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The little cracks of light broke in through the curtains, and awoke a beautiful young lady. She opened her eyes and stared at the blank ceiling, before groaning and getting out of bed.

She walked into her personal bathroom and locked the door. She could never be too careful with her older cousin staying over for his winter brake.

She dashed to her sink and started her daily rituals. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she looked up to the mirror and sighed. Those once dull eyes have finally brightened up a bit. Her naturally red-dish lips have tugged up a bit without her realizing, and the color came back to her once too-pale face.

She changed. Ever since he left, she swore she'd be better than his all-time love. She changed because he was her all time-love. She loved him once and still, after three long years, she still loves him.

He left alongside his best friend. She could vaguely remember what his partner looks like, and the name she has already completely forgotten. But him, she can never forget. His beautiful blonde hair, his unexpected deep blue eyes, those beautiful pink lips…. Hinata caught herself fantasizing about doing the most unheard of things when she heard obnoxious knocking on her bathroom door.

She quickly shook her head and opened the door, jumping when she saw Hanabi's fist almost punch her lights out. She instinctively backed away from the door, resulting in herself losing her balance and tripping on air, falling flat on her bum ungracefully.

"Wow sis, that's a way to start the day" Hanabi, Hinata's younger sister, said in a surprised tone. Hinata laughed off her sore bottom and got up gracefully, leaning into the wall to make sure she doesn't lose balance once again.

She gave a playful grin and greeted, "Good morning, Hanabi".

Hanabi smiled and stepped inside the bathroom, "Morning", she said as she leaned down to wash her face and brush her teeth.

"Remind me again why you always have to come here in the morning if you have your own personal bathroom, and around three more bathrooms in this house?" Hinata asked, even though she enjoyed her little encounters with her sister in the mornings.

Truth be told, she never really had the time to be alone with her sister, whether it was with their strict father, or she was in her dance practice or Hanabi was in the tennis court, both girls were rather busy to schedule any time together.

"Honestly, I really miss you during the day… I feel like we've drifted apart since you graduated from middle school. Since your eternal crush left, you've really changed" Hanabi answered after finishing her rituals.

So she also felt it. Everyone felt it lately. Hinata guessed it was because the day she's been changing for has finally arrived. This is the day he'll be back. The day she will see if her hard work has been worth all the effort.

Hearing the words come out of her sister's mouth, Hinata blushed prettily. That was one habit she just couldn't get rid of. She's become much less shy, stopped her awful stuttering, changed her wardrobe completely, let her hair grow out, but she just couldn't stop nature's ways when it came to blushing.

"Well, I better get going. We need to be out in half an hour" Hanabi said after watching amusedly as Hinata blushed.

"Actually, I'm going to walk with Temari today" Hinata answered before going out of the bathroom first, Hanabi following suit soon after.

"Alright, I'll tell Neji not to wait for you" Hanabi said, and then went out to her own room, to get herself ready for school. She looked one last time at Hinata and smiled. No matter how she looked at it, Hinata changed for the better.

Hinata looked at herself in the body mirror. She personally picked out her newest outfit yet. Something casual yet demanding attention. She had both of her best friends come to the mall with her so she could have someone else's opinion on the clothes. Although everyone told her, and she knew, her clothes are very much stylish, and she's become a somewhat guru in her school for things such as these, but she just couldn't be sure he would like it.

She wore light skinny jeans, which hung low and tight on her thin waist. With that she wore a fitting dark blue t-shirt with the words 'love & peace' written on it in black, and a loose black vest. She wore black all-stars and had her hair down the way she always has it, long and straight, with lighter shades of indigo in her otherwise raven hair.

She didn't wear any make-up, feeling confident enough to walk around the way god made her, without covering herself with thick make up like those wannabes in her grade always do.

Feeling satisfied with herself, Hinata dashed downstairs and to the kitchen. Filling herself a bowl of cereal, Hinata sat down and ate quickly, not wanting to make Temari wait.

She finished her food, got her school bag and walked to the front door. "I'm going!" she shouted before stepping out of the house and making her way to the park where she was to be meeting with Temari.

When she got there, she found Temari sitting on the bench, looking around the park until she spotted her. Temari instantly smiled and waved at Hinata, her waving back of course.

"Good morning, Temari" Hinata greeted cheerily.

"Morning, Hinata. So, today's the big day" Temari announced, getting Hinata to blush once again.

"Yep. I can't believe he's finally back, after all this time. I really missed him" Hinata answered, looking straight ahead as she and Temari started their way to school.

"I'm sure he missed you too. So I see the outfit's perfect, hair's great, mood's awesome, all that's missing is the guy and you're set to go" Temari said playfully.

Hinata giggled, loving how she felt relaxed yet excited at the same time. "I suppose you're right" she answered after a while.

The girls talked until they finally made their way to school, only to be greeted with a huge mob of students surrounding two poor teenagers that definitely weren't expecting that kind of reaction.

Hinata's hear started to beat loudly, and she held her breath as she and Temari got closer to the crowd. "Move away people! Give them some space to breathe" Temari commanded and instantly the crowds backed away, but were still close enough to the two boys.

As everyone stepped back, Hinata caught a glimpse of one of the males standing in the middle of the crowds. He had spiky raven hair, and obsidian eyes that seemed very much lifeless. He wore dark jeans and a black v-neck loose shirt, which still showed off muscular biceps and you could just tell he had very well built abs.

But when the crowd stepped away a little more, only then did she see the man she's been waiting for these three years.

Those blonde spikes, those cerulean eyes, that luscious mouth. His signature orange shirt and his dark loose jeans. He was back.

Naruto Uzumaki.