Three years later ...

I got the suitcases out of the basement. When you home?

As I look at Garrett's text, my stomach takes a nosedive.

One more class. Be there in an hour. Love you.

Love you too baby. Thanks for doing the last load of laundry last night while I studied.

I walk into the last lecture before spring break of my senior year and take a deep breath. The next week should be interesting.

"I'm home!" I drop my bag and keys and slide my shoes off in the corner as Garrett appears around the kitchen doorway.

"What's for dinner? I'm starving," I greet him, walking over to give him a sloppy kiss.

"Spaghetti. Mom's sauce. It'll be ready in about twenty minutes. But first, you need to get in the bedroom and start packing." He swats my ass and turns my shoulders toward the hallway.

"Can't you just throw some polos and shorts in for me? And swim trunks, I guess?"

"Now, Edward. You're a big boy." He's trying to tease, be lighthearted, but I don't giggle. My hands are sweaty in anticipation.

I trudge down the hall and start pulling polos out of the closet and folding them. Blue, light blue, sea blue, green, forest green, pink ... and lilac. All my favorites go in the suitcase along with two pair of jeans and three or four pairs of shorts. A handful of boxer briefs and flip flops, and I'm pretty much ready to go.

"Why not the brick red one?"

Without turning around, I second guess my choices. "You think? I was going to wear one of the blues."

Strong arms wrap around me from behind, warm breath on my earlobe. "But I really love the brick red one." He kisses my neck gently, squeezes my ribs affectionately.

"See? I told you to pack for me," I huff and slip out of his grasp.

"Stop. Stop being so nervous, babe. It's going to be great. She's going to love you."

I sigh and plop down next to the suitcase on our bed. "Promise?"

"I promise. I love you. They love you. She'll love you. Now throw in the brick red polo for good measure." He disappears back down the hall, whistling softly.

My phone buzzes in my pocket.

Picking you up at 7. Better get some good sleep tonight!

Of course we will. You're the ones we have to worry about. I reply to Jasper, trying to be witty and carefree. I suck at witty and carefree.

See you in the morning. Can't wait for our trip. ;)

I leave my phone on the bed and head back toward the kitchen for a quiet dinner with Garrett before the week of madness begins.

"Garr, we need to sleep. We have to drive the first shift." I'm trying to protest against his hand on my cock, but it's pretty useless.

"Just be still. This won't take long." I can tell he's smirking even as his lips graze my chest, and I snort.

"Oh, so it's gonna be one of those nights, huh? You get yours whether or not I get mine?" I grip his sides and pull him on top of me quickly. "Not if I have anything to say about it."

I pull his head down to meet my own, kissing him deeply, passionately. It's hours before we sleep.

"Throw the suitcase in the back, and let's go!" Jasper is shouting, Riley is pouring coffee from a thermos, and I'm trying to lock the front door with trembling fingers.

After packing our things neatly in alongside theirs, Garrett jogs back up the porch and gently takes the key from my hand. "I've got it. Breathe, Edward."

He locks the door and then leads me by my hand to the car, belting me into the front passenger seat like a child and kissing my forehead before he shuts the door and walks around to drive.

"What's up, E? Not ready to abandon the cold Missouri winter for a week in sunny south Texas?" Riley doesn't seem to realize what's wrong, but Jasper gives me a weak sympathetic smile.

"Dude, it's gonna be totally fine. My mom will love you. She loves Riley, she's bound to love Garrett, and she's completely indifferent to my lifestyle choice, err, choices. And hey, it's just one night on our way to the beach. Here, drink up. You have to drive in three hours!"

I take the insulated mug he hands me and sip. It's laden with caramel and milk, just like my two favorite baristas know I like it, and I shoot them a grateful look.

Yes, we're on our way to Texas. Stopping in at Jasper's mom's house to crash for the night and then on to an official spring break destination resort. Beer bongs, beaches, bikinis ... Garrett and Riley spent all winter convincing Jasper and I that we couldn't end the 'college' experience without doing it at least once. Besides, a road trip and one room split four ways ends up being a pretty cheap vacation.

I settle back in my seat and grab Garrett's hand on the console. Life is good.

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