Scary Story 3

One day there was this scary skeleton. At night the scary skeleton went to every kid's house. When everybody was asleep in the house, the skeleton comes through the window and takes the children. When he took the

children, the parents woke up and said "Our children are gone!". They called the police at 12:00. The skeleton only will let them go on Halloween night. Why's that? Because the children will go back home with Blood dripping from their faces. The police couldn't find them so, they quit looking for the night. So...2:00 the skeleton on Halloween night sent their kids home. They scared their mom and dad when they woked up in the morning. In the morning 9:30, the parents woked up and saw them laying on the floor. They were dead until next Halloween night.

The next Halloween night 1999...the children woke from the dead and haunted their mom and dad every Halloween Night.

The End!