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Mala in Se

(Defined as: acts that are regarded as wrong in and of themselves)

Opportunity Knocks

It was a cool breeze that whistled past his glasses and entwined in his cape as Great Saiyaman skimmed through the sky. He appreciated the crisp breeze, hoping the cold would finish waking him up. He would not be late for school this morning, but Saiyaman would also not be awake.

Not that he would let the rest of the world know that.

After a cursory flight around the high school, Saiyaman landed lightly on the roof. With a final look around , he disappeared behind the wall about the stairs. With a brilliant flash of light, Gohan strode back into view and walked down the steps into the bowels of Orange Star High.

In the two months following Buu, Gohan had returned to high school as per his mother's insistents. Not that the half Saiayan had minded. Now that he had tasted a world where he could socialize with people his own age, he really didn't want to give it up. And after Buu, a very recent death/ near death experience for him, Gohan had made a personal decision that he was quite lucky to be able to live essentially twice. It was time to take life by the horns and enjoy it. Even if that meant suffering through school lectures and teachings that he had all ready known by the age of ten.

He took the time to smile and wave to his friends and teachers as he entered and walked down the locker hall way. He had made it to school this day with plenty of time to spare, and so got to deal with the crowds of before school loitering students talking about what ever it was that interested them at the moment. With a little patients, and a lot of good timing, Gohan weaved a path through his peers and slid into the little niche that had been left open by his locker. The demi Saiyan opened it and began pawing through the books that he would need for fist period.

In those same two months Gohan had become very good friends with one Videl Satan. But, despite all hints form certain friends and relatives, they were not dating. Just… good friends. Videl came over to his house a lot, helping baby-sit and forcing him into training her. She really did enjoy pumping him for everything he knew about Ki, skills, and martial arts in general. That was kind of disconcerting to the eldest Son child.

Closing the locker again, Gohan stood and looked about. Where was Videl any way? Normally she would have found him by now. Unless of course she was doing last minute work again before class. She wasn't a bad student or anything, her homework was always done on time and all, but she did seem to have this talent for procrastinating. The boy had noted with some amusement that many of his fellow class mates were procrastinators. They obviously didn't have a mother like his.

"Gohan, Gohan! Hold up!" A shrill voice called down the hall.

The young man smiled to himself and leaned back against his locker. "Good morning Erasa, Sharpner."

The two in question stopped before him. Both seemed surprisingly chipper and smiley this morning. Of course, that may well be attributed to the fact that it was Friday. Friday's do those things to students. "Morning Gohan, you're here early today!"

"Yeah Brains, your going to ruin your reputation."

"Hey now, just because I'm late occasionally doesn't mean I have to be late all of the time."

Waggling her eyebrows in a mischievous manner, Erasa smiled. "I don't know Gohan, you do it pretty well. And you know, you and Videl are often enough late on the same days…."

Despite himself, Gohan blushed straight to his ears. "There isn't anything going on there! You know exactly what Videl and I do," he made a vague flying gesture with his right hand, "Sometimes crimes just happen in the morning is all!"

Sharpner shook his head. "You keep Maintaining that Brains, but I don't think I buy it." He smiled and playfully punched Gohan in the shoulder. "Lets get to class."

The half Saiyan nodded his head in mute agreement. More conversation may have is endangered his fragile pride further. However, Gohan couldn't help but grin. Only a few of his fellow classmates knew about the whole Great Saiyaman thing. Apparently there were a pair of binoculars in the stands on the fateful day. Yet even with that knowledge, and the fact that he was also the Golden Fighter, Sharpner and Erasa didn't treat him at all differently. Well, after the whole little stint between Sharpner and Videl had been cleared up.

Taking their normal seats in the classroom, Sharpner and Erasa choose to engage in some idle conversation before the bell. Gohan sat in his own chair, half listening to them and half off in his own little world. Videl, he guessed, had probably been called off to solve another dispute in the police force or some such. At least, he hadn't seen any disturbances on his flight into school that morning.

The bell rang and the gray haired old man who taught first period history strolled in. Gohan sighed. This man was a particularly dull and dry teacher. The fact that he taught something the demi-Saiyan had learned by the age of ten didn't help matters. He drifted back to La La land only vaguely aware that the conversation beside him was still going on. Gohan wondered at where Videl really was, looking occasionally at his watch. She at least would not be discussing the newest and hottest fashion trends, as were his two blonde companions.

Abruptly the teacher halted his insistent drone and Gohan looked up in time to see the object of his thoughts trot through the door. Videl ducked her head and muttered the usual apologies as she hurried by and up to her seat. "That's fine Videl, we all know about your Civic duties," smiled the teacher, "We're on page 382 discussing the beginnings of World War II."

"Erasa being Erasa, didn't even allow Videl the chance to say her hellos. "So Doll, what happened this morning? House Fire? Bank robbery? What?"

Videl responded with a grunt. "Hardly. The police just wanted my opinion on the structure of the guard they have placed around Mr. Pulaz."

The blonde girl gasped, "You mean that rich old guy from America? He needs a police escort?"

"Yeah, apparently he doesn't feel its safe in our country. Anyway, it doesn't really matter. What did I miss?"

Sharpner leaned back in his chair and closed is eyes. "The usual. He's just reading the book to us again."

She nodded her thanks to Sharpner, even though he couldn't see it, and leaned forward to look suspiciously at Gohan. "You look ready to fall asleep Gohan, do you ever pay attention first period?"

The half Saiyan smiled and looked down slightly. "Not really. Good morning Videl."

She smiled then, not returning the verbal good morning, but a smile was all Gohan needed. Videl looked wonderful today, having a pair of faded blue jeans and a surprisingly small t-shirt on. Small for her usual tastes at least. The bold 'Satan' written across the front only served to accent her figure.

Gohan blushed furiously and looked back down at his book. She was just a good friend, and his student to some degree. Besides, he was pretty sure she didn't think of him as anymore than a friend. Even if he potentially did feel more than that for her. Damn hormones.

The rest of the morning classes went on with out hitch, if a tad more quietly. Weather his friends were paying attention to what was being taught or not, Gohan couldn't determine. They were all sitting quietly for once though, much to the English teacher's surprise and approval. Erasa fidgeted uncomfortably with the effort of keeping silent. At least, that was what the half Saiyan guessed she was fidgeting about.

He was right.

The lunch bell rang and Erasa's mouth was off and going at a mile a minute. Gohan couldn't help but stop and watch the process in shocked amazement as the blonde bombshell talked and ate with out ever mixing the two. That was one talent he had never conquered, and probably never would. Videl slid in next to him at the ricouty lunch table and seemed completely unaware of the amazing show Erasa was putting on.

Videl looked at Gohan however, as he stared dumbstruck at Erasa in action. Erasa looked to be physically showing Sharpner just what her breakfast had been like. "She does that sometimes after sitting quiet to long. Has a tendency to explode, always has."

Gohan looked back at her. "I've seen Bulma's mother do something like that before… I guess I just didn't expect it in school."

"I'd think you should by now, you've known her long enough."

"She has never been quiet so long around me."

Videl shook her wild black hair and squinched her nose. "Lucky you."

Sharpner suddenly looked across the table at Gohan and Videl. He looked considering for a moment and then cut Erasa off mid sentence. "I'm throwing a party tomorrow. The parents are out of town. Do you want to come?"

Erasa pouted. "You never told me about any party, Sharpner!"

"It was just a spur of the moment decision. Your invited too. I've also got a couple of other friends that should make it."

Videl quirked her eyebrow at him. "I thought you said this was a spur of the moment decision?"

"It was a long moment."

"All right!" Erasa laughed, "You to should come, it'll be way cool!"

Videl shrugged. "Sure, why not?" she looked to Gohan, "And you?"

"I… I have to slide it by my mom." he cringed.

Sharpner snorted. "Just tell your old lady that your spending the night at my house. Don't say anything about the party or act guilty, and you'll be fine."

Grimacing, Gohan sighed. "I'll try to get there, but I can't make you any promises."

Videl grinned. She alone here knew his mother, knew how difficult a task was being posed to him. Yet she smacked him on the back and stated confidently, "We'll see you there."