailing kisses up to my ear.

"I love you. Breathe," he whispers and nudges me toward the bed. I follow him easily, leaning in for more kisses before he pushes me gently backward and slides on top of me, grinding against my dick.

"Fuck," I moan into his mouth and grip his hips with my hands to stop his movement. "Slow down, babe." I know he's eager, but I'm afraid this show might end early if he keeps grinding like that.

He kisses me again, hard and relentless, but I try to keep a clear head and open my eyes, searching for Jasper and Riley. They're in the corner of the room by the door, and they haven't exactly been standing around. Riley's shirt is in a heap on the floor, and Jasper's pants are unbuttoned and around his knees. As I turn my head to watch them, Garrett's lips leave my mouth to suck and nip the skin along my neck.

"Tell them to come closer," he mumbles against my collarbone. I blush. How did he know I would be watching them instead of focusing on his kisses?

"S'okay. It's fine." I don't really know what I'm saying but I feel like I should respond with something. His hands move from either side of my head down along my chest and abs to the hem of my shirt.

"I said I want them closer. Now." Garrett's voice is low and calm, and he pulls my shirt over my head before continuing to scatter wet kisses along my chest.

I clear my throat, mind racing to find the words to say what he wants. What we want.

"Jazz? Ri?" I pause, still uncertain how to approach them.

Jasper and I make eye contact, and as if he can read my mind, he turns Riley in our direction and says, "I think Edward needs a bit of help with his jeans. Can you give him a hand, babe?"

Riley moves across the room easily, climbing onto the high bed beside me. As he settles in, one hand lands on the bed between my spread legs to support his weight, and the other glides across my hip to my fly, where he slowly unfastens the button and tugs on the zipper. "Fuck, you two are gorgeous. Suck on his nipples, Garr. Yeah, like that." He pulls my jeans down my legs and off to the floor, then returns to my side, watching intently.

I'm pretty sure he's taking his own pants off at this point, but all I can really focus on is Garrett's mouth moving from one side of my chest to the other. "Shit. Feels so good." I twist my head to the side and reach a hand out to Jasper, standing at the edge of the bed alone.

He brushes me off though. "I'm fine, Edward. Kiss Riley for a minute." At this request, Garrett freezes over my chest for a second, but then looks up to meet my questioning gaze. He nods, and I slowly turn to face Riley. His lips are as soft as I remember, tentatively probing my own until I yield to him, opening my mouth to his kiss and groaning at the feel of his tongue.

"Fuck," Garrett whispers. "Fuck me. Keep going."

I reach a hand out to Riley's cheek, smoothing back his hair and gripping the nape of his neck as our kiss deepens.

"Now touch his pretty cock, Riley. Take it out of those boxer briefs, and let us all see it," Jasper says from the side of the bed, like a spectator egging us on.

Riley pulls at my waistband, and my cock springs out, cool air hitting it briefly before he holds me in his palm. It takes me a moment to realize at first, but I finally notice that Garrett is watching intently and reaches out to wrap his hand over Riley's.

"He likes long, smooth strokes. Like this," Garrett instructs him softly.

"Jesus," Jasper whispers and finally climbs onto the end of the bed by my calves. "You three are fucking hot. More."

Garrett looks up at me as if gauging my comfort level. Confident in what he must see in my eyes, he reaches over to Jasper's shoulders and pulls him forward over me. "Suck," he says.

Jazz hesitates, knowing this step will lead to all of the others like dominoes tumbling one into another. But Garrett doesn't wait, grabbing him by the back of the neck and thrusting him further down over me. "Suck his cock. Please."

A million thoughts race through my head. He'll go crazy jealous and throw Jasper across the room. I'll go crazy jealous and not be able to follow through with it. Was that his plan all along? Show me what it's like?

The second I feel Jasper's tongue hot and insistent against my most tender skin, Garrett moans loudly and kisses me before sitting up to watch. Jazz begins sucking earnestly, and my eyes flicker back and forth from my boyfriend's intent face to the lips wrapped around my dick, up and down, up and down.

Riley leans over the three of us and looks at me deliberately before kissing Garrett full on the mouth. Their tongues tangle forcefully, not at all the soft, gentle kisses he likes to give me. I'm mesmerized. Hard. Wanting.

Jasper pulls off of me when he realizes I'm close, so I take a moment to catch my breath and calm down while Riley pushes Garrett onto his back, pulling his shirt up his torso and reaching for his zipper. For several minutes, Jasper and I watch them lazily and take turns stroking each other's cocks and licking various body parts.

"Fuck, that's hot," Jasper whispers to me when Riley slides a finger underneath Garrett's ass. "Where's your lube?"

Silently, I reach to the nightstand drawer and pull out a bottle and several condoms, handing the stash to him hastily.

"Here," he says, nudging Riley's arm with the lube. Garrett takes the moment's pause to reach over and grasp my hand in his own, squeezing as if to make sure I'm okay.

"I love you," I say and lean closer to him.

"Love you too, baby." He pulls me to his chest while spreading his legs wider for Riley's fingers. The complete contrast of his gestures is so amazingly sexy, so different than anything I'm used to, that I almost can't take it. I've had lust. I've had love. And now I'm experiencing both things-to what feels like the extreme-at the same time. I'm a lucky fucking bastard.

I feel wet fingers below me and quickly lose myself in the sensation of Jasper circling me there before gently pressing a finger inside.

"Jesus," I cry out, gripping Garrett's chest harder.

"I hate to break the mood, but just exactly who's going to fuck who here?" Leave it to Jasper to make sure everyone knows how things are going to happen.

I open my eyes to see that he and Riley have stopped their actions, both sitting back on their heels to watch Garrett and I together.

"I want to fuck Edward. But I want one of you to fuck his mouth at the same time." There's fire in Garrett's eyes, and something snaps in us all at his words. In a frenzy, we remove final articles of clothing and rip open condom wrappers, barely able to contain ourselves at the images Garrett has provoked in us all.

I settle on my back in the center of the bed, Garrett between my legs. He works fingers inside me, stretching me while Riley leans over my body from the side. I take his cock in my hand, stroking gently at first and then harder, my other hand finding his hip and pulling him closer. He leans all the way across my face and neck, propping his hands on the other side of the bed and letting his hard dick bob in front of my mouth teasingly.

"Holy shit," Garrett whispers. He's waited as long as he can stand. In a matter of seconds, he's sliding himself inside of me and commanding me to take Riley in my mouth. "Louder. I want to hear you suck him."

It's difficult to focus on giving a decent blow job with a cock in your ass, but I'm trying my best when suddenly Riley moves more forcefully, causing me to deep throat his dick several times in a row. I pull off of him and turn my face to the side, prepared to protest, but I realize that Jasper has started fucking him from the edge of the bed, his thrusts pushing Riley further into my mouth.

"Jesus, this is ... fuck. I can't fucking ..." Before I can complete my train of thought, Riley guides himself into my mouth again, effectively shutting me up. I moan at all of the overwhelming sensations, and eventually I have to close my eyes so I don't come. The sight of all of us together is just too much.

After a few minutes, I feel the familiar shift in Garrett's movement-the change from purposeful to erratic-and I push my ass against his thrusts in encouragement. "Fuck, I'm gonna come. God dammit. This is fucking amazing. Shit." He freezes suddenly and groans, spilling into me with three last halting motions. As Garrett collapses on the bed next to me, Riley reaches over to give me a hand, tugging on my hard dick in rhythm with Jasper's hips. I can't move my head, but as he fucks my mouth, I reach out blindly before finding Garrett's hand and squeezing. As soon as he squeezes back, I lose it, coming in long spurts across my chest and Riley's arm.

It's almost a chain reaction. Riley strokes me a few more times before pulling out of my mouth and jerking himself off all across my chest, his cum mingling with my own. He moans loudly, muttering things that don't make sense, and Jasper pushes him forward on top of me, thrusting very roughly several more times before stilling and groaning through his own release. I watch, mesmerized, and still holding on to Garrett's hand tightly.

As we all come back to our senses and recover our breath, a calm awkwardness fills the room. I cough. Jasper clears his throat and rolls off of Riley's back so I'm no longer trapped beneath their weight. Only Garrett breaks the silence.

"Guys, I believe that's what they call an orgy."

I hope that was as good for you all as it was for me. Phew.

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