This is another oneshot, my second to be exact. Constructive criticism welcomed. Enjoy!

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In Diva's Defense

"I am so glad she is gone," Kai said, talking about my dead sister of course. "Amen, man! Things are much less complicated, and we don't have to fight anymore," Louis added. "Not only that, but there is no more reason to fight anymore, we can all have peaceful and absolutely normal lives now," David said. I couldn't take it anymore! "Shut up!" I yelled. They all looked at me. "Don't you understand?" I yelled. "Understand what, Saya?" Julia inquired. "That it wasn't Diva's fault! It wasn't her fault! She had no chance, she was locked in a freaking tower!" I start off, absolutely livid. They're all staring at me like I have three heads and a tail.

"It's not her fault that Amshel brainwashed her, or that Joel locked her in a TOWER! She just wanted to be accepted. She wanted a family. Amshel used her for experiments and I couldn't help her, and I hate myself for killing her, but I couldn't help her. She just wanted to be loved, and she didn't know how to... to get close to people. She didn't know how to act. Everyone she knew just used her! It's not her fault that she was crazy as hell! So, I would appreciate it a lot if you could stop with the comments about how evil she was. Even if you can't, I would like it a lot if you could wait to say it until I'm out of hearing range," I conclude.

You see, everyone think's Diva was a horrible psycho path, but really she wasn't. People pushed her, and used her, and experimented on her. She had no chance. My sister, she didn't mean to be so horrible, I don't think. She just wanted a family. She was just like everyone else. She only wanted to be loved.