Vanitas went to Aang's world to release more Unversed. He released all he could do, but he was interrupted. "Hey! What are doing here?" a boy said. He had red and yellow clothing, with strange blue arrow tattoos on his hands and forehead. "Just doing things that I need to do," Vanitas grunted. The boy knew something was up, and summoned strong tides of wind. "What was that?" Vanitas chuckled,"I could destroy if I want, but not right now." Then the boy tried to get a jump attack at him, but Vanitas counterattacked him at the behind. "Ok, have it your way," Vanitas said.

The boy sighed,"You have no weapon, are you gonna use those things?" "That's what you think," he taunted. He rose his hand and summoned his keyblade, Void Gear. The boy jumped backwards, strangely he floated down lightly like a feather. "What the hell are you? A mutanted fairy," he puzzled. The boy said,"I'm an airbender." Suddenly Vanitas struck him with a powerful combo. "See what you got yourself into, now get out of my sight you idiot," he complained. "By the way, I'm Aang," he said, then he took out a glider and went out to the sky. "Two can play that game," Vanitas said, and summoned a keyblade storm to ride on. Aang tried to push him off, but got hit by a blizzaga spell. He noticed his right arm was frozen solid. Aang used his frozen arm to get a hit on him, which successfully hit Vanitas and shattered the ice on him. The ice attack that Aang did broke Vanitas's mask. His face had black spiky hair and golden eyes. All that Vanitas did was do a creepy laugh.

"You remind me of someone I hated, so, I'll kill you for fun," he said. This time, Vanitas was faster and agile for Aang, to solve this, Aang rose part of the ground to knock him off to the air. Vanitas did an shadow illision attack thats invicible, but only him once. Aang created a whirlpool made from the water of a nearby lake. Vanitas was trapped and couldn't get out. To escape, he summoned two bird Unversed to get him out. "No fair!" Aang whined. "I don't care about some stupid rule," he said and summoned some more Unversed. As all of the Unversed attacked Aang, a bright light eroded all of them. "WHAT!" Vanitas screamed. Aang was in his avatar state. He did his strongest attack to defeat Vanitas. It hit, but Vanitas disappeared in a dark corridor before all of that happened. Aang sighed a breath of relief, Vanitas may never return again.