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It was an afternoon twenty years ago. I was ten. I was called out of school by two uniformed men. They came to take me home. I was clueless back then but more than aware enough to know something was wrong. Was it my father? Mother? Did someone die? Is everything okay?

The walk home wasn't pleasant. I stared at the two men walking beside me. My heart pounded with dread. When I could see my house from where I was, I noticed something was terribly wrong. There were police cars parked outside. The front entrance was marked off with police tape. Police were skulking around, canvassing the area. I knew that behavior all too well. That meant something terrible had happened.

I fought the grip of police officers and ran toward the house. I was screaming for my parents. But when I flung myself under the tape and looked around my own home, I grew still and silent. There was my mother, lying there covered in blood. "No!" I cried, "Mom! MOM!"

I looked up as I heard a cry. "Jordan!" called my father. "JORDAN!"

"DADDY!" I screamed back, trying to fight off the restraint that the two officers that were accompanying me home that day. I wanted to run to my father. I wanted to revive my mother. I wanted to do something.

It was all blank. In the end, I could do nothing.

"Time of death estimates to about two hours," I said dully as I walked around the body. This is a little girl's or boy's mother. I want to make sure that they get justice for her.

I heard a shriek in the background. It was like looking into a flashback. Woody turned around to find a young girl of about ten standing behind the taped barricade. Her eyes were swollen and she was screaming for her mother. I couldn't believe it. It was like peering back to that day all over again. "Get her on a table back to the morgue and tell CSU to canvass for forensic evidence."

I froze momentarily. I could feel Woody's worried gaze trail over me. Normally I walk around a crime scene for a while but today I just wanted to get out of it.

I pushed my way from the crew and made my way to the woman's daughter. Her reaction reminded me of mine. I remember thinking "how could someone kill my mother? Why is this happening?"

My mom loved me. She was so sweet and always looking out for me. I was stubborn as a horse's ass. Still am, but she could keep me in line. I think that's when I started acting the way I do. Because I saw her like that. And because I see little girls react like me.

"Hi," I whispered. Her eyes were still overflowing with tears. "What's your name?"

"Sarah," she whispered, wiping her eyes.

"Well, Sarah, I can assure you that we'll do whatever it takes to get the person who did this to your mother."

It was then she fell into my arms. I took her and held her silently. The only sound I could think of was the sound of her sniffles. It brought back flashbacks of how much I wanted my father to hold me.

She was not the only one crying for her mama.