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Ginny froze. Everyone froze. The two bodies in the middle were falling. She couldn't take it. That was Harry. Harry! He killed Voldemort, but got himself killed in the process.

She ran, feet pounding. Distantly she heard two people running after her, probably Ron and Hermione, since they were best friends with Harry.

"Ginny," a voice stopped her. She turned to see Albus Dumbledore, the former headmaster of Hogwarts. Who was dead. D-E-A-D. Being dead meant not coming and terrifying s redhead who had just lost the love of her life.

"Yes Professor?" she asked softly, tears beginning to spill from her eyes.

"He isn't dead Ginny. To find him, you must follow your heart."

"What?" Ginny asked, starting to sob. But it was too late, Dumbledore was gone again.

Ginny felt her heart beating and knew that, even if Harry was dead, that she wasn't. Slowly she picked herself off of the ground, which she had somehow ended up on, and ran slowly back towards the fight.

"Ginny!" Hermione yelled, "Where are you?"

"Over here!" she yelled, reaching the outskirts of the fight that had continued.

She pushed herself through the crowd, disarming a few people as she tried to reach where Harry and Voldemort still lay.

"Harry!" she yelled, shaking him.

"Gin-?" he croaked, opening his eyes slightly.

"Harry!" she screamed.

"Gin-what happened?"

"Harry!" she squealed, "You're not dead!"

"Am I supposed to be?" he asked weakly.

"No, no, of course not Harry! You're alive! I thought you were dead! We thought you were dead!"

"I'm not," Harry said softly, "I promise Gin, I won't leave you."



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