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Good News

Gohan sat back and scratched idly at the cast on his left hand. All was again right with the world and he was content to let Saiyaman have a day off. It had been a week before when the half Saiyan and his friends had been admitted to the hospital. The poison coursing through their systems had left Gohan unconscious for two days, the rest for three. It had only been yesterday that all four were allowed to escape the exquisite torture that was hospital food and beds.

The teen-aged demi-Saiyan himself was lucky enough to get off with a few scratches and bruises and one mutilated hand. Or, that was how the doctor who studied the appendage worded it. Apparently in his attempts to escape, he had shattered three of the knuckles. Gohan sighed. It wouldn't be the first time he'd dealt with broken bones, and probably wouldn't be the last.

The young man shifted slightly to get a better angle on the animated conversation going on in the room beside him. He grinned as the talking was elevated to ruff housing. The boys were a lot of fun to watch, as Trunks and Goten were the very embodiment of youth. It was actually for that purpose that Gohan sat in the cushy Capsule Corps living room couch on this Saturday after noon; he was playing babysitter.

"Gohan," called Bulma as she glided across the carpet, "We won't be back to early, so I want you to make sure those two are in bed by nine thirty at the latest."

Gohan smiled and nodded to her. He was intrigued by the easy way she had with putting in her earrings and carrying on a conversation at once. "No problem, Bulma. That dress is beautiful, are you guys going to a really fancy restaurant?"

The woman preened with the compliment and smoothed the blue silk down over her hips. "Why thank you, Gohan. If you think this dress is nice though, you should see the one I found for your mother! And yes, it is a very nice restaurant." She winked then, "But you know what's best? We got both Goku and Vegita into tuxes for this!"

"You did? Wow! This I have to see!"

Bulma laughed. "So do I! Chi Chi and I told them that they were not allowed to come out of that room until they were fully prepared."

The other woman then stepped into the room and nodded in agreement to Bulma's last statement. "And that should be very shortly, if the ruckus I heard from in there is any clue."

Gohan blinked and stared at his mother. She wore a knock out of a black satin dress that left few of her curves to the imagination. Her hair was left loose and she had just enough make up on to make it look like she wore none at all. "Wow, Mom… You look fantastic! Dad and Vegita are going to be the envy of every guy there tonight!"

Bulma winked again at the young man. "That's the general idea, kiddo."

A whine from Goku proceeded him through the door way. "Chi Chi! I can't get this tie thing to work! I… Wow Chi Chi, you look very pretty!"

The Son woman giggled girlishly and went to help her husband with his bow tie. Vegita stepped silently into the room and sent a look to Gohan that promised death if he were to say anything at all at the expense of the Saiyan prince. Chi Chi finished sprucing her husband up and turned to Bulma. "Well, we're all ready, I suppose it's times to say good bye to our children and have a fun night on the town, huh?"

"Not quite yet."

Chi Chi cocked her head to the side. "Why on earth not?"

Bulma held up her finger, "Because…" she was interrupted by the doorbell, "I invited someone over to keep Gohan here company and help him with the kids."

The woman then sprinted off to the door in her high heels leaving a room full of baffled people behind her. She came back a moment later with Videl trailing behind her. "Hi," she stated with a smile, "Wow, you guys look very sharp tonight!"

Chi Chi smiled warmly at the young woman before stepping up and wrapping her in a strong hug. "Thank you dear! It was wonderful of you to come over and help Gohan like this."

Videl shrugged. "Thank Bulma, she was nice enough to invite me."

Gohan could only watch in silence as the three women carried on their exuberant conversation. Videl… He had not had the chance to talk to her since… well, that room. He hoped that what he remembered of that was not just some fogged dream his drugged mind had come up with. In the hospital, she had not acted like anything between them had changed, but their few conversations had not gone too deep.

He had the feeling that Bulma had set this up intentionally.

Laughing lightly at something that had been said between them, Bulma turned towards Trunks's room. "Trunks! Goten! We're leaving now, you two behave for Gohan and Videl, you hear me!"

Chi Chi imitated her actions and two 'Yes Mom's echoed from the boy's room. The four adults were then on their way, for the women to enjoy and the men to tolerate. With Trunks and Goten playing some game of war with a tub of plastic green soldiers, that left Gohan and Videl alone in the living room. Videl stood at the door way scraping the toe of her shoe along the floor. She wore her favorite 'FIGHT' shirt. An uncomfortable silence fell.

Gohan rubbed at his cast as he considered how to break the quiet. "Does that hand bother you Gohan? I mean, did they prescribe a strong enough pain medication for it?"

Gohan smiled at her way out. "No, it's not really bothering me, it's just that casts are itchy. And, I'm not taking any pain medication for it."

Videl, having broke the silence, moved to sit on the end of the couch opposite Gohan. "Why not? Some macho man way to prove yourself or something?"

The demi-Saiyan gave her a blank look. "No. I've never taken anything for broken bones before except medicated tea. We don't have a lot of money for anything more."

"Oh. Ah… I just got done talking to the police captain. Kanus Siaka has been brought up on charges for the murders of both Mr. Pulaz and Sergeant Rund as well as the attempted murder of we four 'innocent' students. As it looks like now, their going to try him for two life sentences. Once they lock him away, he won't being seeing the outside for along time."

"That's good. And Hernandez?"

"Well, the letters that were found in amongst Mr. Pulaz's stuff, and in that run down apartment have him linked to the murder. But, where there isn't any proof that he did any more than converse with this whacko, he can only be charged as an accomplice."

Gohan looked down and fidgeted with one of the buttons on his pale green shirt. "And, your father?"

"Ah Daddy," she sighed, "The police finally had the right to thoroughly check him out, but what they found was inconclusive. When I talked to him he said he had no idea about the murders, and I believe him. Daddy apparently thought that Mr. Pulaz was going to fund a new line of toys in the likeness of 'The Great Mr. Satan'. The letter that said that however, was forged by Siaka. Daddy didn't know a thing."

"I'm glad to hear that, Videl."

She snorted. "I doubt it, Gohan. After the way he talked to you in the hospital I know we both want him to spend a few nights in jail. It would do him good."

"Videl," Gohan smiled, "Your dad was only saying those things to vent. He was being a worried parent. And besides, he let you come over here, didn't he?"

"That's because Bulma scares him. But, yeah, I guess your right. So, how's Piccolo?"

Gohan shrugged. "Probably quite happy now that he doesn't have to worry about me for a few days. He is sometimes like a dad and a friend all rolled into one when he starts to worry. I'm sure he's out meditating somewhere, enjoying the serenity of nature."

"That's always fun."

Gohan nodded and the conversation came to a grinding halt. The thick blanket fell between them again, interrupted only by the giggles coming from the kids' direction. Gohan swallowed in an effort to re work the moisture back into his mouth. He had to ask her, had to know if what had been said was meant. Or if it had ever really been said. Dear Dende he really hoped he hadn't imagined the whole thing. When they spoke, it was in unison.

"Gohan, I…"

"About that night, Videl…"

Stopping at once as they had started, the half Saiyan offered a nervous laugh and waved for Videl to continue. She sighed, closed her eyes, and started over. "Gohan, I… in that room I told you that I loved you." She looked up to gage Gohan's response. He almost looked afraid. "I do. I… I can't deny that fact anymore to myself or to you. But… I need to know, did you really tell me that you loved me too? Or, was I dreaming… I.. . If you didn't I don't want to compromise our friendship by forcing the issue… I'll drop it right here and we can both pretend it never happened."

Gohan watched her as she spoke and stared at the couch cushion between them. As she finished, he reached out with his good hand and gently touched her cheek, effectively bringing her eyes back to his. "I did say it," the half Saiyan murmured, "And I meant it too. I love you, Videl."

"Oh Gohan," She said just as quietly. She felt herself leaning forward, to meet those lips of his half way. "I love you too…"

"GOHAN!!!!! I'm hungry big brother!"

Both teens jerked back to their sides of the couch, hearts in throats as Goten bounded in to land on the cushion between. Trunks strolled up to the couch and looked expectantly at Gohan. "Yeah. We haven't eaten since five, and it's eight thirty."

Videl couldn't help it, she laughed. "That's only three and a half hours, Trunks!"

"That's a long time with out food, Videl!" A growl interrupted them, "See! Even my big brother's tummy says he's hungry!"

Gohan stuck his right hand behind his head and laughed sheepishly. "Well, I guess this is as good of a time to eat as any before you two have to go to bed at nine thirty."

Trunks rolled his eyes in a superior manner. "Please Gohan. I'm almost ten years old here, don't you think we can stay up later than that? And on a Saturday too."

"Yeah, big brother, we'll be real quiet about it!"

The eldest half Saiyan shook his head. "Sorry guys, our moms said nine thirty, so nine thirty it is."

A nasty grin spread across Trunks's face as he watched Gohan stand and offer Videl a hand up before starting off to the kitchen. "I get it, Gohan. You just want us to go to bed early so you can make out with Videl here."

"Trunks!" The young man gasped, a light pink tinting his cheeks.

The little purple haired sprite's grin deepened as he began to sing in a high, mocking tone, "Gohan and Videl, sittin' in a tree…"

At this point Goten, not understanding that he was making fun of his brother, but knowing the song, joined in. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love…"

"Then comes marriage,"

"Then comes baby in the baby carriage!"

Gohan decided his best choice was to ignore the two boys as he stalked off to the kitchen in search of food. The light pink had darkened by several shades. While he thought that Videl would have been just as embarrassed as he was, Gohan was shocked to hear her start laughing and after a few lyrics join into the song as well. The demi-Saiyan knew by the heat he felt radiating off his face, he had to have been as red as a tomato.

They ate, with Gohan stoically taking jibe after jibe from the youngest prince and all four watched television for a while before the kids were both herded to bed with a bit of ruckus. After the hair raising half an hour it had taken to get both boys secured beneath their blankets, Gohan was happy to flop on the couch before a rerun of 'M*A*S*H'.

Videl sat down beside him and casually wormed her way beneath his arm to rest her head back against his shoulder. "Videl," Gohan began quietly, "would you like to go on a date some time?"

"Tell me that you want that date tomorrow and I'd love too."

Gohan grinned in response. "Okay then, I want that date tomorrow."


Videl twisted suddenly, bring her hand behind Gohan's head and pulling his lips down to hers. She felt it only appropriate to share the first taste of his kiss with this, their new beginning.


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