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I spent weeks of huffing at Kyouya, and him just brush it off.

But I suppose to someone so cold, it doesn't matter, does it?

I gradually...let go. I crossed the bridge plank by plank.

And no one noticed, except Karou. And he didn't bother to embarass me by mentioning my anger at Kyouya, who seemed oblivious, and with that logic didn't mention my lack of anger, too.

Yes, he didn't say anything. But you can just tell these things.

Kei hummed to herself as we walked down the hall. She was in a better mood all the time.

I caught the tune of the song, it seemed repetitive, and hummed along also.

Her bracelets caught the light from the large windows and from her wrists to the wall the light danced.

I looked at it, mezmerized.

Kei looked at my half amused, half hypnotized expression and chirped "I think you need to go outside."

Kei had to leave for some excuse or the other, but first chance I got after school hours ended I sat outside, my back on a rock, watching the kids years younger than me play outside.

The sun was warm on my skin, and I had a content sort of feeling all over.

I heard russling from behind me in the grass and figured it was Kei.

To my somewhat suprise, it was Karou who sat down next to me. He slung his arm around my shoulder, and I made no move to shake it off. It added to my content feeling.

We sat in a comfortable silence as we always could, but Karou, being himself, soon became fidgity.

He gave me a kiss on the lips.

His lips were always sweet or tasted of the commoner's coffee the Host Club was always drinking, and I liked them. I really did like him.

I couldn't see how we got together so well, or why me of all people, but I did like him indeed.

I gave him a curiouse glance, to witch he did shrug.

"I figured who not." he smiled, and I couldn't help but smile back.

The children screamed and called, and I laughed. Many were no older than nine, but a few eleven, twelve, thirteen, even fourteen year olds played too.

Aside from the group, two girls and a boy stood. They couldn't have been younger than thirteen.

Though we were far away, the body language told it all.

Both girls had a cruel expression on their face, and the boy buried his hands into the pocket of the uniform and looked as if he wanted to dissapear.

He gave a note to one of the girls and dashed off through some trees. If my guess was right he was probably thinking "Please don't hurt me-I'm just the messenger!"

I knew the feeling.

Both Kaoru and I observed the boy until he ran out of our sight and turned our attention back to the girls.

One of them had grabbed the note, ripped it up, and thrown it down without even reading it.

I felt pity for the boy and whatever friend he was delagating for.

"Children can be so cruel." I whispered, bringing my knees to my chest and wrapping my arms around them. I lay my face on my arms as the two girls laughed and walked out of sight.

"I'm sorry." Kaoru stated, putting a hand on my back.

"For what?" I switched my face slightly so that I faced him.

"For being so cruel to you. When we were that age."

I shrugged. "It's...you didn't know now did you. And you're perfectly fine now."

I gave him a brisk kiss on the cheek, and he gave me a hug.

"I've got a message for you." Kaoru pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

I took it, and read it slowly.

Only three words were written in Kaoru's neat writing.

I love you

It's one thing to hear the words (or rather, see them) from your parents, who should do such things, and bore you. It's expected and even if they don't say it, you probably know.

It's different to hear it from a boy. A cute boy. I boy you care about and dare I say love?

Oh, that difference is cirtainly a difference.

I slowly put the letter down and stood up. He followed me

Kaoru gave a little nervous half smile, which I did adore.

I leaned forward and kissed him, on the lips, wich is somthing I usually didn't provoke in our relationship.

I felt him smile and then deepen it. I wraped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist.

There's no other words one can use to describe somthing just the way it is.

When we had come up for air and later decided to finish, we spent the rest of the day on the school grounds, doing absolutly nothing in particular.

We talked, we walked, we kissed. All the details are vague in my head, I was so light with joy. It seems so fuzzy.

I was glad to have him, he was glad to have me.

There's some things that have no better way to describe it.

I'm not a storry teller, I'm not a letter writer. I don't know how to put absolutly ordinary things into extrodinary tales.

I'm not sure how a girl as ordinary as me actualy ended up with Kaoru.

I looked at his handsome face, and he smirked at me.

Though I was comfortable around hime, I blushed. He grabbed me hand.

And soon enough, the both of us had taken off running.

I saw one little glimps into his eyes before I was nearly trailing behind him as he ran with his fast strides.

I was a messenger, but it was perfect.