Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Entry for the Dirty Talking Jasper Contest.

Thanks to skychaser for her amazing beta work on my entry. I heart you hard, bb!

The first time the unknown call flashed on my phone, I ignored it. Two hours later, when another unknown call flashed, I ignored that one, too. Anyone I talked to was pre-programmed in my phone, I didn't need to accept a call from a blocked number. Two hours later, there was another, and then another two hours after that. Whoever it was never left a message. Probably a telemarketer, I thought, making a mental note to check and see if I was still signed up on the Do Not Call Registry.

The pattern of phone calls continued for the next few days, with the last call always coming in at nine in the evening. Tonight was no exception. The first call arrived promptly at 5 as I walked out the door of the office, and they continued on a consistent two hour schedule. Persistent bastards! I ignored the calls all night, again, but I was really starting to get pissed off. When the call came at 9, my phone was on the table in the other room. If it hadn't been, I would have answered it and told off whoever it was. But tonight, something changed. Thirty seconds later, the message alert chimed on my phone. Walking back to collapse on the sofa , I picked it up. As I was dialing my voicemail, the phone flashed with an incoming call – Jasper. Abandoning my voicemail, I flipped over to take his call.

"Hey, what's up?" I answered, distractedly flipping on the television to watch my one guilty pleasure, Vampire Diaries. I had recorded it when it came on at 8, so I could watch it and skip the commercials. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a little old for the show, but um, HELLO? Damon Salvatore made being undead damn sexy.

Jasper and I worked together, and I was incredibly attracted to him. Office rumor was that he had a long distance girlfriend, but I had never seen any evidence of her. It didn't matter; he had never treated me as anything other than a friend when we all met for drinks every Friday after work. I was sure his call had something to do with tomorrow night's plans.

"Hey Bella. I just wanted to remind you that we changed the restaurant for tomorrow night, since it's Angela's birthday." He cleared his throat and continued. "Also, I have to drop my truck off in the mornin', and I was wonderin' if I could get a ride home with you after dinner. The auto shop is just up the street from your place, and the car will be ready and waitin' in the parking lot."

"Oh, uh, yeah sure, that's fine," I answered, suddenly paying attention to the conversation. Damon was temporarily forgotten as I focused completely on the warm, Southern accent purring through my phone. Sadly, the man had no idea of the effect he had on me.

"Great! I really appreciate it. Well, I 'm sure you're busy, so I'll talk to you tomorrow at work. Have a good night." And with that, he was gone.

Shit! Why didn't I think of something brilliant to keep him on the phone a little longer? Oh, that's right, because I am an epic fail when it comes to small talk around Jasper. In the six months I'd known him, the only time we talked was at work or in the group that hung out on Fridays. Even the phone call tonight was an anomaly. We'd all swapped numbers at the office months ago, when we started the Friday night outings, but this was only the second or third time I'd actually spoken to him on the phone.

Jazz, as he liked to be called, was six foot, three inches of Texas charm. If the fit of his suits was anything to go by, he was broad-shouldered and narrow-hipped, with strong arms I wanted wrapped around me. His honey blond hair was long enough to brush his collar in the back, with wavy curls just begging to be touched. I had dreamt of tangling my hands in them on more than one occasion. His green eyes were tinged with golden brown flecks dancing with the secrets he kept hidden. He wasn't secretive; he just didn't go out of his way to share much about himself.


I forgot all about the voicemail until later that evening, when I put the phone on the charger. The little icon in the corner blinked at me again, almost taunting me, daring me to listen. Unplugging the phone again, I hit the button and put it on speakerphone, while I distractedly walked into the bathroom and began brushing my teeth. I punched in the pass code without even looking and laid the phone on the counter. What I heard next caused me to almost deep throat my toothbrush.

"Isabella? Can I talk dirty to you?"

What the fuck? Spitting into the sink, I played the message over again. I didn't recognize the voice, although there seemed to be something familiar in its tone. It couldn't be any of the few friends I had; I knew all their voices. Besides, no one called me Isabella, not even my parents.

Was this the unknown caller that had been blowing up my phone the past few days? I knew I should be terrified, but the deep, sensual bass teased my ears and sent a shiver of desire up my spine. When I played the message again, I began to wonder what he wanted to say to me. After several hours of musing, I fell into a restless sleep, my imagination conjuring the voice over and over, while unseen hands followed his commands.

I woke up the next morning decidedly frustrated and completely out of sorts. My cell phone blinked with a missed text message. I must have shut the alerts off. An anonymous message sent from an internet site. My mystery stalker.

Can I touch you?

And as I read it, I could hear the voice from last night's message. I groaned to myself, wondering, once again, who it was.

I stepped into the bathroom, hoping a hot shower would relax my tense muscles. As I stood under the steaming spray, water running down my face and eyes closed, I languidly soaped my body. The words ran through my mind again. Can I touch you? My nipples pebbled under the palms of my hands. I imagined him in the shower behind me. My hands drifted across my stomach, muscles clenched and pelvis shifted forward. A dull throbbing grew in my core; an ache that begged for release. Leaning my head back against the shower wall, I moved the spray down my body. Adjusting the jets to a strong pulse, I angled myself, the pulsing water a delicious torment on the bundle of nerves between my spread thighs.

Closing my eyes again, I slid my fingers down, spreading myself open. The coil in my body tightened. As I moved two fingers inside myself, I turned them up, curling them to stroke against the sensitive spot, bringing me close to the release I craved. I was on the edge; I needed something more to reach satisfaction. Unbidden, Jasper's face flashed through my mind, his full, rose-tinted mouth tilted in a smirk, his tongue slowly sliding out to moisten his full bottom lip. The coil snapped and I fell, my body tightening around my delving fingers.

Panting, I slid to the floor of the tub, resting my head against the side, the water cooling around me. Turning off the cold spray, I grabbed a towel and scrubbed my body dry. I looked toward the counter, where my phone lay, alternately hoping for and dreading the blinking message light. No such luck. Pulling out my blow dryer, I got busy pulling myself together for work.

Thirty minutes later, my hair was dried and styled into a controlled mess of curls that danced around my shoulders. Gathering them up, I gave them a light twist and clipped them into a more formal style for work. A light stroke of blush, some smoky shadow, a mauve gloss, and the face was as polished as I could make it. Since we were going out after work, I pulled the traditional, functional little black dress out of the closet and paired it with a scarlet boyfriend jacket, laying both on the bed. Digging in the pile of the shoes, I emerged with my simple black pumps, as well as a pair of stiletto red and black peep-toes for after work.

I opened my dresser, digging around for underclothes to fit the mood I was in. Ah, there they were. A sheer, black corset, strewn with red hearts and a perky bow where the cups lifted together in the middle, along with matching thong panties was just the ticket. No one had enjoyed my lingerie but me for the last 8 months, but I still liked to feel sexy – even at work.

The entire time I was dressing, I continued to glance at my phone, willing it to ring. Its silence mocked me. With a disappointed sigh, I picked up my extra pair of shoes, gathered my laptop bag, and dropped my Blackberry into the outside pocket of my purse while I pulled out my keychain.

I still grinned like an idiot when I walked out to my new car. I had driven my old, 1953 Chevy truck from the time my dad gave it to me on my sixteenth birthday, up until a few months ago, when it finally gave up the ghost. After an appropriate mourning period, I decided I wanted something fun. I had been saving since I finished college, wanting to be prepared for the day I would need to look for something new. Staying brand loyal, I had my dad go with me to the Chevy dealership back home. I am sure the candy-apple red Corvette was the last thing he expected me to buy, though. I ignored every one of his protests and was able to leave the dealership with a modest payment on the car of my dreams.

Running my hand across its sleek lines, I unlocked the door and climbed in. The engine purred to life, the low, humming vibration as scintillating as the shower pulse from earlier. With a small sigh, I slid the gearstick and backed slowly out of my driveway. Needing a little energy boost, I bumped the disc changer on the steering wheel. Ke$ha replaced the Aerosmith I had been listening to the night before.

The music poured out of the speakers, surrounding me with the suggestive lyrics

I don't really care where you live at
Just turn around, boy, let me hit that
Don't be a little bitch with your chit chat
Just show me where your dick's at

Some people might consider her crass, but I thought it was out-fucking-standing that she put it all out there like she did. Maybe if more women were like her, men wouldn't walk over them so much. Singing along, I swung into the parking lot of the office.

As I stepped out of the car, I heard my phone chime. A text message. Setting my laptop bag on the ground, I dug it out of my purse, locking the car and dropping the keys in at the same time. Slinging the bag back over my shoulder, I pushed the button to open the text.

I want to kiss the pulse in your neck and feel it race under my lips.

As I read, my pulse raced and my skin tingled, as if someone's lips were there. I looked frantically around the parking lot, but the only other person in sight was Angela, getting out of her car. I wanted to answer the text, but what the hell would I say? Outside of demanding to know who it was, that is. As I tried to decide what to do, I walked over to Angela's car.

I stopped and wished her a Happy Birthday, giving her a light hug. She and I had become fast friends since our first meeting at work.

"Thanks Bells! Wow, you look gorgeous! All this for dinner with me for my birthday? Or do you have other plans afterward?" she asked, pulling away and looking me over. Then, with a sly smile, she continued. "Or could it be because of a certain 'IT' guy from Texas?"

No!" I whisper-yelled, shushing her as we exited the elevator at our floor.

"Oh, c'mon Bells, I've seen you looking at him. Matter of fact, I've seen him looking at you, too. This cat and mouse game is silly. If you like him, make some kind of move to show him."

"Angela, you've heard the rumors," I retorted in a sharp whisper. "He has a girlfriend. That got out the first month he was here. Trust me, if things were different, I would have done something months ago. But it's not gonna happen. I don't tread on another woman's territory. That shit is just wrong."

Stopping at her desk, Angela dropped her purse in her drawer, and then followed me down to my office. As we passed our other friends, she thanked them for the birthday wishes, but, fortunately for me, she dropped the subject of Jazz. Well, at least she dropped it until she closed my door behind her.

"Bella, you're wrong! Jazz doesn't have a girlfriend!" Pausing, she looked out the window on my door to make sure no one was there. "As a matter of fact, Ben said the guy hasn't had a date since he came to work for the company."

Ben was Angela's husband, and the head of the IT department. He and Jasper worked closely together, and he was the most likely person to know the truth about Jasper. Well, other than Jasper himself, but I wasn't quite that ballsy.

"Oh, I call 'bullshit,' Ang. There is no way on God's gracious green earth a man as intelligent and sexy as Jasper Whitlock has been flying solo for at least six months."

"All I know is what Ben told me." Turning, she opened the door to leave. "And for your information, Jasper was asking Ben about you, too." On that parting shot, she firmly closed the door behind her, leaving me standing at my desk, completely flabbergasted.

I grabbed my phone off the desk where I had set it down, prepared to send her a scathing text, when I remembered the text I had received in the parking lot. There was no way I was letting this slide. I wanted some fucking answers. While I couldn't call whoever it was, I could send a response to the internet account it had come from.

Who is this? Do I know you? Are you sure you have the right person?

Dropping my phone on my desk, I powered up my laptop. While I waited for it, I pulled out the file I had been working on the day before to double check the contract I would be messaging off to the client after I verified the corrections and Angela updated it.

My phone chimed again. Hands shaking, I picked it up and opened the message.

Yes, Isabella, you are the right person, and you do know me – though not as well as I would like you to know me.

My mind kept telling me I should've been creeped out, but other parts of my body had different ideas. Feeling a clenching little tingle, I decided to play along.

Then who are you?

While I waited for a response, I googled the site where the messages originated, to try and find some clues. It was completely anonymous. Well, at least to someone with limited computer knowledge, it was. Sure, I could go ask Ben, but how fucking embarrassing would that be? Ben, I am being stalked via email, but I kind of like it so could you just help me figure out who it is? And no, I did not see this as a way to break the ice with Jasper. I would rather he found out I was a freak through personal experience, not via my cell phone messages.

Almost half an hour passed without a peep from my mysterious friend, during which time I had successfully gnawed a pencil into oblivion and drank two cups of coffee. The edits were complete, so I decided to walk the file down to Angela, instead of calling her to come get it. Maybe the "watched pot" theory applied when waiting on text messages, too. Slipping my phone into the pocket of my blazer, I stood up and smoothed my skirt.

Passing the file to Angela, I explained what needed to be done, and went over the schedule for the rest of the day. Kate, another co-worker from the Friday group, stopped by to double-check on the name of the restaurant we were going to that evening. Excusing myself from the conversation, I walked to the lounge for some more coffee. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket right before it chimed at me again.

All things in time. Close your eyes and imagine my fingers sliding your zipper down, my lips tracing the line of your spine.

My hands gripped the counter as the thought caused a rush of heat to shoot through my body. My eyes fluttered closed, and a soft moan escaped my lips.

"Bella? Are you feeling okay?" a soft, drawling voice asked behind me. Jasper. Swallowing deeply, I willed myself to slow my rapid breathing.

"Um… yeah…I'm fine. Just had a dip in my blood sugar, and it made me a little lightheaded," I chuckled, turning to face him. I shouldn't have. Fridays tended to be casual days, and, within limits, Jazz had opted to dress down. He wore a white, button-down dress shirt with the top two buttons undone, and a skinny, black tie opened loosely at the neck. The shirt was undone, hanging loosely over top of his crisp, black jeans. And fuck me – he was wearing cowboy boots. Sliding my eyes back up his body, I was met with an inquisitive smile and green eyes, hidden behind what had to be the ugliest, geekiest, sexiest glasses I had ever seen in my entire life. I suddenly had images of him leaning over me, naked, wearing only the glasses.

All my efforts to still my breathing were futile. My heart began racing again, and I couldn't help but focus on his lips. Full, the bottom one slightly more so than the top, and a color that made me wonder if they were as soft as the rose petals they resembled. I wanted to feel them on my skin. I closed my eyes again, wavering on my feet. Jazz immediately moved to my side, lowering me into a nearby chair and kneeling to look into my eyes.

"Are you sure you're okay? You look very pale." His solicitous tone broke me out of my reverie.

"No, Jazz, really. I'm fine. I just need to grab something out of the snack machine."

"You sit, I'll grab it." He stood and walked across the small room. "Is there anything in particular you have a taste for?"

My eyes flew to his face. What I had a taste for was definitely not in the snack machine. Giving myself an internal shake, I waved my hand. "No, anything is fine. Just make sure it has sugar in it."

"Oh, I think I can handle that. I don't see anything in here that doesn't have sugar." Returning to my side, he laid a bag of chocolate chip cookies and a sweet roll on the table. "I had just come down to get myself something, so whatever you don't want I'll take. Coffee?"

Nodding my head, I opened the snack bag of Famous Amos and popped one in my mouth. Setting the coffee in front of me, Jasper sat in the chair across from me. I fiddled with my cup, adding sugar and creamer, then blowing on it and taking a sip. Lifting my eyes, I caught Jasper looking away quickly. I pushed the sweet roll across to him. When he opened it and took a bite, my eyes were caught in watching the way his lips moved. Even more so, I noticed the way the glaze frosted his lips, not unlike as if he had just...

Bella! You are at work! Focus.

Letting out a light sigh, I pushed away from the table, nervously smoothing my dress as I did.

"Thanks so much, Jazz. I've wasted enough time, and I need to get back to work. Still going to dinner with the gang tonight?"

'Yeah, absolutely. Can you still give me a ride afterward so I can get my truck? Ben said he would, but I was hoping, since it's out of his way…" He trailed off.

"No!" I all but shouted. Pausing to regain my composure, I continued. "I mean, of course, you're right, it really is kind of out of the way for them. And besides, it's Angela's birthday. I'm sure they'll want to get home."

"You're sure you're okay, darlin'? Want me to walk with you back to your office, just in case? I don't mind."

Sure, walk me back to my office. Just please … don't stop talking.

Angela was gawping like a fish as we passed her desk, and I gave her a withering look. She snapped her mouth shut, but with a look I knew meant I had some explaining to do. In the time we had worked together, I couldn't remember Jasper ever having been in this hall, much less to my office. Stopping at the door, he stepped to the side so I could walk in ahead of him. He tucked his hands behind his back and gave me an almost courtly nod.

"Until this evenin', Bella." His drawl seemed more pronounced, not the undertone I had noticed in the past. Even still, I was a sucker for aural stimulation.

I watched him walk away from me, ignoring the ping of my phone until he turned at the end of the hallway.

Your dress pools on the floor my hands slide up ghosting your breasts removing the clip, your hair tumbles to your shoulders I brush it aside to kiss behind your ear

Collapsing into the chair at my desk, I pressed my legs together, wanting any type of friction in response to the dampness I felt there. Groaning, I dropped my head onto my desk, not even looking up when Angela came flying in the door.

"Bells, what the hell were you doing with Jazz?" she asked, her eyes dancing with excitement.

"Taking a stroll in the frigging park – what the hell did it look like we were doing?" Sighing, I sat up, ready to apologize to my friend. "Ang, I'm sorry. I just … just … oh hell, here." I handed her my phone. "Read the messages I have been getting all morning."

Ang scrolled through my phone, her eyes widening with each successive message. "Bells, who is sending these to you? I have to say, that shit is just hot!" She mimed fanning herself.

"I have no idea. I started getting unknown calls Tuesday evening. They started at five in the evening and came in every two hours until nine every night. I didn't answer, because there was no number. They never left a message … well, until last night that is. And I think it is all tied together." Pausing, I gathered my thoughts and continued. "I know I should be scared, but I really just want it to be worth the effort."

"Wait a minute Bells, whoever it is left a message?" Silently taking back my phone, I accessed my voicemail and played the message for her. "Fucking hell! I don't recognize the voice, though." Snagging my phone, she played it through a couple more times. "Nope, no clue. What're you going to do about it?"

'Well, if I knew who it was, I'd probably see if the offer was good. Because honestly, if his mind works like that, what are his hands and mouth capable of? And before you go getting all overly cautious on me, I would, of course, make sure my best friend knew where I was."

As Angela was handing me the phone back, it chimed again. Snatching her hand back, she opened the message and read it out loud.

Capturing your nipple w/ my lips, licking, tugging, I lay you back on the hood of your car, my hands pushing down your panties—or do you even wear them?

"Okay that is just, um, wow. But focus with me a minute. What the hell does any of this have to do with Jasper walking you to your office?"

Taking back my phone, I cleared my throat to answer her. "The message about the zipper? Yeah, well I was in the lounge and kind of groaned and gripped the counter when I read it. And Jazz walked in and heard me. I told him I got light headed from my blood sugar dropping. The whole time I sat with him, I kept wondering what his lips would feel like on my spine."

"Oh, Bells. Honey, you got it bad! You need to make a move tonight at dinner, even if it's just to invite him over for coffee."

I was only half listening as I attempted to formulate a response to the latest email. "Hmm? Well, actually, I'm driving him home," I answered distractedly while I typed, hitting send with a bit too much enthusiasm, before showing the message to Ang.

My car? Do you know what kind of car I have? And it depends on what I'm wearing. Right now, it's a black lace thong, if it helps any.

Angela just shook her head and headed out of my office. Looking back over her shoulder, she mouthed the words, 'I'm going to lunch. Be careful.' I nodded to let her know I understood.

Settled back at my desk, my phone chimed almost immediately, signaling a new text message, and the start of my being an active participant in my seduction for the rest of the afternoon.

A red Corvette, long sleek lines and curves that are almost as delicious as yours, I trace your curves with my tongue, dipping into the hollow of your navel

And am I allowed to touch you?

Not this time, Isabella, lay back and enjoy, I can handle it. I slip off your shoe so it doesn't scratch the paint when I brace your foot on the hood

Why is my foot on the hood?

So I can draw my tongue up the inside of your leg, tasting the pulse at the back of your knee and sucking lightly on your inner thigh


What do you taste like, Bella? Are you wet? I want to taste you; my tongue covers your nub, pressing flat against it, swirling around it

... I like that. I can't think when you do that

Don't think, feel. Feel my tongue swirl against you, dipping inside you, licking, gathering your taste in my mouth

Putting your legs over my shoulders I lift your ass, drawing you closer, probing deeper with my tongue, my nose teasing you, enveloped by your scent

I bring a thumb in to rub your button, my mouth and tongue bringing you to the first orgasm I am going to give you today

I wanted to touch myself, to relieve the tension that was mounting inside me, but I had no privacy. Somehow, I had a feeling whoever this was knew of my inability to be alone right now and the tension he was causing. My legs shook from the strain of pressing them together, my panties more than a little damp.

I need to know who you are I want you

I had already hit send before I realized I had forgotten to type in part of the message. I had completely left out 'to meet' in the second sentence. But then again, maybe my subconscious knew what it was doing.

Soon Bella … very soon. I have wanted you too. Would you kiss me with your taste on my lips?

I need to work – I can't think

Only a couple more hours, and you will be free for the weekend. Maybe I can keep you in bed all weekend and we can feast on each other

Would you let me eat off of you? Strawberries smeared on your nipples; champagne drizzled on your body as my lips chase it across your skin

Unbidden, the image of Jasper's lips came to my mind. Coated with glaze, full, delicious. Nibbling on my skin and doing everything my stranger was suggesting. And with that thought, my bones dissolved, my muscles tightened, and I experienced a mind-shattering orgasm without being touched.

How will I know it's you?

I promise, I'll make it very clear when the time is right. For now I want to slip my fingers inside you. You are so tight clenching down

I twist to find the spot you are begging me to touch. You are hot and ready for me

I slide into you, easing my rock hard length in, inch by inch, withdrawing and moving deeper with every thrust until I am fully inside

Do you feel me Bella? Do I fill you?

Yes, please don't stop, take me

I'll take it as far as you want to go, sliding in and out, your legs curl around me, pulling me in tight to you, you meet my thrusts

Faster – deeper

Hush, Bella, patience. I want to savor you, worship you

Your nipples are so hard, you are glowing with a thin sheen of sweat that I long to lick off your skin, I bite lightly on your neck

Taking your mouth again, our tongues mirror our bodies, I am almost there. Bella, cum with me

Cum now and let me swallow your cries of pleasure

I'm there, I'm with you I… I… I'm cumming

And I did again, my hand slid inside my open legs, touching the places I wanted him to touch. I came undone, my head dropping again to my desk as waves of pleasure rippled through me and over my skin.

When my phone rang, I jumped out of my skin, hoping it was him calling to hear what he had done to me, how much I wanted him. It was Angela though.

"Time to go Bella. You ready?"

It was already 5. Where had the afternoon gone? Oh yeah that's right; it had been lost in mind-blowing bliss.

"I'll meet you there. I just need to gather my things. I must have lost track of time. And reality. Don't forget the loss of reality.

"Okay, we'll see you there in a few minutes. Jasper is riding with Ben. Ben said you offered to drive Jasper home, but you already told me that."

I murmured goodbye and hung up. A new message had come in while I was on the phone.

Soon, Bella … soon


In the confines of my car on the way to the restaurant, I had been overwhelmed by the events of the afternoon, replaying every text in my mind. Soon. He had said soon. Was he here? I looked surreptitiously around the restaurant. I didn't see any men sitting alone. Other than our group, everyone else was in a couple. Maybe he wasn't even here. Sitting near Jasper only added to my distraction. I squirmed in the chair, my body still on high alert, looking for more. Could he smell my arousal?

"Are you feeling better, Bella?" Jasper asked, leaning closer so I could hear him over the din in the restaurant. "You aren't as pale as you were earlier."

No, I was nowhere near pale. I had caught my reflection in the mirror over the bar when I came in. My skin was flushed, my eyes bright, and my lip full from where I had bitten it to keep from crying out in my office. In fact, I looked like I had been fucked, and fucked well. Angela's raised eyebrow at my appearance only served as confirmation of that fact. I tapped my phone, and a sly smirk shot across her lips. She put two and two together and came up with a wink and an 'oh'.

"I'm fine, Jazz. Better than fine, but thanks for asking. Did you need to leave by a certain time?"

"No, whenever the group breaks up for the night is good. I already took care of everything over the phone earlier today."

"M'kay," I answered distractedly, looking around the restaurant again.

Jasper leaned closer, his lips almost on my skin. "Are you expecting someone?" A shiver ran down my spine at the feel of his breath whispering across my ear.

" Bells," Angela called down the table from where she sat near Ben, "would you like some cake? Jasper, would you?"

We both accepted the offer, and the plates were passed to us. I couldn't help but watch Jasper as he licked the icing from his fork in between each bite. The way he manipulated his tongue across the tines was mesmerizing. I had to look away before I embarrassed myself in front of the entire restaurant. I wanted nothing more than to pull his mouth to mine, to taste the sweet frosting mingled with the flavor of Jasper. Whatever that was, I knew it would be completely intoxicating.

Not long after, the group began disbanding, some people taking care of their bill and heading home. I excused myself to go to the restroom before we left. Within seconds, Angela had me cornered there.

"Isabella Marie Swan, what the hell have you been up to today? You look like you had sex all afternoon! Which I KNOW is impossible, since my desk is right outside your office, and no one went in or out today."

"Ang, you have no idea. Suffice to say, it is possible to have an orgasm via text message."

Squeaking a bit, she gave me a hug and left with a warning. "Be careful! You have no idea who this is. It could be some psycho. And I expect a phone call. If I do not hear from you by lunch tomorrow, Ben and I are driving over to check on you. Understood?"

Nodding my agreement, I turned toward the sink to wash my hands. I reached to take the clip from my hair, then thought better of it. If my mystery texter was going to make an appearance, and I was damn near positive he would, he had mentioned removing it himself.

Jasper was waiting near the entrance and held the door for me as we left the restaurant. He rested a hand under my elbow as I stepped down off the curb in the stilettos I had slipped on before leaving the office.

"Your car is gorgeous, Bella," he stroked his hand across the top of the doorframe, as if he were caressing a lover. "Corvettes have a lot of power under the hood. Do you ever get to really open it up?"

"Jasper Whitlock!" I gasped in mock surprise. "You're a gearhead! I would've never thought it."

"Oh, I'm not just a boring computer geek. A lot of things about me might surprise you," he retorted with a wink, sliding his long frame into the low slung bucket seats.

"And I might be more interested than you think," I answered, as I put the key in the ignition and started the car.

The engine roared to life, settling into a gentle, purring rumble, while the radio blared in the suddenly too small space. I blushed as Ke$ha invited someone to meet her behind the jukebox. I quickly changed the CD with the steering wheel control, but not before Jasper's lips lifted in an amused smirk.

Jasper gave me directions to the garage, while the Electric Boys sang about lips and hips. Within minutes, I was pulling into the parking lot and he pointed out where his truck was parked. It was the clichéd, oversized pick-up you would associate with a cowboy, but it definitely seemed to fit Jasper to a 't.'

"So, I was wondering if you had any other plans for the night, because I thought you might want to stop by for some coffee," I hedged, suddenly unwilling to let him leave.

He chuckled lightly, as if in response to some inside joke, and then replied. "Well, it's right sweet of you to ask, Bella, but I had already made plans for the evening."

I covered my disappointment with a flippant wave of my hand. "Well, some other time then."

"I'll give you a call, darlin'. Soon."

My heart jumped at his choice of words, and my barely checked arousal flared into a full heat. I swept the fanciful thoughts from my mind and waved as I drove away. It was only two short blocks to my house. Pulling my purse and laptop bag out of the backseat, my phone chimed in my pocket.

Are you home yet?

A tingling started in my core, and my breasts felt heavy as my nipples tightened in response to the desire I was swamped with.

Just pulled in the driveway. I'm walking in the door.

Don't take off your shoes. Set your things down, wait for me. I have to take care of something before I text you again

I set up my laptop and sat at the kitchen island, playing Solitaire. Thirty minutes and ten hands later, my phone chimed and my doorbell rang at the same time. Walking across the room, I opened the message and the door at the same time.

Are you ready for me?

And it was then I saw the cowboy boots standing on my stoop. Following the jean clad legs up to tapered hips, a muscular chest concealed under a button down shirt, and sparkling apple green eyes behind black framed glasses. Jasper took my phone out of my hand, grabbed my wrist and stepped forward, moving me back inside and kicking the door shut behind us. He pulled the clip from my hair, and, just before he kissed me, he asked one question.

"Can I talk dirty to you?"

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