Supernatural is not mine! there i said it... This story actually started out as not supernatural... just writing. But I kept on thinking of WWDD (what would dean do) and I thought : he'd be there for sammy. So This is about how deal feels about his brother. More set before he goes to Hell I think. Please R&R!


Today is one of those days. Where it's hard to get up 'cause the world's pushing down on your chest. Trying to stop you, to crush you. But it'll end. And tomorrow will start, and things may seem brighter. And even if it doesn't, you've always got plan B. and when that fails you've got plan C, and D, E, and F. And when you've exhausted all those options and you're at the end of your rope. When your screamin' on the inside and feel like you're going crazy, stop.

Take a deep breath, and turn around. 'Cause I'm standing right behind you. You can let yourself take a break. I swear that I'll never let you fall. If you ever can't make it, if carrying this load is to heavy and you can't take another step, I'll be there.

I can't take away the nightmares or the pain. But I swear Sammy. I can carry you to safety. Wether it's actually carrying you out of a burning building, are pulling you out of a nightmare. So keep pushing, don't give up. 'Cause I'll catch you when you fall. Put you back on your feet, and help you face the new day.