A little poem about Dean and Sam. Mostly focusing on Sam leaving for college and how dean might have felt... Still working on the other story just got aught up on a snag. Don't worry to my 2 readers though lol It'll be fixed soon! :)


P.S. I don't own supernatural! :(

When I look in your eyes I see hope

an eagerness and a willingness to believe

and I envy you that freedom to dream

to be able to pick up and just leave

And I stand here and watch you abandon me

see you turn and walk away

you'll leave me in darkness

but i know that your happy today

It's always been you that's kept me going

I tried to be brave, and strong, never let you see me fall

now that your gone i can stop pretending

that i don't sit by my phone and wait for you to call

But your trying to move on live a life of your own

so I'll let you go but never far

I'll make sure your safe

then drown my sorrows and the closest bar

because now I'm dead inside

it'll be okay though

cause your happy

and I've become your only foe

not my best poem but whatever you know? please R&R! HELPFUL criticism is welcome to.